Intelligent Building Technology Empowering the Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Diversified adoption of smart technologies can mean only one thing for the Building Solution Provider Industry – Transformation.

Builders and Developers across the globe are taking prominent strides to embrace smart building trends. Thanks to the technology advancement, the construction industry is beginning to catch a glimpse of every next big thing. Today, the industry players have been successful in connecting the dots of innovation and creativity, which led to the discovery of Intelligent Building. A structure which is no longer a dream, an integration of communication and control systems which offers a flexible, comfortable, effective, and secure environment for both the occupant as well the building professional. This smart building technology is helping automate building operations and adding extra perks to the lifestyle of an individual. In simple words, Intelligent Building is a network-enabled building management system enhancing the building environment for the occupants, while controlling the costs. This in turn will surely empower the end-user security, accessibility, and control.

The advent of intelligent building technologies are enabling construction world with cost-effective operations. It will surely be a helping hand in passing-on a better earth for the next-gen.     A few such intelligent technologies are discussed below which are playing a pivotal role in transforming the world to dismantle the complexities of 21st century:

Automatic Control Systems
One of the key features which the intelligent building technologies comprise is – Building Automation Systems (BAS) – comprehensive and automatic control of one or more important building system functions. It offers exclusive facilities like air conditioning, ventilating, and heating systems. It effectively determines the status or condition of the parameters like pressure, temperature, and relative humidity with its group of censors.

High-Speed Wiring
Intelligent building technologies empower the residents to have an enhanced control. This is promising due to the high-speed wiring feature responsible for controlling the building data. Its network of data and voice communications over the same wiring infrastructure, enables real-time communication, services, and integration at its best.

Earthquake Sensors
Intelligent building technologies grant easy earthquake detection. It makes use of the sensors that can be connected with national geological service, thereby securing the earthquake prone regions. If an earthquake occurs, this integrated system will notify the occupants automatically.

Augmented Fire Securities
Intelligent Buildings offer an enhanced security in an emergency situation resulting from fire with the help of its sensor technologies. These sensors will activate and open the exhaust dampers in an event of a fire. This will fuel the instructions given to the building occupants via the intercom and IP paging, and doors will be unlocked by the access control system, thus enabling fast evacuation.

Improved Security
The most competitive advantage which the intelligent building technology offers is enhanced personal security.  It offers web-enabled security systems and wireless surveillance avoiding the risks of unwanted intrusions in the buildings.

Simplified Property Management
The smart building technology is a boost to the clients making the process of property management easier. This technology assists in connecting to control center which in turn will save maintenance crews’ time and effort to manually adjust a valve or take pressure readings. The intelligent building includes a  standardized building wiring system which notifies the main control center in the case of any maintenance emergency. Even adjustments can also me made from the main control center in order to mitigate the risks of human intervention.

Future with Intelligent Buildings
The next generation would witness building automation systems that will continue to grow in usage and  are centralized. Embracing change is a way towards interlinked networks of hardware and software that monitor and control the environment in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities in a better way. Smart buildings would prominently empower the construction space with expert operational performance and efficiency. The future would also observe an environment based on intelligent and energy-efficient framework. This would transform the human lifestyle into a cosmos of comfort and safety.

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