Innovative Industry-Specific ERP System For Indian Industries By Sudheer Nair, CEO, eresource Infotech

Indian SMEs are in the need of an upliftment
It is necessary to have a target audience to have your business succeed. From the beginning, our target audience were the Small and Medium sized businesses in the country and in some overseas countries, particularly in the Middle Eastern region. To say, there is a reason for that. What eresource Infotech has learned from its experience is that SME sector in India needs to be uplifted for development of the country. In the earlier days, these segments were denied the high benefit of enterprise solution due to the high cost involved in implementing a suitable ERP solution. eresource’s prime objective was to provide SMEs with an affordable solution that would make their business operations quick and easy as well as profitable. eresource has succeeded in providing them what they required.
Give the customers only what they required
We have realized that many of the big branded ERP players in the market were implementing a full-fledged ERP system that hardly had any use for SMEs. Major part of these systems were never used by these small companies, though they have been charged for the whole system. Our aim was to provide our customers with an industry-specific ERP system that will be affordable, flexible and make their business operation process quick and easy.
We have noticed that even in today’s challenging business environment, there is a huge number of companies that are taking enterprise solution very lightly. They are ignorant towards the advantages of an enterprise solution, which can do more harm to their businesses. Today, all major organizations are focusing on making better predictions by using an ERP software with specialized business intelligence. Decision making processes has markedly improved if the right ERP system is in place.
Specialized ERP systems are in high demand
ERP scenario is changing rapidly and keeping with the pace of market trend is important if you want to remain in the limelight. The days of standard ERP systems have become a thing of the past. Today nobody wants to buy something they will never use and the case of ERP system is not any different. Introduction of an exclusive ERP system for various industrial verticals by eresource Infotech is the result of such thinking. Specialized ERP software is being favored by organization nowadays.
Intelligent Integration and quick implementation
It is also true that the customers are confused about their choice of ERP systems as the market is already flooded with a number of systems that promises a lot. However, we advise everyone who is planning to have an ERP system implemented must go for a total evaluation of the system before they take the final decision. Our system, eresource, which has introduced exclusive ERP system for every industrial verticals, has been integrated with all required modules intelligently and our quick and timely implementation makes the ERP investment worth and reasonable.
Companies look for ROI
Companies that implement an ERP system are anticipating benefits from every quarter, technically, operationally and economically. An ERP can be termed as successful only if it caters to every need of an organization, because as a company, Return on Investment is the prime concern. While ERP system has been in general successful, no company will invest blindly in it anymore. Today, companies have become very sensitive to the ROI.
Changing scenario
Web-based eresource ERP system is a more flexible, affordable and reliable ERP system available in India today. This is a tool exclusively designed for every situation. What is more important is that for a successful business, ERP is the future, and it has become essential in the business world because it brings information classified and simplified to those who have to make decisions. Companies are investing on ERP solutions accessible from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. And that itself makes the difference.
Eresource, a name that makes the difference
Ten years in the life of an IT firm is not a long period. However, the growth of eresource during this period was amazing… There are a number of factors that have been attached to the success of eresource and prime factor being the product quality. Secondly, the trust of our customers bestowed upon us helped us think big and innovative additions to the product that has made eresource the most preferred web-based ERP solution in India.
It makes us feel happy and proud that eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd has been blessed with highly dedicated and talented professionals. Everyone in the organization functions like a close-knitted family. Therefore, our effort towards our success is a collective mission. Needless to say, our customers are our motivation. It is their satisfaction that gives us more strength to face every challenge that comes in our way.
Understanding the need of our customers, we have recently introduced many exclusive ERP systems for various industrial verticals, which is making waves in the ERP market today. Apart from these product innovations, eresource also runs a special ERP training centre, which is known as eresource Academy. Users of ERP system in the corporate world and IT students who are keen to make their careers in the ERP technology are trained with expertise at this training centre.
We are aware that just delivering a software system to companies is not the only work an ERP firm must do. A successful ERP firm must be always on the path of innovative methods. As the technology is changing at a fast pace, negligence in the part of an ERP firm to understand and catch up with the latest trends could make them outdated in the field.
Following are the recently introduced exclusive ERP solutions for the various industrial segments by eresource Infotech.

  • eresource Xcel for Manufacturing
  • eresource nfra for Construction and other project-based industry
  • eresource LifeScience for Pharmaceutical Industry,
  • eresource PMS for Preventive Maintenance
  • eresource eTrade for trading industry
  • eresource 3GL for Logistic Industry

There are no industries that eresource doesn’t serve. You name it and eresource have it. That is the business strategy of eresource. Apart from above exclusive ERP system eresource also has developed an extensive ERP system for Human Resource Management (HRMS) and Finance and Accounting (ACT).
Sudheer Nair, CEO, eresource Infotech
Mr. Sudheer Nair, CEO, eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd. A man of dedication and hard work, the product eresource is his brain child. With little cash capital in one hand and a lot of talent capital in other hand, he has laid the foundation for a product that is making waves in the ERP market today. There is no need of a second thought to acclaim his achievement. He is still at the helm of affairs as the CEO of the organization.

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