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The casualty list due to the Coronavirus pandemic continues to grow. Apart from human life, it is the economy that is suffering the most. Lockdowns – complete and partial, put economic activities to a halt for a while. However, as it is with human life and their spirit, the bounce back is inevitable. As the country opens up for activities and people realize that precaution is the only way forward, most of the business sectors are looking forward to a slow recovery. Real Estate is one of them.

As the festive season approaches, hopes are high that the real estate scenario will improve and the sector has been pulling itself together to meet the expectations. The first challenge was getting the workforce back to the grind. The lockdown saw them leaving for their hometowns as they had no work and survival without it is difficult. However, some managed to retain their human resources, took care of them in these dismal times so that a quick recovery can be ensured when the activities resumed. Hence, most construction sites have managed to either hold back or call back most of their employees.

The second challenge was to change the way real estate worked. Technology, once a sidekick, became the real hero. So, developers had drones taking aerial surveys of sites. CAD/CAM, BIM and other software are taking care of designing and drawing.

The third challenge is reaching out to customers. Here again, technology is leading the way. Drones are utilized to send live status updates to customers who wish to see the way the property is shaping up. For prospective buyers who cannot visit the sites, 3D models are being rendered to give them a better understanding of the final look of the property. Relaxed payment schedules, discounts, facilities like online registry will also help customers invest.

Overall, the real estate sector is looking forward to living up to the expectation that was made of it when the year started. It is early to say if they will achieve the feat, but the sector is all geared up to make the most of the time at hand. In this issue of Insights Success, we bring you “The 10 Outstanding Real Estate Companies to Watch in Bengaluru”. These well-established companies understand the market trends and how to adapt to the changes that suddenly seem to disrupt the growth juggernaut.

This edition features CoEvolve Estates Pvt. Ltd, a real estate company that embraces environment-friendly methods for construction; Deccan Group , a company delivering quality homes with premium facilities while offering properties free from any legal hassles; Disha Habitat Ventures, a widely reputed and professionally managed organization that operates in the business of mid-range apartments in Bengaluru; DivyaSree Developers, one of South India’s most reputed urban infrastructure providers with over three decades of business excellence and recognition under its belt; and Embassy Industrial Parks, a company offering seamless solution to industrials by building industrial parks.

We would also like to applause the contributions of 42 Estates, Century Real Estate Holdings, Vakil Housing Development, Axis Concept and Kolte Patil to the industry.

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Happy Reading!   – Sneha Sinha

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