India: The World’s Foremost Medical Tourism Destination

When it comes to the health, we find the best healthcare which gives the best treatment at affordable cost. And Medical Tourism is an emerging from the same concept if anybody fails to get the health services within their circumstances then they need to get them from other states or other countries. Basically, Medical tourism is traveling of the patient from one country to another country to get the medical benefits, and this is creating a great platform for the policy makers, media partners and for researchers. The development in these sectors ultimately takes the nation at top place in all the sense.
Medical tourism is the global concept, and its popularity is increasing day by day to help and exchange the prevalence. Medical Care, Dental care, and Surgical Care are the most prominent needs of a mankind living on an earth. For survival, Medical Tourism is the one kind of methodology used to attain these requirements. The basic theme behind the medical tourism is to travel across the countries to get the more benefits by means of medical care, dental care or surgical care which are not available in their own country. The main reason behind this is to get the quality treatment, with affordable cost.
Major Destinations and Effect on Economy
If we focus on India, the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, National Capital Regions (NCR), Andhra Pradesh, etc. will be the best medical destinations. High priced treatments in developed countries force the patients to search for the alternative destinations to get best treatments at comparatively low-cost. India is under construction stage but has few special features which can make India as a medical hub in upcoming years.  Some key features of the country can add 5 Billion US dollars into the economy by attracting 1 million health tourists per year. According to the expert’s opinion, the medical tourism of India will double by 2020.
Special Features of India
The Surplus talent of health experts, travel and tourism at low-cost, availability of advanced technology, cost-effective treatments, tradition and trending market availability, highly facilitated and well-equipped hospitals, etc. are the special characteristics of the country, which imparts the essential role in promoting India as a global healthcare destination. In developing countries like India, the healthcare centers or clinics are ready to lower the cost of treatments which directly influences the economic status of the country. Service quality is also the main part responsible for attracting the more customers. Quality in terms of services of hospital staff including doctors, nurses towards the patient.
Trends in Medical Tourism
Different types of treatments must be covered under the medical trips such as organ transplantation, complicated cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery or any orthopedic surgery. Also, there is another class as reproductive tourism which is all about surrogacy, and in-vitro fertilization.
Things to Discover in India Apart from Treatment
Besides Medical Tourism, India is famous for its ancient practices like Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy, allopathy with this country is serving the complete health package for health tourism. It is said that Ayurveda is originated in India for the last few years and it is different from other health care systems. People from all over the world are turning towards the sub-continent part of India to get the benefits of these health practices.
This would be the main reason to extend their stay in the country to learn different things from ancient culture of India and use it for self-employment in their own country. Along with learning they can also visit the various beautiful places of India to taste the scenery of hilly mountains, historical monuments and much more.

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