Evolution of Gaming Consoles

What to do in spare time? What would be a guy’s answer is, play a video game and we females always wonder why so, and what scientists say is, it boosts self-esteem, it’s a stress reliever, gives dopamine rush and its interesting to solve a problem to many. When you come across its advantages you are also thinking which game you should play and on which game console you want to play it on.
Consoles are mainly for gaming purpose, but now-a-days it has become a source of entertainment by which you can watch movies, browse the web, record and broadcast gaming sessions, use Skype and much more.
Gone are the days when you have a single piece of hardware for consoles, with the growing demand of better graphics and faster processor, Microsoft and Sony drastically updating current systems, PS4 Pro is all set to be launched in November10, 2016 while Project Scorpio– a new and improved Xbox One is also coming in 2017 winters.
Both companies have stressed that all games should run on both new and old hardware. Both companies have tried to create powerful consoles because of virtual reality and have ensured your game looks better and run smoother.
What Will You Prefer: PS4 or Xbox ?
Xbox One S changed the game a little, it has emerged with new attributes, and the highlights are its smaller size, support for HDR TVs and a bigger storage option– 2TB, and has 4K video playback although these SKUs are scarce now with 500GB and 1TB units the standard contributions.
The superior performance of Multi-format games could be more seen on the current PS4. But at the same time Xbox One giving competition, as you will get the access to the games like Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and other exclusives, Microsoft deals has a plus point as its console gets DLC for certain titles before PS4.
Xbox One’s unique interface based on Windows 10 which targets to club altogether a multitude of media connections into a single channel and this is most useful if you want a console for your entertainment world.
Sony also has its own set of exclusive games which Xbox One ain’t gonna offer. Uncharted, Gran Turismo Sport, God of War, Death Stranding, Ratchet and Clank, Street Fighter V and The Last Guardian.
The Xbox One S is superior in terms of size, as we all know its irony that smaller the device, considered better it is, and it is 40 percent smaller than the Xbox One and it comes with an incorporated power brick, which seeks all attention when we talk about design. That makes the design of the two consoles a much more level playing field.
Xbox One Vs PS4- Price
As we all know it’s always a choice of an individual to buy a thing, but one of the important factors that affect the purchasing is the price of the product. So, the Xbox One initially retailed at EUR429 with Kinect and no games, but the RRP of the entry-level 500GB system is now EUR299.99. Xbox One S prices have dropped further, with approx EUR200 mark, including and without including software. The PS4’s UK RRP is too EUR299.99.

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