GYSO: Powering Businesses to Amplify their Digital Footprint

In recent years, omni channel powered commerce has gained importance like no other medium. From buying mobiles, shoes and clothes to buying bitcoins, nowadays everything can be done online. While there are numerous leading e-commerce websites, omni commerce is expected to power 80% of successful businesses by 2022.

Touch N Feel experience based buying will continue to raise and so will be the urge to see and pickup the product at the quickest possible time. The consideration to buy funnel grows 5x faster with hyperlocal models. Click N Pickup is expected to grow by 300 percent in the next 2 years.

As business try to use digital, they face various issues which cannot be understood by traditional ad agencies. Such problems ultimately result in the downfall of the business.

Remember, unconnected businesses are prone to failure and will bleed over time.

Get Your Shop Online (GYSO) encompasses the skills required for any business to stay float and to supercharge at 10x speeds. These are powered by inhouse Digital, Sales, Marketing, Content, Strategy, Technology and OPS Team.

Having an omnichannel approach with ROI-Driven marketing strategy, GYSO has been leaving its marks on the digital world with its operations in India, Dubai, Singapore and Colombo by providing seamless services. GYSO delivers an outstanding result to its clients by combining a data-driven approach with hands-on impeccable knowledge of Digital, Print, TV and Retail.

A Futuristic Thinker

Karthik Raja, CTO and CSO of GYSO is an expert at Turbocharging/Supercharging e-commerce/traditional businesses with omnichannel modules. GYSO was founded by Mr. Karthik Raja and Mr. Jonathan, both having a combined experience of 40 years in various domains including Sales, Marketing, Technology, Strategy and Business. With their combined effort, the company has been able to consult startups as well as Enterprises while demonstrating proven increase to companies of all scale.

Karthik’s knowledge and experience in the field of Digital, Print, TV and Retail industries has helped GYSO’s clients to set up from scratch. With his insightful ideas, he has been successful in setting up and running of supercharged, hyperlocal e-commerce units.

Exceptional Services

Today, Google along with various other social media platforms have a huge impact on e-commerce customers. Keeping this in mind, GYSO aims at providing hyperlocal solutions to various problems by encompassing all digital marketing techniques into one product – GYSO CARE. With the help of the experts of GYSO CARE, it is possible for the company to provide a guaranteed growth to its clients.

GYSO understands that along with reaching out to potential customers, conversion of these leads into customers is equally important. GYSO CARE makes this possible as it comprises of various services like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google Display Marketing, Facebook Hyperlocal Marketing, Google Hyperlocal Marketing, Google Business Page Optimization, Website Development, Brand Building, In-Store Branding, Print Ad Optimization, Call Center Setup, Robotic Process Automation, AI, ML, EBITDA and Business Intelligence Tools.

Changing the Outlook

When it comes to e-commerce businesses, according to GYSO, the major problems faced are retaining customers, generating traffic, measuring ROI / ROAS, capturing quality leads and choosing the right technology & partners. It also includes finding the right products to sell and attracting and hiring the right people to make it all happen. While other issues like achieving profitable long-term growth, omnichannel setup, yield optimization of all processes (RPA) also occur.

Karthik explains the reason behind these problems saying, “Getting people to understand hyperlocal methodology was a challenge. They wanted to compete with Flipkart or Amazon. They tried to emulate fast-paced business models whose growth were never profitable in India. They kept borrowing to sustain while our clients tried to emulate the rapid growth without healthy bank balances. We convinced all these people and made all our customer build their brand with a clear focus on the bottom line.”

Karthik believes that it is crucial for retailers to know how to attract customers efficiently without killing the marketing budget. It is seen that not all the leads are converted equally. Effective leveraging of SEO, PPC, email, social media, display ads, retargeting, mobile, shopping engines and affiliates are important to help drive qualified traffic to their online and offline stores. Connecting both is again important. Hence, retailers should give utmost importance to the audience, how they interact and how to engage with them.

Guiding to Build a Dense Marketing Network

It is important that retailers deliver their omnichannel marketing strategies with meticulous planning. Ideally, campaigns should be crafted with tightly integrated content marketing strategies with ROAS measured for every campaign. 90 Days is the time the company needs to bring visible changes to any business model that adapts its inputs. Here comes the role of choosing a correct partner or agency. GYSO is one such partner who helps retailers to implement projects or oversee marketing campaigns that may also limit the client’s growth.

It is indeed challenging to be different from others when the online world is dominated by Amazon, Shopify and Aliexpress. To be different is to produce their own private labels and setup connect omnichannel models if the retailers think of competing with such conglomerate. Karthik says, “Retailers should be out there getting their name out within the online community by attending e-commerce conferences, speaking at events and networking. Employees want to work for companies that care about them and their customers.”

GYSO has used its resources and talent to develop a connected world for various clients. Karthik mentions a few of GYSO’s clients by saying,

“Poorvika – Hyperlocal positioning increased the number of leads to 100X. We also helped the brand fight with business biggies like the Amazon and Flipkart with clever tech and digital strategies.

Diadem – The Hyperlocal walk-ins increased by 10X

Telebuy – The Ecommerce sales increase by 5x.

Aachi Kitchen – We helped them build from no where. We built the product concepts, assisted in sales, marketing and operations . From Meat to Rice to vegetables we helped them to source from the right channels bring production costs down . Stores grew by 2x.

AGS – Their admissions from start to till date were powered through Digital and GYSO build content strategies.”

Today’s Digital World

The current world is undoubtedly full of exciting changes and innovations for both businesses and buyers. It is essential that an entrepreneur or an e-commerce developer keeps a finger on the pulse with the changes in the e-commerce landscape. E-commerce businesses cannot succeed with great products alone – they need to draw in customers to the right channel where the revenue maximises. This is exactly why great connected omnichannel marketing will always be an essential part of success in e-commerce.

Karthik asserts, “In the past decade, there has been a dramatic change in the way consumers shop. Although consumers continue to purchase from a physical store, they feel very convenient to shop online since it frees the customer from personally visiting the store.” Being the third most popular activity on the internet after email using and web browsing, online shopping has made lives easier from both the ends.

This rapid growth of e-retailing is attributed to the advantages. It offers greater flexibility, enhanced market outreach, lower cost structures, faster transactions, broader product lines, greater convenience and customization. This smooth option is possible because of the use of the internet. The popularization of the internet has made online shopping one of the most popular shopping styles for customers.

Countries like India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa are known to play a leading role in the future of e-commerce. The most exciting part about all of this is that a lot of these markets are relatively untapped by existing e-commerce businesses at the moment. Due to which there is enough potential for existing businesses to branch out and reach new audiences.

With this, there is enough opportunity available for new e-commerce brands to pop up within those emerging markets and tailor their services towards local audiences. While e-commerce in India is reaching the top of the world, it is necessary to omnichannel the businesses. By the means of omnichannel, businesses will be able to sustain in this competitive ecosystem.

Roadmap in the Future Digital World

GYSO believes that the key to success is its plan for the business. The team intends to make the businesses associated with GYSO profitable by its hyperlocal powered e-commerce modules. In the end, Karthik says, “By committing to the simple yet powerful planning strategies, we keep our company and ourselves ahead of the curve and on the path to an increasingly profitable future.”

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“GYSO has used all the expertise to build GYSO CARE which encompasses all Digital marketing techniques into 1 Product which guarantees growth by 10x”

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