IT companies introduce Covid care facilities for employees

IT companie

With the objective of coping with the second wave of the pandemic, IT services are providing additional support to their employees. IT giant Infosys has declared additional 21 days paid leave for all those employees who have contracted or are recovering from Covid.

The company has established employee Covid care centers in Bengaluru and Pune. Ruby Hall hospital will be the in charge of the Pune center, while Manipal Hospitals will manage the Bengaluru one. The company’s group employee insurance will take care of all Covid-related medical treatments.

Sources say that Infosys has tied up with testing labs, emergency ambulance providers in major cities, and has partnered with 1490 hospitals in 242 cities in India to ensure that treatment is available for its employees and their family members. The company is also working with medical partners to ensure swift vaccination program.

Capgemini India will ensure that its employees and their dependents will be covered under company medical insurance if they are infected with Covid.

Wipro had recently conducted a vaccination camp at its Electronics City campus for Bengaluru-based employees. Sources say that the company is providing complimentary pre and post-vaccination support as well as vaccination reimbursement for employees and their spouses. It has also launched a nurturing wellness platform, which will help the employees to consult doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, virtual consultations, and 24*7 emergency care experts.

Cognizant has provided its employees with the option of involuntary absence for an entire 154-day quarantine period. Additionally, employees can also opt for sick leave. It has also arranged for a special insurance to cover Covid treatment at home.

TCS has taken the initiative of vaccination drive for its eligible employees and their dependents with the help of its partner hospitals across different locations. A TCS spokesperson said that the company is following the government directives and is working out modalities of vacation, while directly teaming up with the suppliers.

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