Gagan Arora: Reinventing the Benchmarks of Corporate Leadership

Gagan Arora| Vertex Global Services
Gagan Arora, Executive Vice President, Vertex Global Services

As a kid, the one question we were always asked was “what do we want to be when we grow up?’” Depending on our mood and the most recent person we were in awe of, we all wanted to become a teacher, rock star, scientist, explorer, police officer, actor, and every other known professional. What we ultimately shape into is a matter of choice, opportunities, events that sometimes go beyond our control, luck, and a lot of hard work.

As we go higher up in the formal educational structure, prioritizing our career trajectory becomes important, especially at the university phase of our lives. At this stage, one not only thinks about his job but also tries to visualize his future journey. Career choices that we make at this stage are a resultant of what captivates us and at times choosing just one line of interest isn’t enough.

Years ago, Gagan Arora found himself always glued to new technologies and was determined to be an IT professional. However, he also found the traits of a great motivational speaker in him as he is also an excellent storyteller who use to leave his audience glued and asking for more.

Today, Gagan is a self-made entrepreneur, and his role at Vertex Global Services as the EVP and Strategic Growth Leader, sees him interacting and inspiring his colleagues, employees, and even competitors with not just words but actions as well.

The road that led him here was full of ups and downs that had short-lived successes and fleeting failures along-with two failed start-ups, and a never-dying hope. He left a secure job, sacrificed monthly salary and perks, and even worked out of a garage with minimal liquidity, to achieve his dream. What kept him going through all this was his firm belief that every failure and setback has a lesson to teach and is a step to glory.

Gagan has recently expanded operations of his organization in the USA, India, Philippines & UK. With an instinct of being solution-oriented and thinking out of the box, he was even acknowledged as CEO of the year 2020.

At Vertex, everyone in the team plays an equal role, and his role is to create the wave and everyone in the team keeps the wave going.

Change – The Only Constant

The IT Industry’s contribution to India’s GDP stood at 7.7% in 2017. Banking & Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail/FMCG, e-commerce, Aviation, Government, and Telecom continue to lead in the adoption of technology. The current pandemic has suddenly pushed technology from being good to an absolute necessity. Companies have picked up the technological shift quickly and intrinsically altering the way they work, think, and communicate.

Gagan predicts, the near future will see a surge in the tech industry because tech is at the forefront of businesses’ agendas in the age of the corona virus. Companies must switch to digital now as artificial intelligence is growing at a rapid rate and we’re not going to lose that momentum and opportunity. Tech has never been more relevant, jobs will be created in the field and the new remote, flexible ways of working could benefit working women.

Vertex has made a very deep, thoughtful analysis of its portfolio and compatibility with the current trends of the environment and evolved into something very professional to provide leading-edge solutions to businesses.

Gagan adds, “We are sailing well through these times with the support of our innovative potentialities and look forward to seeing much fortuity into the tech world and carry out our goals in a more streamlined and functional way.”

Challenges around the Corner

Gagan believes that in a technology-rich world, we really shouldn’t be wasting time on low-value tasks. Many global leaders will often suggest that you focus on being effective rather than being efficient. The way technology has enabled the fight against the pandemic showcases the same. Some major innovations and upgraded thinking like drones for surveillance, delivering food and healthcare, AI-powered content moderation to beat COVID-19 misinformation have made the fight effective.

But a highly competitive unorganized market with low-quality services at a lower price is the biggest challenge and Vertex reckons to give out its prime services intertwined with technology. Adhering to standards and industry guidelines by NASSCOM and DUN & Bradstreet, the company believes in laying out the finest values to customers for which it is valued.

“We strive constantly to innovate new solutions and adapt the technology for our client and their customers. We believe in delivering the best standard and delivery for operational excellence through our various services,” adds Gagan.

A Positive Team makes Everything Possible

“Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy,” rightly said by Steven. A company’s work culture determines its persona and it is very important to align culture with innovation and growth. Morals, principles, companion-ability, feed backs, and recognition are epoch-making factors for a positive work environment, they sound cool but not convincing.

At Vertex, the objective is to create outstanding customer experiences by focusing on employee experience and organizational culture. It has built a work culture that is defined more than a workplace where everyone communicates honestly and openly, enhances their performances, and encourages collaboration.

Staying Competitive

Vertex is ever braced up to transcend in the ever-growing capacity and encouragement and summarizing everything of the technology from its passion for innovation. It has recently been acknowledged by DUNS and will continue to mutate its innovation capabilities whether it is in AI, Performance marketing, staff augmentation, and more.

Vertex’s commitment to innovation and its adherence to disruptive quotient has been rewarded with its NASSCOM membership. And with the skills of human potentials and knowledge of technology, it endeavours to create a sustainable environment for partners, employees and clients through its unparallel business goals work ethics.

“We are already ranked 19th among the 50 most innovative companies across the globe and in the top 10 innovative tech start-ups of India. We are getting future-ready to excel at every bit of our services and remove the 9 from the 19th and be the 1st to proffer everything as service. We have stopped compromising the ‘best’ with a ‘fine’ and getting superior to the competition,” says Gagan.

Foreseeing a Progressive Future

The global crisis has shown new ways of operating businesses and lives. Vertex, since inception, has maintained a strong marquee with some widely acknowledged services like staffing, artificial intelligence, outsourcing and machine learning. With two remarkable acquisitions this year the company is fixating on collaboration in the coming years. However, to be preparing for future adaptability, change is important.

Vertex is scaled up with some new plan of actions and strengths to defend our business values by centralizing efforts more on its quality and ingenious technologies. “We have implemented a growth strategy and bought footprints into the e-learning with Vertex Academy and BPO-RPO to increase our market share to 20 percent. Further, we are planning on working on other portfolios and be the leading-edge multinational conglomerate,” concludes Gagan.

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