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Khalid Isar | Founder | CEO | Itech

With the advent of digitalization, the e-commerce world has changed the overall shopping experience. People nowadays can buy a range of products from any corner of the world. In light of this change is preferences of shopping, SMEs in India are gradually adapting to everything-digital. There still exists a gap between the major e-commerce patforms and SMEs, depraving them of the global customer base they could easily leverage. To reduce this gap, iTech Ecommerce LLP the largest global channel partner of, has been acting as a connecting bridge.

The Onset of a Revolution

Before e-commerce revolution, small and medium-sized enterprises would have to either visit the country or participate in various international fairs. This eventually caused hindrance to these businesses due to high cost and at times no returns on investment.

That’s when the former Country General Manager of Alibaba Khalid Isar came up with the idea of iTech.

Khalid is the Founder and CEO of iTech. The journey of iTech started in collaboration with A lot of employees, having experience in Alibaba, decided to join iTech. His teammates from Alibaba saw the potential of what indian B2B supplier was bringing to the global e-commerce space. The entire team at iTech has made a huge contribution to the rapid growth of the company. Through constant trust and dedication, he and his team were able to achieve the success which they had envisioned. With his and the team’s effort at iTech, the company has been able to open its branches in various metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities in India.

Nurturing Growth

iTech connects SMEs to the giant online store – Alibaba. It provides a platform for these customers to explore the international world. iTech’s customers are mainly manufacturers and exporters.

The initial journey of iTech, to make SMEs understand the importance of the internet and online marketing was a tough challenge. However, iTech with its capable team, helped these SMEs reach out to the world. Through continuous training and providing never-ending knowledge to its customers.

The team at iTech intensively studies all the aspects of its customers’ products before moving ahead. This way, it is possible for the company to provide the best consultancy to the customers. The team creates a clear roadmap for the marketing and advertising of SMEs through integration with the internet.

Leveraging Innovation, Delivering Excellence

Khalid believes that business community in India use English as the business language efficiently and have better product customisation skills than the competing countries which creates a niche and high demand for indian goods internationally. So taking advantage of this, iTech helps its customers to spread their footprint all across the world.

Secondly, innovation is deeply rooted in Indians. This quality has helped the e-commerce domain grow extensively in India. Khalid explained it by giving an example of the agro-industry going online. “A few years ago, no one had imagined that agricultural products could be sold and bought online,” Khalid expresses.

Keeping up to date with the technological advancements, iTech is further providing lessons on digitalization to young and creative minds who have just graduated. This enables iTech to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Being the authorised channel partner of Alibaba, iTech has proved itself in all the aspects to date. A few accolades are as mentioned below:

  • Alibaba Honorary Channel Partner FY 2016-18
  • Best Channel Partner For The year – 2017
  • Alibaba 2017 FY Excellent Partner Of GGS Renewal Business
  • GSD FY 2018 Excellent Service Team
  • FY2018 Overseas Partner GSD FY 2018, New GGS Revenue Top Partner.
  • Outstanding Channel Partner of the Year 2019

Apart from the company’s success, Khalid has also been awarded one amongst 50 Most Influential E-commerce Professional by Economic Times.

Envisioning Ceaseless Progress

iTech is working towards becoming a one-stop solution for all the needs of SMEs. In the coming years, it would be providing these services to B2B as well as B2C. The major focus of iTech will continue to be able help all the SMEs grow their business online in the entire world.

iTech is also looking forward to catering to the immersive experiences by exploring the scope and possibility of IT based solutions for e-commerce. It will further revamp the whole market sphere by experimenting with all the untouched segments of the Indian market. This will eventually help the untouched market to become digital.

Also need to add few Top categories in which customers find good number of buyers on alibaba platform are:

  • Apparels
  • Machinery
  • Agro
  • Handicraft
  • Health and Beauty products
  • Metals and Minerals

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