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Today’s modernizing populace wants to stave off boredom which has become the biggest driver of comfort spending. They spend money to get more comfort, relaxation, happiness and peace of mind. Here money is merely a store – one of many stores of value in our lives. Maximum people take a pleasure trip amidst nature and book themselves in hotels and resorts for a comfortable stay. Some numerous hotels and resorts try to deliver their best services improving customer satisfaction and value for their money. Thus adding value for the money spent while offering unique services has become one of the prominent gestures by the customer servicing sector or hospitality industry. Let’s have a look at the best services these hotels and resorts provide making them stand out as a unique service provider.

Design Hotels and Mesmerizing Resorts

Interior decoration is incredibly important to make a first and lasting eye-catching impression as it plays an important role in customer experience. It garners a credible reputation that rakes better business.  Such a design hotel and resorts are notable for their design which focuses on the visual concepts, architecture, interior decoration, aesthetics styles, and decor. Their look and feel have become the main appeal that evokes a ‘wow’ feeling in the guest and gives the message of being ‘one-of-a-kind’.

To flatter all of your five senses hotel and resorts possess the attributes like attractive views, cozy beds, clean and large rooms, toothsome delicacies, swimming pools, and most importantly great locations that make your stay experience exceptional.

Services are of Prime Importance

Considering the important attributes, quality customer service also has a great value. Sometimes it becomes an intangible component of why a guest may recommend one tourism or hospitality provider over another. Thus the success and failure of a hospitality business depends on the quality of service offered. Some, however consistently deliver over-the-top acts of customer service.

The services like chat-based services, devising loyalty programs, providing a virtual tour of the living rooms or location improves brand trust value. Also, surprising the guests with special birthday wishes, optimizing guests’ insights, and improving the services recommended by the customers online or offline through their feedbacks are some of the trending strategies. Additionally, engaging the guests through social media where some hotel chains have accounts on social channels where the guests can post video and travel pictures with the best moment at the hotel or resort is a new concept too.

Besides expecting good services from the hotel or resort they have accommodated, people also tour different places to enjoy the scenic beauty it has, discover new cultures, opportunities and develop new skills. Some people also travel to distant places just to enjoy the variety of delicious food the hotels or restaurants provide. Hence food safety and maintaining personal hygiene during the service offering also becomes crucial. Valuing this aspect exceptional hotels and restaurants maintain and implement hygiene standards and procedures which is the best way to gain the trust of the customers. Each person working with food maintains intense cleanliness and tidy external appearance to keep up the food health standards that improves customer retention.

Marketing towards guest retention is backed by some strong and innovative strategies, but if utilized correctly, it will leverage the power in escalating the business. As More and more hotels are trying to make their guests stay as special as possible, soon many unconventional and unique services will be offered by more luxurious hotels all over the world.

– Rajkunwar Bhosale

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