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In a candid conversation with Insights Success, Dr Krishna Jaiswal, the Managing Director & CEO of the ERICSON Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd  gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by the company to take wellness industry to next level.
Kindly answer the following Questions.

  1. Kindly brief us about your Company and what kind of wellness programs does the company provide to their customers.

ETPA is formed in the year 2011 and started functioning from the year 2012 as a Third Party Claim Settling Authority under IRDAI.
ETPA is providing the Wellness Programs to our Customers for following:-

  • Physical – fitness, nutrition, medical self-care
  • Emotional – stress management, depression, crisis care
  • Social – community, family, friends, co-workers
  • Intellectual – educational, career development, achievement
  • Spiritual – love, hope, charity
  • Occupational – safe, nurturing worksite environment

Ericson TPA is in process to build up tone of the largest direct billing hospital (Cashless) network hospitals across the India. We are in better position to provides full-range comprehensive health insurance services, including, enrollment, claims processing, pre-authorization, case management, emergency assistance, network maintenance and other customer services right in all over India. Innovation, flexibility, speed and superior service are the hallmarks of our commitment to our valued clients

Our core competence lies in:
  • Reducing claims cost while ensuring quality care for our valued customers.
  • Checking fraud & abuse, promoting preventive care & wellness programs.
  • Advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

Employee wellness programs are aimed at maintaining and improving employee’s health and overall wellbeing. We conduct overall Health Checkups, YOGA, Stretching exercises as wellness programs for the customers. 

  1. Tell us something about the CEO/founder/MD of the company?

Dr Krishna Jaiswal is the Managing Director & CEO of the Company.  He is MD Physician. While doing the practice for 5 years, he had seen the difficulties faced by human being as to how they suffer if the Insurance coverage are delayed/rejected.  With the object of helping to customers, he had started ERICSON INSURANCE TPA PVT. LTD.
He is also the Managing Director for Ericson Healthcare Pvt Ltd. and Ericson Enterprises.
He is also actively participating in the Day to Day activities of the Company.

  1. How has wellness programs proven to be an excellent way to ‘change’ and lifestyle enhancement of people?

Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life. Wellness matters. Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being. In turn, our well-being directly affects our actions and emotions. It’s an ongoing circle. Therefore, it is important for everyone to achieve optimal wellness in order to subdue stress, reduce the risk of illness and ensure positive interactions.
Employee wellness programs have multiple benefits, both for the employers and the employees.       Encouraging and helping employees to stay healthy is beneficial for company as well. Employees who take part in wellness programs are healthier and satisfied with their jobs. As a result, they are less absent from work, more engaged and productive, wellness programs can help them keep employees happy and productive as well as attract new talent.

  1. Mention some of the achievements and clients’ feedback that are notable to you.

Staff morale, comradely, and cohesiveness.
Friendly competitions support healthy practices.
Reinforces personal commitment to healthy behaviors
Participating staff serve as health role models for students
Your Health, Your Choice” Wellness Program is to encourage, promote and celebrate healthy choices that lead employees to a lifelong commitment to wellness.

  1. What are the biggest challenges or opportunities in this sector and how are you deal with them?

A wellness challenge is a fun addition to any corporate wellness program that helps increase user engagement. A wellness challenge cultivates healthy competition among employees while encouraging positive lifestyle behaviors, such as working out or eating right. … physical fitness. diet and nutrition.
Here’s a quick list of employee wellness program ideas:-

  1. Create a healthy office cookbook.
  2. Provide employees with healthy office snacks.
  3. Publish a workplace wellness newsletter.
  4. Create standing desks.
  5. Incentivize smoking cessation.
  6. Create flexible work hours.
  7. Offer one remote working day each week.

Following are the opportunities for Healthcare in India :-
Demographic dividend advantage for India translates to a significant labor force which represents a potential to contribute to the economic growth. Currently India’s economy is around ~1.8trillion USD and is expected to become the 3rdlargest economy next to China and the USA in 2050•Services sector is the largest contributor to economic growth and is expected to constitute ~ 60% of the national GDP in 2016•In terms of growth rate, agriculture sector is expected to grow at an average rate of 4.3% ,whereas industrial and service sector show a forecasted growth of 9.5% and 10.1% respectively during the next decade
Favorable demographics, increasing incidences of lifestyle diseases, emerging middle class and rising healthcare consumption, Growing health insurance penetration, increased investments from PE funds, Medical value travel advantage, Diversifying delivery models are the further types of opportunities.

  1. What steps do you take to increase your client bookings and retentions? Kindly brief us about the most satisfactory experience with a client.

7. What are the benefits gained by your clients through your membership?
Our Clients had got the benefits of getting aware about all types of activities and had started using the same.
Customer is enriched by Knowledge and he is trying to bring in practice by way of increasing his day to day life style.
Our Members had got the confidence that Ericson Insurance TPA is the correct place where their all types of Healthcare requirements are catered to their satisfaction and with the changes in the economy, they Healthcare systems are transforming in to reality of becoming Best Human Being with enriched Knowledge and Healthcare activities.

  1. What is USP of your company?


9. What can be expected from your company in the upcoming years? Brief us about the future vision of the company.

  • We are expecting that Healthcare will focus basically to cater all the Health related activities and customer understand it properly so that Customer Awareness would get the success. Ericson Insurance TPA is having full-fledged Department for Healthcare which can be converted in to Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Company which will give the facilities for all kinds of Health related functional activities. Staff morale, comradery, and cohesiveness
  • Friendly competitions support healthy practices
  • Reinforces personal commitment to healthy behaviors
  • Participating staff serve as health role models for students

Additional Information About –
Monthly Theme Options
October – Walk and Roll – Get Your Move On
November – How Sweet It Is
December – Maintain Don’t Gain
January – 30 Day Challenge
February – Heart Healthy
March – Nutrition Matters
April – Fun Field Days
May – Brain Power
Supporting Healthy Food Choices
Healthy Vending Machine
Community Supported Agriculture Boxes
Farmer’s Markets at School Sites
Employee 30 Day Challenge
Anyone who has ever tried to start an exercise routine, quit smoking, or change a sleep pattern knows how powerful a habit can be.

  • During this challenge, employees can write down specific plans for achieving a set goal.
  • Wellness Champions can nominate colleagues to be spotlighted on the website.

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