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Evolution Strategy Advisors
Vineet Trakroo | CEO | Evolution Strategy Advisors (ESA)

For any company to scale and progress, there is an unquestionable necessity of both, opportunities and
capital. To cater to these necessities, every business needs a direction to move strategically. This is
where business consulting has key role.

The following interview between Insights Success and Vineet Trakroo, the CEO of Evolution
Strategy Advisors (ESA), educates us about the consulting business vertical with his valuable opinions
and expertise.

To introduce the company, since 2013, ESA has been in the business of partnering B2C organisations
to grow their business through a proprietary technique of Business Health Analysis, which is a business
diagnostic technique in sales, marketing and strategy.

The company works on growing businesses and categories for our clients using a combination of
consulting, research and analytics techniques on a cloud platform. It helps change internal operational
sales and marketing processes and strategies which help organisations to deliver better results.
ESA has worked with the world leaders and partnered their growth of 20-30%+ within the same
financial year. Its clients have been Mahindra, Tata Motors, Saint Gobain, Faber-Castell, Camlin,
Crompton, Pepsi, Abbott, Pfizer and a total of 50+ clients.
Below are the highlights of the interview:

1. Tell us about the services you provide through your venture.

We have 3 areas of operations:

Business Health Analytics (Business Diagnostics): Identifying issues which are holding back
growth of a business or a division in auto, pharma, consumer business. Our role is in identifying
the real causes & their extent as well as suggesting solutions.

Business Transformation: Restructuring and transforming organisations sales and marketing
to grow

Building Executional Excellence: In sales, marketing, distribution, brand management and
analytics. To build world class practices for organisations.

2. What were the challenges that strengthened the current success of your company?

Getting clients to understand our offering which is unique and only one of its kind. The concepts of
cloud, analytics and consulting is new to a lot of mid-sized and large organisation who usually rely on
internal knowledge. Initially only organisations which have been having chronic issues tried our ap-
proach. We are still seeding our ideas.

3. Please share about some awards and accolades that the company has received.

We have been awarded by many magazines and publications, both Indian and International, about our
unique approach.
About 80% of our clients adopt all our recommendations and have seen their business improve within 3
months from implementing our suggestions. More than 80% of our clients come back to us with more

We have improved top lines by 20-30% with a quarter and also improved profitability by 30% within 6
months. We have been working with some of India’s leading corporates.

4. What makes Evolution Strategy Advisors a unique player in this field? Kindly brief us about
your distinctive features over your peers.

We are the only company which offers Business Diagnostic from a collective internal insight approach
involving all stake holders in an organisation. This make our solution acceptable and easily
implementable as its based on clients data and internal insights.

5. What are the benefits gained by your clients while doing business with you?

We have been able to grow the top and bottom lines of organisations by identifying the real challenges
and the extent of these challenges by prioritising them. We further offer them solution to these
challenges and work with our clients to deliver results after the action plan is created.
We have improved business results or shown the path to success for over 80% of our clients. Majority
of our clients come back to us with other new challenges.

6. What is your advice for the budding entrepreneurs who are trying to embark in the same field.

As the future is based on technology and data, it would help if entrepreneurs find real world solutions
for conventional businesses. A lot of processes and customer experience data still needs digitisation and

7. Brief us about the future of Evolution Strategy Advisors.

We are planning to expand our services to other sectors mainly services: consumer finance, insurance,
consumer investment, housing, hotels and quick service restaurant. We are also looking at adding more
competencies to improve the customer experience offered by our clients.
We are always adding more features to our analytical abilities and data analysis. We also complement
our services with a team of industry experts who have been at CXO level. These experts help our
clients to deliver through our guidance in execution.

About the CEO

ESA was founded by Vineet Trakroo, CEO who is a BE from MIT Manipal and MBA from Jamnalal
Bajaj, Mumbai University. He has earlier worked with leaders and challengers in durables, branded
commodities, fmcg and home improvement. He has been Head of Sales and Marketing for 25 years
earlier with Usha International, Cavin Kare, Beiersdorf & Pidilite.
Vineet has created this technology based solution of business diagnostic which relies on the client
organisations’ internal data and insights. This is a pioneering technique and he is personally involved in
diagnosing challenges and ensuring clients see success within a quarter. He has also been responsible
for evangelising this technique to the large consumer organisations.

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