Intel’s Wearable technology

Wearable technology

Though wearables are coming to market with full fledged smartwatches, Intel launched Wearables which has increasingly captured their place in the market. People are practising them to monitor everything with the sensors that measures skin temperature, heart beat & respiratory rate.
Intel showcased wearable products that included the SMS Audio BioSport earbuds, capable of monitoring your heartbeat without the need for a wrist or chest strap, headphones are required to bring with your phone. They are charged, as the system through the headphone jack on your phone.
A year ago, Intel acquired Basic Peak smartwatch, which tracks your activity levels, heart rate, & sleep patterns to help you get a better gauge on your health. Basically focused on your daily goals with the Peak fitness & sleep tracker from Basis. it tracks your heart rate all day & night using a wrist-based optical blood flow engine, eliminating the need to strap on a chest sensor. You can also Monitor your daily activities like running, walking & biking, as well as sleep cycles.
Tapping into the new concept of quantified self, the assessments made by these wearables about heartbeat, steps taken, calories consumed & sleep quality can help wearers take better decisions about their lives & daily activities to become healthier.
Now a days wearables are in great demand, with many saying the trend will not take-off until manufacturers realizes the importance of fashion during wearable development.
Perhaps one of the most fashionable, discreet approaches to wearables we’ve seen by far is Intel’s smart bracelet called MICA. This good looking $500 bracelet is a stand-alone device, and doesn’t need your phone in order to give notifications due to its built in SIM feature.
Whatever notifications you get from key contacts, you can customize it to make sure that you are updated on all of the important things prevailing in your life.
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