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“What makes us apart from other firms is our Passion for giving our clients best Solution and all under one roof,” asserts Ar. Nitin.
Below the pinnacle of every summit, lie the rough borders and fringes ; Hiking the encounters that come in the way to reach the highpoint is a matter of sincere approach, pure hardwork and rock solid determination. The team of  Fourth Dimension Architects Pvt. Ltd. (FDAPL), since the beginning has put in all the real ingredients that have defined our success today, and hence at this point of time, we, Fourth Dimension Group are an example of power, model for competence and a benchmark for design and quality. We hope to intensify this passion and commitment to bring about a sea change in the way architecture should be approached.
Since the inception of FDAPL in 1997, we always aimed to and today have advanced ourselves to be a ‘One stop Solution’ for all architectural and Infrastructural Requirements. Our initial steps were small but solid, but with years we have guzzled up the current and trending knowledge of the markets’ expectations, the know-how’s of the solutions to be offered and have arrived to be the ‘Key to Archi-enigma’. We and our solutions are constantly evolving to suit the ‘demand and degree’ of the design.  We pledge to create unparalleled Wonders in Architecture, Design, Engineering and State of the Art Technology.
Headquartered in Pune, FDAPL is well-equipped with a proficient, young, and talented staff of Designers, Thinkers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, 3D Visualizers, and Engineers delivering exquisite services for the betterment of the masses. This team of professionals efficiently holds the reins of Project Management Consultancy (PMC), Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), and Liaisoning services, thereby delivering quality to its best.
Meet the Dynamo
“Never too young to start an empire, never too old to chase a new dream,” Ar. Nitin began FDG in 1997 is a first generation Entrepreneur: he aspired… an Entrepreneur and a Magnate: he became. The vision that he stocked then, has helped his business escalate to a great degree of triumph. He is a powerhouse of Talent and creativity, Simplicity and Humility, Dynamism and Energy, Ambition and Motivation, and it is this that is till date supporting his Specialized Team to perform and Deliver. ‘Every dream an ambition – Every task a mission,’ he cites.
His 20+ years of experience comes in handy during any glitch through any project, His dynamism helps the team sail through snags. Never letting the team unaccompanied through any project, Ar. Nitin is by their side, through the stages of conception, presentation, execution and delivery. Ar. Nitin undoubtedly is the pillar of this organization.
More about FDAPL
Today, we offer one stop solutions ranging for Master Plan, Architecture, Landscape & Interior Design, Utility Engineering, Liaison with Statutory bodies, Project Management Services, Special Effects & Theming. What makes us apart from other firms is our Passion for giving our clients the best of the Solutions and all under one roof.
A variety of projects like Hospitals and exclusive residences, Multi-activity Parks, IT parks and Commercial Projects, Industrial projects and Interior design are done by us in Pan India and overseas.
Today, the Firm takes pride in offering one stop solutions for Master Planning, Architecture, and Landscape & Interior.
The Firm is instrumental in offering clients with the best-suited designs showcasing Effective planning to ensure maximum utilization of Space and  Energy Efficient Services Apart from all this, FDAPL believes in motivating employees to bring their new innovations to the table, thereby creating hassle-free work environment for their overall personality development. Over the years, the Firm has executed and delivered some noteworthy projects.
Being at the Forefront
With the number of players in the market only on the rise, the key is to innovate and design. By, developing the infrastructure to suit the needs and provide for the state of the art technology required for projects and the work in the process. A few core ideals have been successfully carried forward and we pledge to further. These credible ideals have helped contour the business profile of FDG today. The vision to nurture an entire ecosystem of needed services under one roof is a reason why our clients don’t look around at all. With time and the presence of social media our work does reach out to a great portion of people who are looking out for services and parallel. With Ar. Nitin’s abundant knowledge and his spirit to share, he has helped shape this Proverbial Empire. His methods of sales and influence on clients are the key reasons for this growth.
Future Demands ‘Change’
“Design that really functions” – that is most pressing issue architects should be concerned with the next few decades. We will need to have a more expansive view of what Architects can do by combining our specialties in a way that solves the problems.
We as architects have the power to improve the life and social needs of the world. Architecture in the future needs to accommodate many functions within a small space, so the key would be keep the overlap of design and function efficiently woven.
We also constantly study the bazaar for the future prospects and envision expectancies and reflect the possible solutions for upcoming tasks.
What’s so Distinctive?
Once within the FDAPL periphery, the talented designers are continuously urged to ‘Motivate and self-motivate’ to support oneself and everyone around. The air of optimism and progress cannot be missed in the campus. An environment of healthy discussions, operating concurrently opens the doors to freely reflect and ponder over the best possible solutions that can be offered to the client. Physically, the barrier free office space offers free flow of thoughts and dialogues between personnel.  FDG engages staff across all ages, credits given only to talent, willingness to persevere and morality. In an environment which exudes positivity, creativity and innovation will but obviously, surge. In a nutshell, all lines of communication are forever open.
The Big Picture
Architectural industry is a growing trade that should take responsibility for a dialogue between society and surroundings. To cater to the society is the task, to care for the surrounding is a liability. Urbanization is on the rise in every city today, and with it, the needs of the people are increasing, while the space available is shrinking. While we are the ambassadors to design and develop, we architects cannot endure and perform alone. We as FDG, have strong collaborations with various developers, artists, and vendors to operate in unison, not only for our own development but also for the development of the urban land around.
We as Architects want to take up the responsibility of designing spaces in a way that they frame the understanding of the building and its use. FDG always works towards incorporating the social and environmental factors in their design strategy.
We plan to spread our wings further, to help the urban development in cities so far untouched by us, and also help lesser known places by leaving our architectural footprint.

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