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Without design there would be chaos. Great design is structured, intellectually thought through, challenged over and over, and only those trained to do so are capable of doing it.
Creativity is one of the essential requirements and expectations for the discipline of interior design. To understand creativity it is important to study and understand its various influences. These influences include intelligence, knowledge, personality styles, motivation, cognitive styles, and environment. While influences such as intelligence, environment, and motivation could be general as well as specific to a person, some of the influences are discipline related such as cognitive styles, personality styles, and knowledge.
It is important that a creative individual is able to internalize the system by increasing knowledge and involvement in the domain and familiarity with the field. There are several other aspects of a person that impact creativity such as their personality style, their upbringing, the environment, and early influences, thinking preferences, cognitive flexibility, problem solving techniques, and motivation. These aspects collectively influence the creativity of a person and his/her ability to generate, develop, and promote creative ideas.
Creating new and unique design solutions is important, but refining and developing an idea is vital to ensure that an interior design solution functions well for its intended use.
To bring out such extraordinary interior designing that are making massive changes in the peoples’ lives, we have come up with this interesting issue titled, “The 10 Most Creative Interior Designers to Watch”.
In this issue, we have specially featured Arch10 Design Consultants which is a privately-held fast-growing architectural and an interior design practice company. Athulya Reddy Interiors is an interior design company based in Hyderabad, India. The brand prides itself on simple elegance, and leans more towards contemporary fusion styles. Nabh Design & Associates is an Interior Design firm based in Hyderabad, India since 2006. Armed with a trusted team of interior design experts with over 10 years of accumulated expertise coupled with its expansive portfolios. SHROFFLEoN which is a full-service design firm offering comprehensive architectural, planning and consultancy services to  the institutional and private clients. Studio emergence an exploratory design firm seeking out-of-the-box spatial solutions. Their interior as well as architectural projects are marked by a distinct incline towards geometrical dynamics – parametric design leading the way ahead.
Apart from this, we have chosen Payal Kapoor, for Interview with Insights Success, it is a young and dynamic firm that aims at creating a unique interior experience for every client on the basis of the brief given. Through our work we aim to enrich the overall experience of the client by providing the correct balance of the visual appeal and the correct planning.
Source :-The 10 Most Creative Interior Designers to Watch

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