GIBL.IN: Assuring ‘Best’ Pick through Its Innovative Platform


In India, there are numerous insurance companies which offer different types of insurance plans with diverse features at different premium rates. It thus becomes very difficult for the customers to do a comparative study of these plans in a lucid manner. Many times multiple insurance options confuse the customers instead of helping them in picking the right policy. With an objective to assist customers in making an informed decision when buying a policy online, GIBL was founded in 2013. This promising company provides the ‘compare and buy’ insurance online platform in India. Presently, GIBL.IN is the largest insurance distribution portal in India with more than 1.5 Lakh pages listed within generating tones of user experiences.
Customized Value-Added Services
GIBL is a tech-enabled company that offers a smooth and unbiased online comparison of various general insurance policies from the top-rated insurance companies in India. People can have the personalized policy and best insurance plans at just a click of a mouse. It makes the entire process of insurance buying easier, faster, transparent, and smoother for its consumers.
The company provides several customer services such as 24hours Claims Assistance & Login System, One Click Policy Renewal, Self inspection app for expired policies, Renewal alert through SMS and Emails and so on.
GIBL offers insurance services in general insurance policy viz. Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Home Insurance, Business & Commercial Insurance etc.
Accolades and Achievements
In a shorter span of time, from 2013 to 2018, GIBL has established a powerful image in the online insurance broking sector and is counted among the emerging name in the FinTech space in Indian subcontinent. GIBL has been awarded as the ‘Best Use of Technology in Insurance’ by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) in 2018. The company has been selected as the top seven Insurtech startups by MEDICI for APAC region. In 2018, world’s leading insurance software provider, EBIX, a NASDAQ listed company has selected GIBL’s Technology platform for its new Insurance exchange venture in India.
Frontrunner with Excellent Industry Acumen
Subir Mukherjee is the Managing Director of GIBL with more than nineteen years of rich work experience in multinational companies across the globe with specialization in software, internet & mobile technology based company build up. He has also worked as a software development consultant in America Online (AOL), PWC, and other fortune 500 companies. In a very shorter span of time, he has made GIBL as one of the top three insurance market places in India. Subir is a dynamic leader with a practical hands-on approach, who always perseveres to achieve the best results.
Tech-Led Insurance Service Provider
The company uses big data analysis to get customers’ insights in terms of the particular kind of policy they are actually looking for. On that basis, they create custom packages by sending the insight reports to the insurance companies in order to provide better policies that suit the requirements of individual customers. Thus, it helps customers in the process of insurance comparison to select the best insurance plans for them. GIBL also plunged into the mobile based marketplace where customer can purchase or renew insurance policy right away via GIBL Mobile App. Through these technologies, one can easily search, compare, buy or renew insurance policies at GIBL from 3000+ policies that are offered by 32+ top insurance companies in India.
Creating New Entrepreneurship Opportunities
The main purpose of GIBL is to reach out to the rural and urban area network through the implementation of advanced technology in the online insurance distribution sector and bring the offline customers to the online platform using POS Program. Through this POS program, GIBL has taken an extraordinary initiative by creating the entrepreneurship opportunity for those who really need employment to cope up with financial needs. GIBL POS agent works for its sales process of the products and in return of each sale takes away a guaranteed portion of the profit as a commission.
Goals for the Future
The team of GIBL works diligently to satisfy each customer’s needs and by making sure that they get the best assistance. The future goal of GIBL is to shine bright as the biggest star in the sky where online insurance distribution takes the leap. The company aims to lead in the coming age of personalized insurance and is totally geared up to plunge deep into this new era of insurance buying where modern technological devices are being used in profusion to offer insurance in the best way possible. GIBL is the 1st Company in Eastern India to open up 500+ insurance points and 30k POS agents in 2000 cities in the next three years, focusing primarily on the incredible business possibilities and opportunities in this particular sector.
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