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Viren Batra | COO | Hush

The retail industry is in a state of immense flux at the moment. Traditional retailers are facing intense competition not only from large format stores but also online e-retailers. It is leading to a massive shift in buyers’ behavior who are attracted by the availability of choices, pricing, and convenience offered by these platforms.

To combat this, the traditional retail industry needs to transform its offerings and make it exclusive and customized. By focusing on improving customers’ buying experience and offering bespoke services, it can create an edge that the competition will find grueling to replicate.

One retailer has already adapted to these modern requirements with its contemporary approach and has transformed itself into India’s premium sleep solution provider. Allow us to introduce you to Hush, which delivers a premium comfort experiences that pamper its customers’ minds, bodies, and souls.

Since its inception in 2000, Hush has ideated and created a wide range of innovative sleep solutions which have resulted in gaining a special place in its customers’ hearts and minds over the decades.

Developing Personalized Products

Keeping in mind its broad customer-base and their individual preferences, Hush provides a unique set of foam, spring & latex mattresses. The company states that approximately one-third of human life is spent in bed. Thus, mattresses play a significant role in one’s life.

The choice of mattress is integral in ensuring comfort and support, leading to an overall improvement in health and wellness. As each individual’s body is unique, Hush provides solutions across a range of different sleep technologies to cater its services to the widest possible base of customers.

It’s ThermoAdaptTM technology ensures that the body heat is not trapped in the mattress. The absorbed heat by the mattress is vented out, assuring a cool and comfortable sleep. Alongside this, the company’s MotionBufferTM technology helps to maintain the natural S shape of the spine as well as relaxes the body’s pressure points.

Most of the brand’s mattresses ensure Zero Partner Disturbance which is boon for couples with different sleeping styles.

With years of diverse experiences under its belt, Hush, aided by its constant research into new technologies, created an innovative range of Pillows, Comforters, Toppers, Protectors & Bed & Bath Linen that ensure flexibility, comfort, and support for the entire human body.

Ascending Zeniths

With a vision to provide a comfortable, soothing sleep experience, Viren Batra, the COO of Hush, leads the company towards developing innovative sleep solutions. Mr. Batra possesses extensive experience and expertise in growing businesses across various industries such as Engineering, Exports, Travel, and Sleep Solutions. He has created and grown several brands, within India and in multiple countries across the globe.

With a stronghold on the company’s day-to-day operations, Mr. Batra is deeply involved in all of Hush’s processes from product development and purchase to sales. He strives to ensure the best possible product range and services that the company’s customers are used to.

When asked about the way Hush maintains its success, Mr. Batra, asserted, “We noticed over the years that a lot of our customers were introduced to the brand through our extensive presence in the hospitality industry. After enjoying their best night’s sleep they wanted to replicate the experience in their own home. To cater to these clients, as well as offer the same experience to a wide range of customers, we took our first steps in the Retail segment and have not looked back ever since.”

With a legacy of 20 years in this industry, the company’s name is associated with luxury, ecstatic comfort and quality. Hush’s clients get the benefit of working alongside a brand that has a soaring recall and trustworthy customer-base.

Apart from this, the company’s constant efforts in tailoring its offerings to the ever-changing tastes of the customers as well as constantly improving technologies, ensure that its offerings are updated regularly and the customer gets to see something new every time they return.

An Ambitious Team

To be successful, every company needs a team of individuals who are talented and productive individuals, possessing intrinsic motivation towards their work. As Hush embraces these attributes, it attracts young and passionate self-starters who constantly bring in fresh perspective and ideas that help to shape the company’s strategy and offerings.

Hush’s team leverages the company’s strong relationships with trade to ensure widespread retail touchpoints of its products. They strive to bring innovations for the company’s offering to stand across various platforms.

It is through their tireless efforts that Hush has attained its status as one of the most recognized premium Mattress and Soft Furnishings brands in the country.

Comfort for Tomorrow

Marching towards growth, Hush is focused on expanding its retail presence by creating exclusive outlets. It aims for ideal partners situated in the right locations to establish Franchise stores. The company believes that a close relationship between the company and franchisees ensures that there is uniformity in the experience across all geographies and a deep understanding range. Also, this will allow customers to experience its diverse products and get expert advice to make the best choice.

Hush will focus on driving its online business through sales from its website as well as placing an exclusive online range on large e-retailers. For large-format stores, it will create a specific product offering that will best serve their customer base. The company is firmly assured about its future growth through traditional as well as modern retail channels.

Passing on the Keys of Excellence

Hush’s success has inspired the youth across the nation. It proved that with arduous work and vision, any organization can reach zeniths of success and deliver the quality experience that customers seek.

Hence, when we asked Mr. Batra about his advice for budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Batra stated,“The advice we would like to give is to have Clarity of Thought and to play to their strengths. The initial focus for new companies should be on perfecting a limited range of products and slowly building their portfolio. It is important to deeply understand your customers and create products to their needs rather than trying to make them adapt their habits to your offerings.”

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