Future of Buildings & spaces that nurture your mind.

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Sachin Zanwar | Architect | Masterplanner | founding Director | Urbanscape Studio pvt ltd,

The rise of the pandemic has once again emphasised importance of spaces we use for various activities. No matter what, we spend most of our time indoors and hence we should understand the relationship of the spaces and our mind. There is a consistent perception of space always happening back of our mind. It impacts our behaviour and well-being to the core. The spaces you use and the people you live with ends up shaping you and your identity. Can you make choices?

Sachin Zanwar, Architect and Masterplanner, founding Director of Urbanscape Studio pvt ltd, Mumbai explains how to drive change and evolve with spaces that nurture your mind.
Identify your need

India being one of the most diverse country compared any other nation on the planet, people here have a very strong characteristics backed by where they belong to geographically as well as the spatial virtue of their living style. Countless formats of habitable spaces results into multiple patterns of behaviour. While the growth factor is generated by multiple global factors, one thing that can be observed about recent spaces in the 21st century is that it’s ever-changing. Change is governed by human minds that are working to get the right mix of work life balance while trying to establish their own identity. Once you understand what you ‘need’ is when you become the true mascot of your own mind.
Ones clarity of mind and thoughts can lead to the experience, exploration of various things around him and it gives a new direction of thought. Counter stereotypes is solution we look for in a well-informed world we represent today.

Understand the Phenomenon of Change:

Last two decades witnessed a strong growth in every sector, inclusion of global to local, from an incredible adaptation of technology to the ever changing landscapes of our cities. We touched the peak of growth that was never seen before, collaborations rocked the world and we gave rise to many industries. It may be debatable to say whether we established a reformed way of living or lost the values from old. All in all is the phenomenon of change that’s inevitable.

Workspaces transformed from merely a few desks to the magnificent footprints housing thousands of workstations in a corporate environment connecting world at a single click. Designers took the challenge to create this new environment in the most sustainable way while catering to the cut throat demands from the stakeholders. So everything changed and it further continues to change, embrace the change or be left behind.

Evolve and Grow:

Consider Growth and Evolution are synonymous to each other. While you grow, you evolve and the evolved version of yourself helps you to further grow. From beginning of this century, one thing that we have prominently witnessed is the Evolution! Designers strive to provide appropriate spaces that nurture human value and focus was on productivity too. Nurture values and productivity will be taken care anyways. Many examples we have established that continues to inspire our minds and a perfect balance can be achieved. Talking about buildings in today’s context, it’s an economic vehicle. To run it smoothly, it must address the change and adopt to new use to be future proof.

Sustainability and adaptability:

Adaptable also means sustainable, look for sustainability on a very broader aspects of planning principles, integration with context and response to urban fabric. All this is the backbone to any built format. Application based sustainability will eventually follow. If you are so much concerned about the present alone, you will end up building something that may become redundant in an ever-changing scenario the world is going through. The world has seen such examples post WWII. Cities, urban areas and building must exist coherently to embrace the change and give a clear insight for future. Define sustainability in its true sense.

Future of Buildings and spaces:

Some of the basic needs of human lives are never going to change, what may change is the perception of it. Buildings and spaces have always been an integral part of our lives for centuries and it will continue to be even more important aspect in the time to come as we tend to explore more indoors than outdoors. The article is aiming to demonstrate a process of identifying ones need, understanding the change phenomenon and evolve with sustainable measures. As a country we have witnessed a massive inclusion of numerous spaces in last 2 decades and it is with a careful consideration, we find ways to put a rational aspect of our future growth considering the chain of conscious developments that shape what we are and nurture our minds to perform on a global platform. It is then we not only fulfil our dreams but also leave behind a legacy of the ‘Era of Change’

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