Grepix Infotech: Journey from Notion to Innovation

Grepix Infotech
Grepix Infotech

As IT finds its way into practically every aspect of an organization’s functions, the course of IT and IT infrastructure is changing constantly. Mobile technologies have played a significant role in transforming various hardware systems through Advanced Mobile Programs called the ‘Next Big Boost’. Taking advantage of this revolution, Grepix has emerged as a global symbol of innovation and modernization.
Innovations at the intersection of technologies are leading to the creation of new services, products and breakthrough applications. These have the potential to change user experience beyond current comprehension.
Grepix Infotech offers comprehensive and integrated IT services across the globe that includes Strategic Consulting, Software Development, Mobile Applications Development, Web Development, Games Development, Plugins Development, Desktop Applications, Software Testing, Digital Marketing Services and World-class e-Business Applications to Startups, Individuals, Mid-Size Companies, Enterprises and Government Institutions.
Software Solutions that Exceed Client’s Expectations
Grepix is backing business ventures by leveraging industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services and vertically aligned business model. With their 50+ dedicated emerging technologies, ‘Centers of Perfection’ enables Grepix to be equipped with the latest technologies for delivering business capabilities to their clients.
Grepix universally recognized for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability, Grepix delivered their services in diverse sectors. A few of their services do get an honorary mention, such as,
teamJOE, a multi-sport social network app for fitness enthusiasts of all levels -from beginners to professionals- to connect, follow, meet and team up with people who share common fitness goals, to practice sports activities “now” or to schedule a day and time to engage, individually or in a group. teamJOE app introduces “fitness visual stories” which are timelines that reflect different moments throughout the duration of the fitness activity with the use of images, videos, maps, trails, metrics, comments and conversations. Founded by an active Triathlete, Joseph McCagherty, and graduate from NYU, and Luis C Rodriguez, a former high school and college athlete, who is also a graduate from NYU.
After laying strong footprints into service sector, Grepix have leveraged their offerings to business solutions. Grepix is uniquely qualified to build, accelerate and innovate product ideas such as,
Appicial, a white label on demand taxi application solution developed by Grepix over iOS/Android, has helped startups, entrepreneurs and companies in gaining visibility and increasing their brand value & revenue. Appicial’s on-demand solution is already associated with different business spheres such as food delivery management like UberEATS, free rides, deals and freebies. This Solution is immensely scalable to crane operators, plumbing services, food delivery, trucking & logistics, car rental, boat & cruises, on-demand bikes, autos & chauffeurs.
Medioncloud, a healthcare web-cum mobile solution for dentists to digitise all information regarding patients, doctors and medical reports that enhances efficiency and online exposure, all leading to increased revenue.
Grepix has also delivered services in assorted verticals like Health care & Fitness, Sports, Social, Medical, Restaurant & Food Delivery, Networking, Entertainment, Transportation, Real Estate, Travel, Lifestyle, eLearning, News, Image and Video Processing, etc.
The Versatile Genius behind Grepix
With over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience that majorly focused on software & business development and customer satisfaction, Vinay Jain, the Founder & CTO of Grepix Infotech was always driven by entrepreneurial instincts. Over the journey, Vinay worked as computer hardware & software engineer, architecting large scale mobile applications.
From his post-graduation days itself, Vinay had started developing web solutions for a few IT companies and subsequently took the opportunity to work with an IT company as a software engineer. Since then, he has showcased remarkable dexterity in handling diverse technical roles.
Over the arc of Grepix’s history, Vinay has assumed numerous roles as the Founder, CTO and Developer. He balanced internal-facing duties with external responsibilities. Handling overall strategic and operational responsibility for the entire portfolio of Grepix’s offerings, Vinay is gifted with an aberrant ability of building award-winning apps, coupled with excellent Technical skills that strike the ideal balance between innovation, creativity and long-term business intent. He is indefatigably investigating and absorbing information on the latest technologies to keep Grepix Infotech ahead of the crowd.
Vinay is also a Co-founder of Appicial on-Demand Taxi App Solution (, MediOnCloud, a healthcare web-cum mobile app solution for Dentists (, Devineer Soft, a software development company in Middle East, and CTO of Hoptrend LLC, USA.
Harnessing Innovation and Delivering Delightful User Experience
Grepix brought a strong focus on delivering services non-disruptively, simplifying customers’ landscape, delivering new and enriching user experiences. Grepix has established itself as the most sought-after software solution provider for leveraging the full potential of the indispensable mobile platform for their client’s brand growth and reaching out to their targeted audience. Grepix, coupled with an experienced management and technical team, is capable of delivering a total solution to their clients, thus reducing time, risk and cost. Grepix’s interfaces are widely regarded as visionary and are well-aligned to platform needs.
Vinay adds on, “Our creative work not only looks aesthetically beautiful, but provides an amazingly simple and intuitive user experience. Our constant endeavour is to ensure security, quality and transparency in all the services we render. In the entire journey, we have worked with major clients and various government projects across the globe”
Translating Goals into actionable marketing strategy
The most usual issue that many in the mobile app industry are facing is the lack of problem analysis. It has been observed that in most cases, the incremental efforts in projects have led to the significant financial loss. Grepix offers a unique ability to conceptualize, architect designs and optimize products at every stage following an agile methodology to give clients maximum value for minimum effort.
Grepix brings a deep focus on design and user experience, creating a culture of innovation and co-innovation with customers. Grepix has retained all its customers by offering flexible engagement models. This has also benefitted them in meeting business requirements such as Offshore model, Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, Agile Contracting Model or Fixed Price Model.
As part of a culture, Grepix offers great perks, benefits and lays the platform to foster innovation and creativity. At Grepix, their clients are always involved before taking developmental decisions. Thus, meeting client’s expectations irrespective of cost and efforts with pixel perfect design, customer service and timely delivery of quality work.
Ongoing Endeavour for Future Prospects
Grepix’s key competencies include the development of mobile, web & games solutions of any complexity and staying prepared to foray into new sectors and markets.
Vinay concludes, “The growth prospects are enormous with never ending demands in the coming years. We are working extensively on the emerging domain of connected devices  en-compassing IoT, Home Automation, Augmented reality, 3D modelling, Machine learning and other intelligent devices that shall continue to open up more and more opportunities. Among all the categories, IoT provides the most proactive approach to securing enterprise mobility computing.”

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