Indian Entrepreneurs Driving Innovation: Nadella


Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft said on Monday that developers and entrepreneurs from India are playing a key role in driving innovation, and the company wants to be the platform for creators in the country.
“It’s so inspiring for me to come here to see this broad spectrum of student developers, entrepreneurs, artists and even some big brands, e-commerce companies who are all changing the landscape of India and thereby, the world,” Nadella added.
Nadella was on a one-day trip to India, addressed student developers and entrepreneurs along with Jayant Sinha, the minister of state for finance, who exhorted him to set up more research and development centres in India to innovate in the context of domestic needs. “All your innovation from your global centres across the world is fine, but to address the needs of Jhanda Chowk in Jharkhand, you need to set up more centres in the country and innovate according to its needs. If you innovate in India for India, you are going to be able to innovate for the world and then, India can become the entrepreneurial engine for the next 6 billion people on the planet just like the US is the entrepreneurial engine for the top 1 billion people,” Sinha said.
Later in the day, Nadella met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. “Discussed various issues pertaining to the IT sector with @Microsoft CEO @satyanadella@MicrosoftIndia,” Modi tweeted after the meeting. Details of the discussions were, however, not disclosed.
“CEO @Microsoft @satyanadella met me today. Discussed enhancing cooperation with Microsoft towards @_DigitalIndia,” Prasad said in a tweet after the meeting. According to sources, the meeting revolved around open source policy, engagement of Microsoft for linking Skype and Aadhaar and enhanced cooperation for cloud services in the government sector. With Prasad, he discussed how Microsoft’s contribution to the government’s Digital India initiative can be enhanced.

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