Eterna Building Automation: Ahead of the Curve with Incredible Innovation of Security and Surveillance

Khalid Mohammed | Managing Director | Eterna Building Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Technology and upgraded software have drastically changed the old system of surveillance in security and monitoring across various industries. Advanced CCTV cameras, digital video surveillance systems, and IP cameras not only secure us from theft and sudden weather change but also guard the facilities against vandalism.

The smart designs powered with advanced features make security systems ideal for recording high-quality video and images that aid in identifying suspicious activity by monitoring the premises of the business, office, and residence.

Eterna Building Automation Pvt Ltd is one of the pioneers in bringing the best and latest technology-driven security and surveillance products to India. A seamless advancement into security and surveillance solution – widely recognized as a security expert with modern encryption standards was started in the year 2011 with passion for technology.

Eterna stands out unique as it offers the most optimum solution tailor-made to the problems its client faces through its vast professional and practical consultation. Operating with a simple philosophy of creating solutions and eliminating blind spots in security, Eterna helps in implementing the right security options as per the concerns and threats.

Driving with a vision to be the top 10 safety, security, and surveillance product and solution providers in the South of India, Eterna provides the best quality products from across the world bundled with excellent service in the field of Safety, Security, and Surveillance at the most competitive price in the industry.

Force Behind Eterna

Khalid Mohamed, Managing Director of Eterna has been assisting automation solutions to diverse industries from retail to villas with a strong working background of more than 10 years in the sphere of security products.

He is associated with different business referral organizations and chambers of commerce like UEF, BNI, and others. Also, taking CSR as their main activity they have uplifted underprivileged kids to succeed at various levels of their education – from schooling, higher degree and to training them with administrative capabilities for the government’s top-level decision-makers.

Believing in being the first in the market is the most important aspect of Eterna in their business domain and hence have always strived to be the change-maker and trendsetter in the security industry.

In March 2020, they launched the first-ever thermal camera for Covid detection and started installing the same to industries from the beginning of April 2020. The market benefitted with their innovative insights and improved measures.

They integrated with AI-driven cameras at the manufacturing plant to ensure safety, following of security guidelines, and to alert when violations are noticed.

Eterna always strives to be among the pioneers and trendsetters in the field of Safety & Security.

  • 1st to Launch Wireless Camera Kit with Inbuilt Intruder Alarm.
  • 1st to Bring ANPR (Automated Number Plate Reading) technologies in security cameras in Chennai.
  • Pioneer in bringing Solar Powered CCTV cameras to India.
  • Successfully created infrastructure for AI Enablement in Security Cameras.

Challenges and Corrective Measures

In the beginning, product knowledge and how to implement those things on large-scale projects were the issues. With a complete change in the marketing approach when compared to the pre-covid era, there has been a huge shift in the hybrid of online and main-line marketing.

Just like the world, the business of Eterna was also impacted. The major impact was due to the fact that most of the companies were in complete lockdown and there was minimum human movement.

However, as a blessing in disguise, they started to see many customers who were ready to spend on new technology-based products for Covid detection and they came into action by launching a special Anti-Covid line of products in April 2020.

Eterna instroduced Thermal Detection Cameras, Facial Recognized Access Controls with Temperature Reading to be able to control the employee movement. Seeing the success of these, companies showed the willingness to invest in these new technology products.

Strategically, there was a huge need to provide clients value for their money and keeping in trend with the various technological advancements and requirements. Therefore, the company focused a lot on AI-driven cameras to capture and record social distancing, fire detection, motion detection, and among many other things.

Apart from the regular marketing, the team is also partly focusing on time and financial budget towards – Digital, network, referral, and affiliate marketing.

Aspiring Future

With a broad range of security experts and applications, Eterna plans to enrich companies with their security practices in surveillance and object recognition. They are equipped to serve businesses with manufacturing, warehousing, star hotels, schools, and colleges – from small to sizable in terms of land.

Much like the warehouse of Panasonic, Tesla Motors, Tata Electricals, Nippon warehousing, Nike Apparels to name a few, Eterna is ingeniously solving the rising complexity of security issues in organizations and apartments.

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