Govt relaxes IT work from home norms till the end of the year

work from home

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) extended relaxation on Tuesday in terms to make it easier for home-based employees to work until 31 December 2020.

As such businesses can request their employees to continue working at home until the end of the year. This had been extended before by the Govt until the end of July.

Initially, other service providers were relaxed in accordance with the terms and conditions following the pandemic. However, the IT industry has sought to make these standards permanent even if the expansion for six months helps deal with immediate priorities.

Most companies have said that they will move to a mixed model, which will permanently employ a percentage of the employees. The largest IT company in India, TCS, has actually stated that by 2025, it only plans to have 25 percent of its staff working from offices. More than 90 percent of Indian IT companies have said they still work remotely.

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