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Jesons Industries

Founded in the year 1972  Jesons Industries Limited is family owned and has evolved from a small adhesive manufacturing unit to one of the largest acrylic emulsion manufacturers of the country. It is a leading player in adhesive technologies, coating emulsions and construction chemicals. Customer passion, teamwork, entrepreneurship, performance, integrity, people development are some mantras that are chanted at the Jesons. The corporation aspires to grow by ensuring customer delight through an entrepreneurial team that benefits all the stakeholders. Jesons is a dominant player in the domestic market and globally active exporting to 50 countries with a strong presence in emerging markets with a growing export into high-growth markets under the `Bondex` & `Rdymix` brands.
Having four decades of innovation combined with world-class chemistry, Jesons has well-equipped technology centre and R&D facility with a team of talented scientists who focus on product and application development. The firm delivers high-performance products and cost-effective solutions using state-of-the-art process controls that ensure products are manufactured to high standards at the first attempt. The firm is showing consistent high growth from the FY (financial year) 2009 to FY 2018 by having more than four times sales volumes.

An Industry Expert
Dhiresh Gosalia is the leader behind Jesons as its Chairman and Managing Director. He is a chemistry graduate a diploma in Business Management (DBM) and Textile chemistry and an alumnus of Harvard Business School for the OPM (Owner/President Management) program. He has more than thirty-three years overall business management experience. Being well conversant with all the aspects of the business including production, marketing, quality control, and finance. His current role is limited to new growth areas, stategy and step in to support team whenever required, he has participated in numerous international trade shows in Europe, Middles east, South East Asia and USA for business promotion. He sees himself on the journey to success and asserts, “I believe the main things instrumental to achieve success is not to be afraid of dreaming big but have complete focus on execution breaking the achievables  into years, months and day format in the measurable manner, keep a mentor who keeps on evaluating the reality check and is a sounding board for the brain stormings, the value systems and complete delegation -believing in people.”

Products and Chemistries
Jesons offers products covering the chemistries of Pure Acrylics, Vam Acrylic, Styrene Acrylic, and Vam Veova
The key product categories of Jesons are:

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)
The company’s end market in PSA is BOPP packaging tapes, labels, and stickers. The firm has sixty-five percent market leadership shares in India with a wide customer base. The company directly sells to the customers including the largest BOPP tape and label manufacturers.

Emulsion for Coatings and Others (PTF)
The corporation’s end market in PTF is decorative paints, constructions chemicals, textiles, and paper binders. These coatings have traditionally built up a strong customer base in mid-to-small scale paint companies. It further emphasizes significant thrust on R&D and new products development, targeting the large paint companies.

Diversified Plants
The firm has currently four operational facilities with more than 135000 metric tonnes capacities in:
Daman – WEST INDIA  (Plant One). This plant manufactures Tape Adhesives with a capacity of 21,000 metric tonnes per annum (MTPA). It was commissioned in the year 2003 .

Daman- WEST INDIA  (Plant two)
The second plant manufactures Label Adhesives, Binders, and Pigments with a capacity of 38325 MTPA.

Roorkee Plant – NORTH INDIA
Commissioned in the year 2008, this plant manufactures Tape Adhesives and Binders. It has a capacity of 34220 MTPA. The firm is in progress to expand its Roorkee plant.
Chennai Plant – SOUTH INDIA
Chennai plant also manufactures Tape Adhesives and Binders and was commissioned in the year 2016 ,has 42000 MTPA capacity.

State-of-the-art Technology Centre
Jesons Technology Center is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Government of India.
The corporation’s technology center focuses on inventing the new products as well as improving value-added services in the existing products. It employs fifteen scientists which are guided by veteran senior personnel. Jesons tech center focuses on developing new generation products as well as on improving the capabilities of the existing products. The key highlight of the tech center is the probability margin that has improved on the account of continuous product improvement. The firm also highlights enabled customer stickiness which position Jesons as a “Solutions Provider” & Partner” rather than a “Product Supplier”.

Jesons  plants & Technology Center are  accredited by ISO 9001:2015 ( TUV NORD CERT : International Standard – Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001:2004  (TUV NORD CERT : International Standard – Quality Management Systems), BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007  (TUV NORD CERT : International Standard – Quality Management Systems)  and all plants are applied for `Responsible Care `(RCMS) certification. Jesons  Chennai plant is accredited with Indian Green Building Council ( IGBC ) Silver rating.

Future Adhesives and Emulsions
The company aims to develop its new products which are:

  • Speciality Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) in medical, electronics and automobile segments.
  • Paper binders
  • Ceramic binders
  • Decorative Paint applications –

Nano Styrene Acrylic Emulsions for deep penetrating efflorescence resistance primer/paint

  • Clear coat emulsions with very high water resistance properties for stones, texture paints
  • High tg (Glass Transition Temperature) Styrene Emulsions for High Gloss Paints
  • High tg Pure Acrylic Emulsions with dirt resistance properties for highly durable exterior paints
  • UV Curable Emulsions for Highly Durable Exterior Paints

The firm is currently developing a new plant which is scheduled to be commissioned by the March of 2020 and is designed at a capacity of 200,000 MTPA. It also has new Innovative concepts of products that are ready to use the mixture for water-based architectural paints under the brand name of ‘Rdymix’ .The advantages these will offer are the ease of operation, high-quality finish, and assured consistency.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Chemical Manufacturing Companies in 2018

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