The Essence of Good Health – Breakfast

Mornings are a time where the human body prepares itself to work hard throughout the day and ensure all the bodily functions are normalized. But, in order to carry out this process, the body requires an immense amount of energy which can only be found in the form of breakfast. Whenever an individual goes to sleep, any remainder of the energy is utilized in healing the body and shielding it from any further health issues. The blood sugar levels during this time are usually low and only having a nutritious and filling breakfast can assist in normalizing it.
This is usually a routine implemented in the life of every person since their childhood. Over time lifestyle changes as well as shift in work timings has caused an overall deterioration of people’s health. The prominence of breakfast has various profits for humans which is why it needs to be strictly implemented in everyone’s lives.
Breakfast: A Dominant Factor for Good Health
Consuming something full of essential nutrients within an hour of waking up has always proved to be beneficial for the body. Some of the reasons are given below –
Metabolism-Everybody is different from the other but the basic functions of the body are mainly the same. The factor of metabolism is the one that comes into the picture when it comes to maintaining good health. The various kind of food available today especially the fried and extremely sweet kind has affected the metabolic function of a human body. But in order to change that, one can consume food that is packed with nutrients and can give the body a boost. Fibrous and protein rich food is a good way to start as this may initiate the functions in the body.
Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels-The body needs to maintain an ideal level of blood sugars in the body but by not giving it the source for the same it may cause a drop. Consuming a good amount of food can help the body function normally and in maintaining the level of blood sugar.
A Fuller Stomach Helps in Weight Loss-When an individual starts off the day with a heavy breakfast, they proceed to eat lesser throughout the day. It is always the ideal way of eating as lunch is then consumed in medium quantity and dinner in the most minimal way. This helps in ensuring that a person craves lesser food at regular intervals and nor are they starving. It allows for the ideal calorie consumption of the day hence maintaining the weight and may aid in weight loss. This is exactly why people who are attempting to lose weight are asked to implement a rich breakfast.
Refreshes the Mind-The mind is one of the most important organs in the human body and is constantly performing even in a state of rest. In order to make sure that it remains active, the brain also requires some nutrition. Lack of it can affect an individual’s mood and cause irritability, leaving them unable to function effectively. This fuel is one that may ensure the mind maintains its concentration on the various activities throughout the day and boosts productivity.
Lowers Chances of Heart Diseases-When a person is able to have breakfast regularly in the mornings, it helps in maintaining the heart health as well. The overall maintenance of blood sugar levels, good amounts of energy for the heart and protecting it against heart diseases is what a balanced breakfast may help in.
Quick and Healthy Breakfast Choices
It is indeed true that people today are constantly rushing in and out of appointments, working for hours at a stretch – sometimes overnight, travelling long distances to their workplace and trying to maintain a work – life balance. But the fact is that it only affects their lifestyle. A lot of people do not find enough time to prepare something for themselves, owing to the shortage of time. They end up skipping breakfast which proves to be a disadvantage. For those who do not want to go all out in preparing a complete meal, here are few easy, nutritious and filling options.
Bananas-This plantain fruit is a major source of fiber which helps in keeping the stomach feeling fuller for longer. It is also a fruit that can be implemented into smoothies, into cereal and just cut up and mixed with some curd with honey. This hardly takes up a few minutes and will ensure that one doesn’t starve.
Smoothies-These thick drinks can also be carried along in a bottle and sipped on the way to work. Any fruit or vegetable can be implemented into it with a small spoon of honey for sweetness. One can also add peanut butter as an added good fat. It also enhances the taste of smoothies.
Oats-This is one grain that can be made into both the sweet as well as savory kind. Implementing some seasoning and pulses enhances its taste. Alternatively, boiling the oats in milk and adding a couple of dry fruits and fresh fruit can make for a sweet start in the mornings.
Upma-This finely ground semolina mixed with vegetables can help in starting off the day on the right note. It just requires 10 minutes to mix and serve hot.
The importance of breakfast and what significance it holds for the body cannot be stressed upon enough. It is the secret to an efficient and healthy life.

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