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Vishwas Mudagal | Co-Founder and CEO | GoodWorks

Today, coworking has become a booming industry which is growing larger every year. As advancements in technology have mobilized the workforce, working remotely in one’s own comfort has become more common. Organizations are realizing that providing a flexible work environment for employees promotes innovation, greater collaboration and allows them to let their creative juices flow. These attributes empower employees, help them become more productive and fuel their desire to deliver more than expected.

Organizations across India are seeking to find companies that provide personalized co-working spaces, promote growth and enhance their work culture.  We at Insights Success, while seeking the best co-working spaces for today’s fast-paced companies, have come across GoodWorks.

In 2017, what started as a 50-seater pilot project at Whitefield, Bengaluru, has today become one of the largest coworking and managed office spaces players in India. Committed to follow the best industry practices, GoodWorks operates out of OC compliant commercial Grade-A properties in upscale locations in Bangalore.

By offering beautifully designed and ergonomically functioning workspaces, the brand enjoys the positioning of a premium workspace provider in the market. It has helped to build a vibrant community, host events and deploy tech-driven facility management. It provides a workplace where ‘experience’ is everything.

Delivering a Customized Ambience

GoodWorks’ brand DNA is built with beauty, scalability, agility, and innovation at its core. The brand focuses on building communities and enables positive workplace experiences. It finds value in creating beautiful products that are innovative and scalable with an agile workforce. Below is the list of facilities that GoodWorks offers:

  • Dedicated Desks: Ideal for 1-20 seats, these desks are reserved and provide storage units for individuals and teams.
  • Hot Desks: These are Flexible floating desks with pay per hour/day/month options and ideal for people with no fixed schedules.
  • Private Offices: Dedicated glass-enclosed studio offices for a team of 2 to 30 seaters.
  • Virtual Offices: It provides flexible plans with virtual office, mailbox and registered address options.
  • Conference rooms: Companies can redefine their meetings by booking plush meeting and conference rooms. It comes with a flexible plan to book per hour/day.
  • Event Space: This allows companies to conduct events at GoodWorks’ upscale event spaces that are provided by AI-driven technology and hospitality services.
  • Custom dedicated Offices: GoodWorks designs beautiful custom-made dedicated office spaces ideal for teams of 30 to 600.
  • Shared Managed Offices: The brand manages all the end-to-end operations for the organization that allow companies to focus on growing business. It is ideal for 30 to 1000 seats.

The brand pioneers in providing the Workspace-as-a-Service model and creates a custom layout, interiors, branding, and lockable office entrance. It delivers services like housekeeping, security, internet, power backup, and much more.

Exhibiting Distinction

GoodWorks’ mission is to lead good to great by taking away all the complexities of managing a workspace for organizations. It is the brand’s sheer commitment, perseverance and consistency that helps GoodWorks abide by its mission day-in and day-out. It has helped the brand to not only sustain but also prosper in the competitive environment. Below are some of the characteristics that help the brand to sustain in the intense competition:

  • B2B Approach: GoodWorks is a pioneer in the Enterprise Co-Working segment. The brand has shattered the norms in enterprise design by saying NO to ‘Boring’. Along with creating workspaces that are highly functional, GoodWorks brings in coolness and vibrancy of a co-working space that corporations desire.
  • Design and Space: To stand out from the crowd, GoodWorks has developed its own unique style which has been admired by its customers. Its designs bring a homely feel to the interiors. The brand achieves this with the choice of material, lighting, colors, use of wood, artwork, etc.

Every GoodWorks co-working space revolves around a central courtyard or an     amphitheater or a large collaborative area. These areas are used by coworkers for coffee/food breaks, meetings, events, recreation, fitness, wellness, & so on.

GoodWorks ensures coworkers unwind as much as they toil. Its amenities help them to relax, focus on their work and happily spend long hours.

  • Technology: GoodWorks being a tech-driven community, helps its clients manage their booking, networking, facility management, etc. using the brand’s own GoodWorks HQ app.
  • The GoodWorks Promise: As a concept, the brand was built on the premise of community and ecosystem coming together to help one another succeed. It provides start-up occupants with mentorship from industry experts who have chalked out the blueprint to success. GoodWorks also helps them with initiatives and events such as: Angel Investment Platform, Freelancer Program, Meet Your Mentor Round Table, AskVishwas Events, Start-up Matchmaking Platform, and GoodWorks Advantage Platform.
  • Space: As the brand operates in larger spaces, it enables GoodWorks to provide best-in-class amenities including amphitheater, cafes, restaurants, creche, gym, recreational areas, etc. Also, it provides the most spacious workspaces in the segment with 65-75 sq. ft. per seat, which is highest in the industry.

A Zestful Personality

GoodWorks is a brainchild of Vishwas Mudagal, Co-Founder and CEO, and Sonia Sharma, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GoodWorks, who initially started a tech company called GoodWorksLab. As an experiment, the duo created GoodWorks to engage with the thriving startup-up ecosystem in India. Under Mr. Mudagal’s exemplary leadership, the experiment became successful and turned GoodWorks into a major brand that is profitable for everyone in the ecosystem.

Mr. Mudagal is a celebrity entrepreneur, best-selling author, social media influencer, motivational speaker, and an angel investor.

Being a serial entrepreneur and a CEO with expertise in technology, he has an eye for detail and innovation. He also has a proven record of building brands and products and a history of creating sustainable companies. Mr. Mudagal has over a decade of diverse experience across entrepreneurial and corporate spheres – in the Internet, Mobile, Telecom, Education and Legal domains. With his industry expertise, he assists global companies build strategies and enter new markets, build innovative products, and set up and scale software centers/R&D centers/offshore development centers globally.

Achieving Milestones

GoodWorks has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 2017. The pilot project that started with 50 seats has today made up of 8000+ seats and has been growing at an exceptional rate of 2000%. The line-up of Fortune 500 clientele is yet another milestone for the brand. It is proud to host corporate biggies like BMW, Tesco, CSS, South Indian Bank, etc. at its office spaces.

Some of the major awards received by GoodWorks are:

  • Vishwas Mudagal, CEO, GoodWorks has been honored with ET Now Business Leader of the Year 2020
  • ET Now awarded GoodWorks with ‘Best Coworking Space Design of the Year’ award 2020
  • GoodWorks awarded as the ‘Coworking start-up of the Year’ by Realty+ Coworking Excellence Awards
  • The brand has been ranked No.1 Coworking space in Bangalore by in 2018 and 2019.

Building Spaces of the Future

GoodWorks strives to develop workspaces that bring the communities together by providing space solutions that are beautiful, scalable, agile, and innovative. Hence, in the near future, the brand aims to be at the gold standard and achieve 20,000 seats in the coming year. It intends to expand to 5 million sq. ft. across India in the next 3 years. It envisions a future to convert large spaces and tech parks to personalized workstations and keep on bringing a diverse group of people together and thrive in a vibrant environment.

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