ERP software from Atlanta IT

Atlanta IT Solutions Private Limited, one of the leading software companies of Kerala, who created a success story with their accounting software atACC few years back, has officially released their ERP software recently.
Being a Kerala-based company, Atlanta was in the news not only In the local media, but also in the publications published from Delhi, Mumbai etc, because of the excellent quality of its software and spreading the same in the international market within a short span of 8 years of its launch. After finalizing association with genuine companies in around 25 countries including the Gulf, Africa and the Far East, the software is presently being promoted and sold in the international market in a big way. atACC released around 8 years back has since become one of the best in the global market.
atACC with its advanced features targeting various segments are being used by more than 5,000 customers across the globe. The great acceptance of the software in the global market has enabled Atlanta to release its ERP software and release of this version will enable organizations with little bit of complicated operations to operate at a very affordable cost.
atACC ERP software has been released by clubbing in lot of modules developed on the basis of orders received from the international market for some companies like Logistics, Cargo management, Hyper Markets etc. The main modules available in atACC ERP are:
Sales and Purchase, Inventory management, Human Resource management, Hospital Management , Hotel Management , Bill of Materials, Customer Relations management , Logistics management , Ware house management , Service Management
atACC ERP can target for any big companies like Hyper market, Import-exporters, Manufacturers, small and medium Hospital, Hotels and Restaurants, Pharmaceuticals etc. Whereas most of the ERP software available in the market are expensive because of their complication of installation, training, after sales support etc, atACC ERP is being released at a very reasonable price in India as well as abroad because its installation is very simple and any one can be trained to learn the software easily and no support will be necessary as it is mainly designed in a very user-friendly manner and the product is released after thorough testing and quality assurance and is working fine with lot of customers.
One of the main attractions of the software is that one can enable or disable any features or modules based on their requirement so that there will not be any inconvenience to the customer by seeing lot of other areas in the software which they do not like to use. atACC ERP supports all languages in sales and purchase area which can be set by the customer himself and Atlanta has also released a complete French and Arabic version for the Senegal and Saudi markets respectively. Another main feature of atACC ERP is that it will work as an online application and such facilities will enable the customer to operate the software by connecting the web server if Internet is available and operate off-line when Internet is not available and update to the server when Internet connection is enabled. This feature will be very much useful for those who have operations in various locations and would like to see the reports etc while travelling in remote places where Net is not available.
Even though any company who has the capacity to invest and resources to utilize and have correct knowledge about the requirement of the software can develop a software, the main achievement of Atlanta IT Solutions is the establishment of a strong channel network in international level within a short period which is normally possible only for big MNCs, after efforts for so many years. This was made possible by Atlanta by utilizing the Internet technology properly by searching and identifying genuine parties through web search.
Along with the atACC ERP, Atlanta has released today its free version of atACC Single user for the Indian market and any one can download the software, train themselves and use it without involving any cost. atACC free version is very much fit for any kind of traders, supermarket etc because it is released with all the features available in atACC Single user. Similar software of other companies available in the market will cost the customer at least Rs 15,000. Atlanta is releasing this free version mainly for the benefit of those customers in India who do not have much budget for investing for such software and Atlanta would like to enjoy the customers in India using the software.

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