EsyaSoft Technologies: Pioneer in Smart Grid Solution for the Smart & Connected World

Central Electricity Authority (CEA), India’s apex power sector planning body has reported that India’s per unit consumption of electricity has increased to 1010 kilowatt-hour (kWh) as per recent records, while past records have witnessed 957 kWh and 914.41 kWh. As a result of smart development, the utilities these days are struggling to address the issue of exploding data and looking for solutions to develop competencies to forecast demand and plan generation.

EsyaSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based company is furnishing an integrated platform for the utilization of business intelligence and insightful analytical solutions that enables power & water distribution companies to efficiently manage the demand and supply of the consumers. The company was established with a unique vision to nurture smart solutions for the connected world. It is a pioneer in Technology & Analytics solutions that enables the transformation of power distribution networks and help energy companies to minimize their costs, develop network efficiency and upturn revenues. Moreover, the company collaborates with the leading energy utilities, government agencies, OEMs and system integrators to provide technology & analytics solutions, products and services to its clients.

Perhaps, EsyaSoft is the only company in India to provide Integrated Smart Grid Suite which takes care of the complete need of solutions for transforming the prevailing utilities into a smart utility. This commitment and focus has helped a lot to successfully enable & transform India’s first smart grid, Smart utility project at Mysore and subsequently five more utilities in India .It has also set up Smart Grid Control Center integrated with R-APDRP applications for Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Company, Mysore (A Government of Karnataka Undertaking),and thereby enabling India’s first smart grid.

EsyaSoft is a part of IBM Smart Camp Top 10 winners and Elevate 100. To fund 12 start-ups in the areas of agriculture, biotechnology, security, communications and robotics, the Karnataka IT and Biotechnology department has granted INR 3.18 crore. Among them, EsyaSoft has also been awarded INR 20 Lakhs as a part of this campaign from the Government of Karnataka.

Services Rendered by EsyaSoft

EsyaSoft leverages its extensive experience in technology & analytics across industries to transform legacy utilities into smart utilities. They have faith in smart grid or smart city thinking which is getting progressively prevalent within the political and commercial visions for imminent urban life.

The team at EsyaSoft has a smart city technology solution that helps them in responding to pressures and challenges offered by growing city populations, sustainability challenges and supports advancement in digital technology. It also helps in achieving a sundry of solutions for smart utilities for example: Big Data Analytics in load forecasting, Theft analysis, Consumer Behavior Analysis, transformer Condition Monitoring, Meter Data Management, Energy Audit, Peak Load Management with Demand Response, Metering, Mobility Solutions, GIS and Billing & Collection.

Mastermind behind the Integrated Smart Grid Suite

Bipin Chandra is the Founder and CEO at EsyaSoft Technologies Pvt Ltd. “As part of my responsibilities, I just do everything right from Vision, Strategy, and Business Development to Overall Growth of the company,” asserts Bipin. He believes that an entrepreneur is a person who is able to take decisions in uncertainty and have a high risk appetite to innovative. Moreover, he believes in encouraging leadership quality so that others get inspired by his vision.

Bipin had always dreamt of building a profitable and sustainable business and create an organization with values through this company; he is able to see an impact in the Indian Electricity sector.

Pushing Beyond the Boundaries

Challenges and hurdles are present in every business, but for EsyaSoft, the main challenge was to convince the customers about the Product, because the energy sector plays a vital role in the operation of large companies like Oracle, Landis plus Gyr, Itron, GE, Siemens and it is filled with people having domain and industry expertise who are also very comfortable with the legacy systems. Thus, it was difficult for EsyaSoft to ensure customers about their products as they were new in this domain and the team size was too small, and on the other hand, the competitors they had were big players of the domain.

Furthermore, in the energy sector, new innovations come with their own set of challenges. With so many regulations and policies, an innovation changes to be a well thought out process, so that adapting to it is easier and faster.

Future Endeavor

Future plans of EsyaSoft  is to provide a cloud based platform as a service and it also aims to furnish ready to use, cost effective digitized solutions, so that data center set ups and other hardware costs can be avoided. Further, the company plans on leveraging deep their deep understanding of the gaps in the energy & utility segment and looking forward to change the current scenario with its robust solutions.

Source :- The 10 Most Admired Energy & Utility Solution Providers

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