Future aspects of Indian healthcare system with A.I.

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India has gained a big name in the field of healthcare with the use of advanced technologies. Various new technologies are implemented every day in our day to day life. With advancement in technology, people expect quality healthcare services at an affordable price. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is one of the current trends in the field of healthcare worldwide. It is helping hospitals and healthcare industry as it takes care of all data which are directly and indirectly helping for an effective and error-free treatment of patients. To get future-ready, we also need to know about A.I. and how it helps for patient’s betterment.
There are number of areas where A.I. is spreading its hands to help the hospitals give safe and quick service to their patients.
Insurance Verification
With use of A.I., the patient insurance coverage is confirmed digitally. It saves time, and patients receive prompt service without wasting time for manually calling the insurance company for patient information verification. A.I. takes care of this crucial part of patient document verification.
Automated Chat-Bots
Patients get instant and correct information about their queries, and their doubts are cleared within no time with help of live chat-bots which saves patient’s travelling time. It is helpful for doctor also, as the patient’s general queries are solved through automated machine, and doctor’s saved time can be utilized to attend other critical patients. With the use of live chat-bots, patients can personally discuss with their doctor, which indirectly helps patient to minimize mental stress.
Use of Password System to Protect Data
All the data saved by A.I. system in hospitals is password protected. So, patient’s right to maintain confidentiality, which is very sensitive subject in some cases, is maintained.
Use of A.I. for Paperwork
Most important and critical task when a patient is admitted in hospitals is the paperwork, right from billing and coding to keeping patient’s record updated. This very unpleasant task is handed over to A.I. by many leading tech-savvy hospitals for speed and accuracy in the paperwork.
A.I. to Help Curing Chronic Diseases
Many chronic diseases like cancer need continuous and personalized care. A.I. helps doctors to keep track of all treatment plans for patients.
 Using Robots to Explain Lab Reports
Don’t get surprised, if after few years, you see a robot explaining your lab reports. With continuous advancement in healthcare technology, the day is not far away when patient will get their reports explained by the robots.
Finally, using A. I. in hospitals is a win-win situation for the patients and hospital staff as it benefits to both of them. The A.I. system minimizes the documentation workload of hospital staff, updates and stores error-free information of patient, eliminates the billing/coding errors, saves time of both patient and doctor, and guides patients through live chat-bot. As a result, the patient gets prompt, world-class yet affordable medical treatment.

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