IT & Digital Partners: Strategizing, Executing and Building Your Dreams  

“If People like you
they will listen to you,
but if they trust you
they’ll do business
with you.”

– Zig Ziglar

Trust is the biggest factor that helps a business to grow. I strongly believe in this thought and never forget to follow it in my personal as well as professional life. We, at Digillence work relentlessly to bring this ‘trust’ factor while creating Digital Strategy for any business. We plan well and make sure that each and every single stage right from the start i.e. ideation and creation to end i.e. promotion is planned in a systematic manner after several thoughtful brainstorming sessions with client and internal team.
Success of every business, irrespective of its size, largely depends on the partner they choose, however Startup world is on roll nowadays. Everyone out there has an idea and they want to execute the same with the help of some or the other IT and Digital partner. Businesses usually fail to understand and hire right agency partner on board due to the fact that they are not much aware of these aspects themselves.
I always wished to build something, which can go end to end for our clients; so it was with an intention to have everything under one roof. Slowly we were able to establish ourselves into various verticals like IT & Digital Strategy, Technology (Web & Mobile) Development, Digital Marketing, and Content Development. We are currently doing strategic consulting to various startups and big brands, ensuring their execution too with help of our team.  Our tag line – Ideate. Create. Promote is perfect to explain our business.
Ideate:  Unlike other agencies, we don’t ask clients to share long documents of their requirement; rather we request for Meeting/Skype Call so that we can understand their requirement in detail along with their goal or Objective of taking our services. This helps us in framing proper strategy around their business. Thorough research is done for each client for their business, Service or Product, Competitor analysis, Industry Analysis, etc. Based on our research, we create Wireframe if it is Technology development, and Digital or Content Strategy in case of a Branding / Marketing project.
Create: We create Open Source based technology products and Mobile Apps for our clients. Wireframe is created on the basis of various meetings/discussion with clients to ensure we are on right page. Once we have wireframe as the base to continue with the development of project, chances of success are higher since client is aware of the pages in advance. Similarly in case of Digital Marketing, we help clients to have their Digital Assets created on social platforms and various network sites. Content is something, which is very essential for both creating and promoting the assets, so we have continued to be an agency delivering monthly almost 1 million words of content to various clients across the domains.
Promote:Content is the key to promote any brand along with SEO, Social Media and other paid media strategy. Our Content and Digital Strategy teams help our clients to frame detailed strategy keeping in mind their brand guidelines and set the goals to achieve. We are working with various startups and established brands to help them achieve their desired goals online.
Digital Industry is moving upwards with an increase in online brands and various startups launching their own ecommerce product. Your right partner can always support and help you in framing right strategy for your business. Never forget to check the background from references or clients of agency. Entrepreneurs looking to start their own agency can always think of growing organically by adding services in due course of time, don’t try to chew or swallow everything at once.
About the Writer
An IIM Graduate with 14 years of experience and a Start up strategy expert, Kamlesh is the CEO of Digillence who leads the crazy bunch of people in the organization. He directs company operations, oversees financial management, resources management, and spearheads International Business Development & Client Servicing. He has used his experience and marketing intelligence to develop real strategies to grow businesses of clients. His primary objective is to establish the company as the most innovative digital brand. With his Industry experience he brings in the much-needed stability and coherence to the team. Although always busy, still in his spare time (if any) he loves to read and unwind by travelling.

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