Gubba Cold Storage – Unprecedented Quality for Preserving Perishables

Gubba Cold Storage
Gubba Nagender Rao, Founder and Managing Director, Gubba Cold Storage

When it comes to preserving perishables, one must tread utmost caution in choosing the right cold storage facility. Even a little compromise in the quality could result in losing a significant chunk of consumers/clients forever.

Gubba Cold Storage is one of the companies where you could rest assured with your perishables. Not the one to compromise on quality and the one that sticks to its commitment to clients, Gubba has been leading the roost since 1987.

Gubba Cold Storage is a futuristic company with innovation in preserving perishables with 33+ years of expertise in technical knowledge, upgrading with every essential need. It started with the first cold storage in 1987 and today is one of India’s largest players with 1.25 cr CFT preservation capacity and 18 cold storage plants in Hyderabad and Aurangabad.

The vision comes to reality as 600+ clients bestow their trust on the company and the clients are at peace owing to a host of value-added services which Gubba Cold Storage provides like transaction automated reports, access to temperature and humidity in the cold room online, temperature mapping, thermal tracking, stock auditing reports, etc. Gubba also has its exclusive Rodent and Pest Control Officer that rule out any chances of infestation as food products are preserved here. Gubba is an ISO, HACCP, and NABL certified company and operates on international safety standards. Gubba is recognized as “India’s largest Cold Storage” in the Limca Book of Record 2014 and it also got recognition from other prestigious institutions like –

  • “Emerson Cup” for Best Refrigeration Design
  • “Hans India Award” as the best Cold Storage
  • Finalists at India Mart Leaders of Tomorrow for two consecutive years
  • “Danfoss ICE Award” for the year 2013

The Motivation Behind the Venture

Gubba Nagender Rao, Founder and Managing Director of ‘Gubba Cold Storage’ started the first cold storage of Andhra Pradesh. The vision was to address the agricultural wastage by preserving them for long term use and retaining the business value of those products. He is the guiding force in the expansion of the company and a philanthropist who exhibits his responsibility towards the society by contributing to the education of girl child. Gubba has achieved the following milestones:

  • First private Cold Store in 1987
  • India’s First Commercial Seed Dehumidified Cold Store in 1998
  • India’s First World Class 1.5 Ton Jumbo Bag Seed Cold Storage in 2008
  • India’s First 2 Ton Jumbo Bag Multilevel Block Stacking Cold Storage in 2012
  • India’s First  private sector germplasm bank, seed preserved for 40 years
  • First Pharma compliant GDP approved cold storage facility in South India and the Biggest.
  • World class storage facility for pharma industry with 8800 pallets.
  • WHO GDP / NABL / C-TPAT certification
  • A world class biotech lab to serve Seed Industry with most advanced technologies understanding the quality and purity of its seed made possible with minimal time and maximum accuracy using genetics
  • Being proactive and ready for Covid vaccine preservation even before the vaccine arrived
  • Gubba seed lab provides high class seed testing, preservation and security standards.

Products and Services

Gubba Group serves the pharma industry by preserving API, bulk drugs, vaccines, etc.; seed industry by preserving commercial, parent, foundation seeds and food industry by preserving butter, spices, fruits, vegetables, ice-creams, frozen food, juices etc. Gubba operates by functioning the various cold storages which are 18 in number, one in Aurangabad, 17 in Telangana. The company has also diversified its expertise into Gubba Seed Lab where they test the quality of seeds from worldwide by performing various high standard tests. Gubba Biotech lab is another vertical of the Gubba Group where they perform high class tests like ELISA, MGOT, Zygocity etc.

Gubba Cold Infra deals with consultation and construction of cold storages having successfully completed 15+ projects all over India and one in Myanmar.


The company provides its clients with leading edge technology and is skilled with latest advancements. Gubba Cold Storage is a step ahead in competency as it provides its clients with automated reports, Enterprise Resources Planning, an inbuilt app gives Gubbas clients the accessibility to check the temperature of their product preservation just by a click on their smartphone. Along with the above, authenticity, reliability, quality of service, international certifications, and trust that Gubba has built worldwide is the USP of the company.

The Challenges 

Cold storage sector is a rising industry and like any other industry it is going through growth challenges. “Power poses us highest running cost challenges apart from issues like product traceability, rising lease costs, etc. Organizations will be able to overcome these hurdles when aided by a reassuring government. Consistently assuring the quality of preservation through automation, high quality refrigeration technology and standards has become a prime requirement,” shared the management of the company.

Criteria to Start a Cold Storage 

The management of Gubba Cold Storage shares few points for those interested in starting a cold storage –

  • Expertise in research and development
  • Construction of cold storage and designing of temperature zones as per the products chosen to preserve
  • Strategic location being convenient to the consumers
  • Safety of man, material, infrastructure and compliances related to various products as per government norms
  • Ensuring uninterrupted power supply to maintain the desired temperature
  • One would need a decent financial history, repayment capability
  • Commitment oriented and a professional team

Challenges During the Pandemic

Gubba is majorly into preservation of seed, pharma and food which undoubtedly comes under the category of essentials. So, there was not a single day that Gubba’s operations were on hold. “We worked incessantly all throughout ensuring our teams health as the utmost priority. Initially we had the politicians, police, locals opposing us. We spent so many days in the police station to acquire the legal permissions. This phase tested Gubba’s team spirit and the team support was more than overwhelming!” said the management of the company.

Future Perspectives

Gubba sets sight on being the figurehead by providing world class facility in preservation of what makes and more importantly sustains life – seed and pharma by hiking the standard of innovation and technology to a whole new level. “Understanding customer’s vision and setting forth customer satisfaction has and will always continue to be our precedence. We look forward to enter into the US and Singapore markets as well to serve their pharma and seed industries and establish a biotechnology lab in South Asia (apart from India) with trust and passion in preservation, being one of the most reliable quality partner,” shared the management.

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