hSenid: Empowers People and Organisations with Creative Innovations in Human Resources Solutions

Today, businesses are more global than ever before and not restricted to local boundaries. A number of multinational corporations are creating partnership, influencing every new requirement of Human Resource Management. It is becoming a challenge for those in the field of HR to find right talent in terms of skills, knowledge and cultural fitment in handling global assignments. To fulfill these requirements, organizations have to up-skill individuals to meet globalization challenges.
For any company, a human resources department is very crucial. It acts as a support function to provide skilled and talented labour to management training services, employee enrichment opportunities and many more. As workforce is one of the largest expenses for most companies, HR helps organizations derive greatest value from this vital asset.
However, HR departments must have the right tools that can be implemented to improve productivity and gain a level of support in achieving the desired goals.
With over 19 years of creative innovation in empowering human resource functions of global organisations, hSenid Business Solutions has become a leading provider of human resources solutions across Australia, Africa, India, Middle East, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Over the past few years, the organisation has ventured out into other areas including Software Development, Tracking Solutions and Revenue Management Solutions. They develop state of the art HRIS applications which cater to all HR and Payroll needs of any industry, be it companies of medium or large scale.
Recognizing that every client is unique with every individual requirement, hSenid has evolved to specialise in the most crucial aspects in all the areas they focus on, while tailoring the services to meet each client requirement. Their core values emphasis in quality, accountability, personal growth and discipline. Their integrity and focus on giving the best possible client service, have led hSenid Business Solutions to greater heights.
Currently, hSenid Business Solutions marks it presence among 30+ countries, with 850+ clients across 18 industries. They offer a comprehensive HRIS solution both On-Premise as HRMEnterprise and On-Cloud under the banner PeoplesHR, a solution that caters to the entire spectrum of operational, tactical and strategic functions of Human Resource Management. The system encompasses a structured approach from Talent Acquisition, Nurturing, Managing Tenure Life-Cycle, Compensation & Benefits and Stronger Employee Engagement. It consists of over 25 functional modules that are seamlessly integrated to enhance visibility, empower decision making, support and enrich employee engagement. PeoplesHR is encapsulated within some of the world’s best-of-breed processes with practices consolidated throughout many years of client association.
hSenid also offers JURRA (www.Jurra.com) an enterprise social network. A solution that aids a company to obtain insight from the bottom-up hierarchy or vice versa, where every post and message becomes content, which becomes valuable sources of information.
The Kingpins of hSenid
Pradeep Agarwal, Chief Operating Officer of hSenid is an accomplished leader having worked for large multinationals like HERE (a Nokia company), Google, Salesforce.com, Oracle and IBM. Over the years, Pradeep have been Instrumental in identifying, designing, leading and marketing technology related products in Enterprise Software and Cloud spaces. Pradeep has helped in establishing companies like ‘ salesforce.com ’ and ‘Google for WORK’, in India, where he was instrumental in setting up the operations from scratch. During which time, Pradeep has been a key contributor to enterprise-level planning and decision-making. Valued adviser and requested consultant to board members, investors, and top-tier executives. Pradeep is an Engineering graduate from NIT and a Post graduate in Management from Narsee Monjee, Mumbai.
Anuj Gupta, the Chief Strategic Officer of hSenid is a seasoned professional with 16+ years of experience in working with large enterprises such as Microsoft, SFDC, Infor, GTL, in selling enterprise applications as well as to creating & scaling partner ecosystem in India for application business. Anuj can not only oversee long term vision but can also roll up his sleeves to turn vision into reality.
At hSenid, he is responsible for building & scaling partner ecosystem for application business. He is a proactive planner with abilities in implementing strategies for incubating and augmenting businesses to increase wallet share, identifying and penetrating new market segments across the verticals.
Strategies Implemented to Stay Competent
India is home to some of the fastest growing companies in the world. With strong initiatives being taken by honorable PM on ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’ there is a huge emphasis on HR best practices within a company, whether it’s big or small. India is a diverse market spread far and wide, and there isn’t a single state or city where companies are clustered. Keeping all of this in mind, hSenid’s big differentiation is:
Scale with partners: hSenid is building a very strong partner network and within a short span of 18 months they are armed with 12 trained partners. This helps them reach clients across all the segments. Compared to their competitors offering similar solution, despite years of presence they have not been able to achieve this goal. Many of their competitive partners are showing interest in partnering with hSenid and taking their solution to the market.
Invest in building an awesome product: There is no single HRIS provider in India who offers an end to end solution with Indian localisation. Majority of the products available are strong in one particular area such as recruitment, performance or leaning and development. Similarly local players and many new entrants lack depth and breadth of functionality. With 19 years of legacy they offer the most comprehensive HRIS with the ability of localisation. In a nutshell, a truly global product with local flavor.
Invest in people: They believe that people are their biggest asset; with Pradeep’s and Anuj’s background from Google and Microsoft respectively, they strongly believe that it is the people who help them to achieve big goals. They believe in hiring the best and then offering them the best benefits. They are attracting talent from all across and their employees are happy with the opportunity and exposure they receive.
Social HR: A big differentiation for hSenid is their ESN tool, Jurra, they are probably the first HRIS company to bring out a socially integrated solution into the market. The product is light, simple to deploy and extremely easy to use.
hSenid’s 4 Key Values of Enduring Success

  1. Acquiring their first few clients: This is one of the most difficult tasks as it is always a leap of faith with startups like hSenid. With their experience, network and an awesome product they were able to get their first few clients to sign up and today, within a short time span of 18 months they acquire almost 2 enterprise logos every three weeks. For a startup operation, this is a rather significant achievement and the difference is an enterprise logo not just a logo.
  2. Giving confidence to their partners: hSenid’s strategy has always been “scale with partners”, therefore it’s super important for the clients to feel confident of their association with hSenid. Any relationship would go through its ups and downs and this is the time when hSenid has held up their end by securing their valuable connection. They had their share of differences but every partner who signed up with hSenid is committed to the success of their business.
  3. Hiring the right talent: Attracting the right people to work with them is the single biggest challenge they faced. However, with a combination of right benefits, long term vision and successful career they have been able to overcome this challenge.
  4. Staying the course: With every new client they have a new requirement, one can easily lose their way by over customising and over committing. However, this is still a big challenge with Indian clients. hSenid made some initial mistakes, but now they have a robust product and their sales team understands what they can deliver. Their newest India release would be out by 31st August and they call this Wave 1. The company is so excited with the release of the product and confidently stated that this would change the market perception on HRIS.

What clients are getting from hSenid Software?
Both HR Management and Employees save time, cost and improve their productivity. This contributes towards strategic objectives of reducing administrative program cost. Administrative HR processes get fully automated and operate as required, the HR Management has time to venture into strategic HR areas and take the workforce to further heights. hSenid’s clients can concentrate on employee performance management, perform training and development and look at HR metrics. The Performance module of PeoplesHR is used to carry out, performance appraisals using tools such as 360° appraisals as well as balanced scorecard methods. This is now being used to assist with training and development of employees at their client companies. With HR Analytics and Metrics, the management is now able to generate reports which give a much needed insight to assist in HR planning. Reports such as demographic employee profiles and analysis are now being generated for the use of the management. The management generates standard reports monthly; some reports are even generated on-demand. Finally, HR technology has professionally enabled cultural transformation. The management level of a company is now streamlined by the use of technology. Both employees and HR management can now spend less time on administrative activities and concentrate more on work and transform lives every day.
Focus on India Localisation
One of the fastest growing HRIS companies in India, hSenid has achieved this feat in just 18 months. They strive to be ranked as the no 1 HRIS solutions in India by the year 2018-19 and the way they are moving they can easily get there. They are super excited about their new release and with India localisation, and they would be the only company providing an end to end comprehensive HRIS solution. They are acquiring clients and the best part is that their ecosystem is growing very fast. More and more partners are getting connected. Microsoft and SAP B1 partner ecosystem is keen on tying up with hSenid as there is one big gap they see in their HRIS offered from their parent.
Success mantra for aspiring entrepreneurs
hSenid’s success mantra for aspiring entrepreneurs in the current industry is “ First, Have clear goals. Second, focus on client, never over commit and believe in under commitment and over delivery. Third, for right expansion, Hire to scale. Fourth, invest in listening to the clients and incorporate whenever you can. Fifth, Set right expectations with stake holders and finally, keep your employees engaged”.

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