Japan’s spectacular breakthrough in wireless energy transmission

Human-made satellites like the International Space Station, have long been able to utilize the solar energy that affects from the sun, getting that power back to Earth where people can use it.
The Japanese breakthrough gives the hope that humans will one day be able to use an inexhaustible source of energy in space.
‘Breakthrough in wireless energy transmission’, What does this mean exactly? It’s that humanity which has now officially begun to realize one of the most aspiring thought experiments of the 20th century – The Dyson Sphere.
Japan is struggling to expand its scientific opportunities. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has contributed to this major scientific achievement. With the use of  microwaves, JAXA’s researchers were able to transmit 1.8 kilowatts of energy through the air to a receiver 170 feet away. There are no wires, no cables, no pipelines, no trains, no trucks, no nothing. Just Energy. Through the air. Granted, it is not a lot of energy –1.8 kW is about sufficient to run an electric kettle, according to the reports.
“This was the first time someone has managed to send a high output of nearly 2 kilowatts of electric power through microwaves to a small target, with the use of a delicate directivity control device,” as per JAXA researches. Today, they can get into what this wireless energy transmitted is for- JAXA has been investing on a system that would use solar-powered satellites to transmit energy directly to the Earth.
This Space Solar Power System would define that solar power would be available anywhere on the earth, at any time of day, regardless of whether or there is no sunlight on the planet. JAXA’s ideal goal is to set up solar panels and antennae nearby 22,300 miles from the Earth, which could take various decades to practically realize. JAXA has evaluated that the system would probably not be ready until 2040 and they even haven’t find out how to achieve the large structure they need into space, or how to develop it, or how to maintain it.
Hats off to all those Scientists! Just imagine the power of this innovation. When a great theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson look through the science fiction novel Star Maker, he was truly inspired to propose what has become called as the Dyson Sphere, which is a wide range of solar panels that enclose the sun and beam energy back to the Earth. Considering JAXA continues to improve this technology, and assuming it looks a major investment from the right parties, at the end of this modern era we could have access to a renewable, sustainable source of energy.
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