Explore Outing: A Preferred Name within Travel and Tourism Space

Vipul Jain | Founder & CEO | Explore Outing | Vikal Kulshreshtha | Director | Tourism & Hospitality[Travel Tech Companies, Traveling, tours & Travels, Explore Outing, tourism industry, business, business magazine]
Vipul Jain | Founder & CEO | Explore Outing | Vikal Kulshreshtha | Director | Tourism & Hospitality

There was a time when people had to travel according to the travel company’s itinerary. This meant missing out on plenty of unexplored sites which only locals could suggest. But, as time progressed, people started shifting towards experiential travel. They wanted to experience the local culture and explore the hidden gems. They no more want to be dependent on age old fashioned travel planners.

As people are moving from generic travel planning to personalized travel experience, there are many challenges for both, the travellers as well as travel companies and planners. Ranging from travel safety to getting in touch with the locals, travellers these days need everything organized. Catering to the current needs of the travel communities including the travellers and the travel companies, Explore Outing of Gabbit Trans System is leading the travel and tourism sphere.

The aim of Explore Outing is to enrich tourism experience by solving problems in tourism sector using technology & collaboration as the bridge. Experience is the current driving force of the tourism arena. Tourists and travellers are always looking to explore different places and to-do things as per their choice.

As people want to have a personalized experience, there are three major factors that need to be considered. This starts from tourist’s personal choice, tourism knowledge and information on tourist safety. Fortunately, there are both, private as well as government service providers in India who are endlessly working towards providing seamless travel experience.

While these providers are leveraging the overall experience, Gabbit Systems under its brand name Explore Outing is using technology as a network-backbone. The system helps tourists to get various tourism services available in and nearby to a place which they can access using the system.

On the Go Services

With a smooth and user-friendly mobile application, Explore Outing offers services to both B2B and B2C. When it comes to B2C, the primary clients, tourists use the app for acquiring information on various tourism services available in and around that place, book services as per their choice, interact with nearby tourists, emergency response etc. Apart from the basic services, tourists are also provided vital information like road and weather status, crowd and queue information at various attractions, etc. The application also provides the users with alerts, warnings and safety messages based on their location.

Speaking about B2B, the SME tourism service providers generally lack behind when it comes to technology. Which in turn makes it difficult for them to have an online booking system. Explore Outing provides a simple solution which brings them online while marketing their offerings to nearby tourists.

The Driving Force of Explore Outing

Vipul Jain, the Founder and CEO of Explore Outing is a passionate traveller with 25 years experience in corporate management, technology and engineering. He is responsible for the strategy and planning of all the processes at Explore Outing.

On the other hand, Vikal Kulshreshtha, the Director – Tourism & Hospitality has an extensive 23 years of experience in travel and tourism. He has a BHM degree from IHM, Jaipur and a Masters in Travel and Tourism. He owned and operated a travel company for 25 years. Currently, he is responsible for the execution of tie-ups in the travel and tourism industry.

Ladder to Success 

With the motto of organizing the unorganized sector, Explore Outing started its journey by providing tourism experience. It did so by reaching out to the local (small & big) providers and explaining their need to be a part of the system. The company had to face a few obstacles on the path to provide a simple and easy-to-use system to the travel and tourism sector.

The major concern for Explore Outing was the issue of the safety of the tourist. Tourist safety issues are usually ignored. Most people understand its importance but don’t own it. For many people, solution means a call to a pre-fed phone number or sharing location via an app. But all these systems are catering to an individual after the incidence which is of no use.

Here, Explore Outing has been solving the problems with a wide network of tourism components and stakeholder in addition to tourism knowledge and location-based technology. The company provides a proactive and pre-incidence system that keeps on monitoring situation, send timely alerts and warnings, and help during an emergency.

What’s Ahead for Explore Outing?

Vipul says, “Last year, the travel and tourism industry in India grew at 6.7% (and is expected to grow by 8.5% in the current year). It contributed to about 9.2% of the country’s GDP.  We are seeing a shift in the tourist choice – from just travel to ‘experiential travel’. This means tourists now want to experience the place, local art & culture, market etc.”

This is exactly where Explore Outing is focusing on, where the company is bringing local providers to mainstream tourism. This not only helps tourists in getting ‘experience’ but also the local economy.

Explore Outings’ product is already well-established in one state in association with the tourism industry and government. It further will work on growing with different states and partnering with tourism stakeholders. In the end, Vipul adds, “The tourism problems that we are addressing are of global nature, very soon we will be going to the International market.”

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