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Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe | Founder | iFEEL

Education is not just a privilege, but a human right. We all know the power of education and how it can transform lives. It opens a gateway of opportunities and gives one a chance to shine in the world. However, to leverage these advantages, one needs to be attentive and open to receive education and knowledge in all the available forms. With the advent of technology and the fast-moving life space, the education sector in India is currently facing two major challenges. The bigger challenge is to be able to inspire the millennials and hold their attention for longer spans. With so much distraction around in form of technology, this remains a major roadblock. Another big challenge is to make world-class education available and affordable to the masses.

The key to managing these challenges lies in the judicious use of technology and having a keen sense of recognizing talent and promoting it. These two factors have been aptly adapted and harnessed by Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL). Established with a radical idea of creating the future leaders of the management world; iFEEL is an AICTE approved B-school that takes one’s career beyond the conventions. Powered by technology and fueled by the passion to make a difference in as many lives as possible, iFEEL empowers talented students through its various management courses.

The College

Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership commenced its journey in the year 2010 with a vision to nurture and develop the future business leaders of the nation. It had a humble beginning but today it receives more than 2000 applications for 120 seats. The Institute offers a two-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program with a specialization in Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations. The program is power-packed with students getting exposure to Analytics, Value Added Certification programs like Six Sigma Green Belt, Domestic and International Study Tours, Global Citizen Leadership Program in association with Centre for Creative Leadership, USA and much more.

iFEEL makes the best use of the latest learning solutions available to add value to the students. All lectures conducted on campus are recorded and maintained in a repository for students to refer to in case someone has missed a lecture or wants to go through the session again for better understanding. The Institute also uses Learning Management Systems to facilitate ease of learning. Owing to its efforts, the institute has won several awards including:

  • Winners of IIT Bombay’s National Entrepreneurship Challenge in 2017 and 2015 wherein more than 200 Engineering and Management Institutes from across India participated.
  • Ranked 39th in Top 100 B-schools Beyond IIMs by Higher Education Review in 2019
  • Awarded as Outstanding Business School ‘Overall’ by Dewang Mehta National Education Awards in 2018
  • Recognized as Top 10 promising Business Analytics institutes in India by Higher education review in 2018

The Passionate Leader

Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe is a first-generation entrepreneur. He has more than three decades of experience in Banking, Education and HR consultancy in India and abroad. Coming from a humble family, he believes that education can change the face of India and that every willing person should have access to quality education. He is of the firm belief that ‘Good Quality’ education should be accessible to more and more students with this belief, he decided to get into Education as a Profession. He has translated his belief by successfully establishing multiple ventures like Jaro Institute of Technology and Management, NET HR, Jaro Finance, Jaro Toppscholars, and iFEEL. By offering easy payment options and providing value for money he has truly made an assertive move towards providing affordable education to the majority of the students.

Dr. Sanjay has been a recipient of numerous awards including the ‘Best Management Faculty Award’ and ‘Award for Excellence in Developing Young Managers and Entrepreneurs’ by the Bombay Management Association. He is currently an Executive Committee member of Indo-American Society and has been an active member of the Bombay Management Association and other management forums.

Campus Life

The campus of a college is more than a building and open space where students attend classes and spend some time. A campus sets the tone of a college. It resonates with ideas, dreams, aspirations, discussions, debates, some heated exchanges and above all, memories, that last a lifetime. The iFEEL management believes that when a student truly aspires to learn anything, the teaching methodology assumes less to no significance. It is, however, extremely important to ignite the passion and zeal for learning within students. “Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand!” is not only a Chinese proverb but also an ethos around which everything revolves at iFEEL. Involving students, it believes, helps the institute to ignite the passion for learning and make students learn things with profound understanding.

The management says “On our campus one will find students who have tremendous zest and passion for learning and that leads to students taking initiatives in doing 90% things on the campus. Most of the events are envisaged and organized by the students themselves. Everything on campus is ‘Student-driven’.”

Preparing Leaders

Life at a campus is more about theory than practical. This methodology poses a serious setback, even cultural shock at times when students enter the actual workspaces. The real business world throws problems at you for which you may not have a ready-made answer. iFEEL connects its students to the real business world by –

  • Engaging them in a unique program called Global Citizen Leadership Program in association with the Centre for Creative Leadership and Leadership Beyond Boundaries, USA. Under this program, students take a live problem or a challenge faced by a company and for 6 months the students under the facilitation of Faculty Mentors and Corporate mentors go about giving unique solutions to the problems. Solutions that are technically feasible, financially viable and acceptable to stakeholders.
  • Organizing i6 Speaker series in which the Leaders of Today come and share their insights with the Leaders of tomorrow.
  • Two-month Full-time Rigorous Summer Internship with reputed organizations like ITC, Airtel, Perfetti Van Melle, TATA Group, ICICI Group, etc to name a few.
  • Domestic and International Study Tours to learn the best practices adopted by World Class Companies.

A Futuristic Approach

In tandem with its mission to continuously involve ourselves in innovative processes and use best practices of governance, iFEEL keeps revisiting its curriculum. It does so on a timely basis and keeps updating the curriculum with subjects that are relevant in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The institute has recently inculcated Analytics as a core component in the curriculum as it feels that proficiency in Analytics is going to be a skill that will be in great demand shortly. The institute, in near future, will continue to build an intellectual pool of students, faculty, and alumni through innovative processes, student and faculty development programs and networking.

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