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Sagar Sadhwani, Founder, GAMEAHOLIC

Gaming, today has become a huge market. How did that happen? A few years back we were all playing Snake, and Rescue the Princess, we turn our heads for one second, and now it’s this beautiful, immersive and massive world. In case, you are wondering just how massive? The Grand Theft Auto V (2013) got a sale worth $800 million worldwide in the first 24 hours of its release.

According to a survey conducted in 2017, the global gaming industry had generated revenue of $108 billion and its popularity continues to grow. This popularity stems from a couple of things; the games themselves, how gamers interact with it, and a sense of community that gaming has fostered amongst fellow gamers.

The community provides a culture that brings together like-minded individuals who share the same passion and gaming has enabled them to flex their problem-solving muscle, to be challenged creatively, and to get rewarded for it at the end.

While gamers who are friends with other gamers can often exchange their completed game, the same cannot be said for the whole industry. Gamers often have to deal with game rental companies, or online platforms where game exchange takes place between two completely unknown users and there is no assurance about the quality, functionality or the price of the game.

Considering how expensive all the PS4 games are and coupled with the financial limitations, not every gamer has the liberty to enjoy all the PS4 games. They have no other means to get their hands-on small and AAA (triple-A) titles which cost about four-digit currency numbers. Gameaholic was founded to help the gamers in this very situation. It is India’s premier and first flat-fee PS4 game exchange platform. It has revolutionized the industry by bringing a business model that levels the playing field for each and every gamer.

From One Gamer to Another

We’ve established that Gameaholic is a game exchange company, but what makes it stand out, or what is its competitive benefit? To this, Sagar Sadhwani, the Founder of the company comments, “We founded Gameaholic because as gamers ourselves we were fascinated at the possibility of launching a platform that would ease the game acquisition experience of any Indian gamer.”

With the rising cost of console games, many gamers cannot afford to play the latest PS4 games when they first come out in the market because they are simply too expensive, Gameaholic offers its customers a wide variety of games for exchange at an affordable price. The company continuously strives to ensure that all game enthusiasts are able to enjoy the newest PS4 games without the expensive price tag.

Sticking Out in a Mile

Despite being new in the market, this company’s popularity has grown in folds, and to know the reason behind it we have to understand ‘why’ the company does what it does.

“My wife and I are avid gamers. While I am a loyal fan of PS4 games, she loves Nintendo Switch games. We play all kinds of games ranging from the old classics, thrillers, to sports. Gaming is a threefold entertainment medium – interaction via virtual reality, participation via console gaming, or as simple as just viewing,” shares Mr. Sadhwani.

“While other countries have quickly accepted the gaming wave, India has only recently got its boost. It was this scenario that motivated us to try and dynamically change the Indian gaming scenario by helping the gamers flourish, without them having to think about the rising costs when it comes to purchasing a game,” he adds further.

This is How Gameaholic Works

Now arises the question of how does Gameaholic operate, and how do gamers receive their desired games? Gameaholic’s exchange process is very simple as it wants users to spend more time playing. Gamers can log onto the platform and select up to five different PS4 games that they would like to get in exchange for their used ones. After placing the order, they need to courier their games to the company at its registered office address.

The Gameaholic team will verify the quality of games and the requested games will then be sent out for delivery the very same day and delivered right at their doorstep. Gameaholic provides services and delivers games in approximately 2208 cities, including major rural areas.

Additionally, to ensure the quality of the games being exchanged on its platform, the company has enabled a ‘Gameaholic Guarantee’; a certification that every single PS4 game offered is of the highest calibre.

The quality and functionality of every game is verified so users can be rest assured that they will receive high-quality games only. All one needs to do is look for the ‘Gameaholic Guarantee’ logo at the top right corner and they can instantly know that the game is in perfect condition.

The company’s stock of games comprises of new as well as preowned copies but a majority of it is new. Furthermore, while placing the order, the customer will be able to see whether he/she is getting a new or a pre-owned game in exchange.

The most prominent aspect of Gameaholic is that the exchange takes place directly with the company, unlike other platforms wherein the exchanges happen between two unknown users and there is no way to ensure that the gamer(s) will receive the game, let alone be in a working condition.

Clutch Play

We can now conclude that Gameaholic is on a trajectory of tremendous success and continued growth as the gaming industry continues to expand. “When we launched Gameaholic, our main goal was to create a vast, trusted online community where gamers can easily exchange their existing stock of games with us in return for a set of new/pre-owned games which they do not have. Today a year later, our goal remains to continually expand this community and give the players around the country a lucrative gaming experience,” comments Mr. Sadhwani.

Gameaholic’s immediate plan is to add PS5 games to its game collection and to be the first platform to exchange Nintendo Switch & XBOX ONE games in India. To further ease out the exchange process, the company is planning to collaborate with a reputed logistics company to enable a scheduled pick-up of games from its customers’ address of choice.

It is also looking at launching the mobile application for Gameaholic that will be available for both android & IOS users. Additionally, it is also planning to open branches of Gameaholic in different cities, starting with the metro cities.

Gameaholic is set to evolve more as a trusted name in the gaming industry that is both represented and influenced by gamers. “Youngsters in our country have always idolized an actor or a sportsperson but we think that the day is soon going to be here when they will idolize a professional gamer. In the long run, we look at making the most of this huge monetizing giant that the gaming industry is, all the while creating unique opportunities for Indian gamers. #Stay Addicted because after all its in the name,” concluded Mr. Sadhwani.

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