Kanakia International School (IB): The Powerhouse of Proficiency

Mrs Shuchi Shukla
Kanakia International School (IB)

Redefining the paradigms of education, international schools play a vital role in the modern world by providing a global perspective, offering quality education, promoting language acquisition, preparing students for higher education, supporting global mobility, facilitating cultural exchange and networking, and exposing students to global issues. These factors collectively prepare students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world.

Offering best-in-class education with all the modern facilities in its state-of-the-art infrastructure—is Kanakia International School (IB), which is empowered with a highly qualified and experienced teaching and technical team.

Kanakia International School Chembur (IB Board) is an IB continuum world school in Mumbai, steered by its able Principal, Mrs Shuchi Shukla, who has guided the effective and versatile pedagogy. Established in the year 2007, along with the Cambridge IGCSE option in Grades 9 & 10, it offers the widest possible pathway for world-class education. At Kanakia International School, we provide an enriching and stimulating learning environment with teaching faculty drawn from across the globe.

The Foundation of Knowledge

Unique Features of the Academic Programme

  • Only IB World School in this area with all Three IB programmes: PYP, MYP and DP.
  • The school became an authorised PYP school in March 2008
  • It became an authorised MYP school in March 2008
  • Kanakia International School became an authorised IBDP school in March 2008
  • Only IB World School in the vicinity, which offers all its Year 4 and 5 MYP students the option to do the IGCSE examination or the MYP e-assessment. Doing MYP is mandatory, while IGCSE may also be taken alongside.
  • Kanakia International School has a well-resourced, well-equipped and maintained facility. For example, a 3.56-acre state-of-the-art Wi-Fi-enabled campus and an extensive sports arena which is a rare feature in a city like Mumbai.
  • Based on citizenship, the school predominantly has Indian students and teachers. Indian students come from various parts of the country with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. There are few students and staff from Germany and Kenya, the UK, the USA, the Middle East etc.
  • The school fees are moderate when compared to many other IB programme Schools in Mumbai hence giving better access to the IB programme to the community.
  • Extensive scholarship programme launched for existing MYP Year Five students and meritorious students from other schools joining IBDP at our school.
  • The school provides holistic education from Playgroup to Grade 12.
  • The school provides specialised training in sports, games and co-curricular activities.
  • E-communication and Reporting system: E-Campus, Mobile app, Managebac, E-Hub, PYP Class Live Streaming and Live events on websites for parents are available.

The Central Guiding Catalyst

Mrs Shuchi Shukla is the Principal of Kanakia International School. She is a passionate educationist who has been in the field of education for the last 26 years. As a part of the IB Educator Network, she enjoys the opportunity to contribute to schools and education across the world. She has been the Principal at a Continuum IB School for the past two years and has guided the school through a continuum evaluation.

Shuchi is an IBEN member and a Programme Leader for DP Evaluation, and an IB Workshop Leader who has successfully developed and implemented the IBDP curriculum as the IBDP Coordinator and guided the section through an IBDP five-year review. This multi-faceted leader has been a passionate Physics teacher for 25 years, with over ten years of experience teaching the Theory of Knowledge and administering the TOK curriculum for the IB Diploma programme in the school. Having worked as an ATL skill and career counsellor, Shuchi conducted inter-school and intra-school workshops for Physics and Theory of knowledge.

The Inner Drive

A very focused and value-driven institution, Kanakia International School is based on high moral values and principles that guide and govern its functioning.

Shuchi details saying, “The mission and vision of the school is:

To inspire young minds to meet their full potential as learners. Our intent is to create a supportive educational environment which produces self-motivated students and reliable future citizens.

Our vision is to develop global leaders for tomorrow. We aspire to have our students develop into lifelong learners with a sense of purpose, good moral judgement, and commitment to making the world a better place for all.”

The Core Differentiator

Kanakia International School is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Expressing about it, Shuchi said, “Our students are carving a niche for themselves amongst the IB schools in the region, be it presenting their work in the IB Global Conference in Singapore, the IB Festival of Hope in India, the Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai and interschool events and competitions.  

Our school supports access to an IB education for all students. The fees are affordable, and it is an inclusive school. We provide an array of pathways and subject combinations for students with varied learning needs to complete their education.”

Rising From the Challenges

The initial challenges were to train teachers so that the programme could be properly implemented. The challenge that still persists is getting parents to understand the philosophy and value of the IB programme and how this can benefit students.

Empowering Technologies

Technological help starts with the very first step, where chatbots can assist parents with questions that they have when they visit the school’s website.

Thereafter Learning Management systems help to store student data, assignments, and submission details, analyse student progress, generation of report cards, store alum data etc. These are used by teachers for unit planning, scheduling etc. In the class, technology can be used for gamification of learning, making it easier to get students to connect with what they learn. Online assessment tools can provide immediate feedback to teachers, which can be used to inform their pedagogy according to the needs of the students.

Technology can help promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Flipped classrooms can personalise teaching for students who learn at different paces, and online modules that unlock at different levels for different students can help differentiate and individualise learning. It is also a boon for students with special learning needs. Technology has also been very useful in having online collaboration with international schools, thus helping students interact with people across the world. Schools are also able to organise guest lectures with people across the world for their students.

Technology promotes innovation as students get an opportunity to explore the world, prototype their design ideas and push the envelope of creating new learning for themselves.

Guiding Words

International schooling is focused on building skills that are transferable across all subject areas. It helps students develop the capability to synthesise the vast knowledge available, critically analyse it, develop an open-minded approach, understand cultural diversity and comprehend the deeper systemic structures that exist below the surface of any issue that they encounter in the world. Students also develop the ability to be compassionate and to come up with effective solutions to any problems they encounter instead of letting the issue overwhelm them. Thus, this system of education is a blend of academic rigour and experiential learning that lets them explore the world around them and discover their innate talent, skill building to help students excel in their chosen professions, and compassion and empathy to want to do their bit for the world.

Visualising a Progressive Tomorrow

Shuchi revealed the vision of the institution, saying, “We are working on providing state-of-the-art infrastructure with many spaces for exploration and discovery which promote student-led inquiry.

In terms of academics, the school is focusing on building a literacy programme that uses a consistent, multi-text model to enhance literacy skills.

The school will also be working closely with students to teach design thinking so as to foster empathy, critical and creative thinking.

The school has tied up with a number of institutions abroad to provide avant-garde experiences for our students, like the Nuvu Innovation School at Cambridge USA.”

Prestigious Recognitions

  1. International Dimension in Schools Certificate for the period 2020-23, by the British Council.
  2. School of Excellence Award 2021-Climate Action Project
  3. Excellence in International School Education by the prestigious Mid-Day International Education Icons 2022
  4. Excellence in Infrastructure by the prestigious Mid-Day International Education Icons 2022
  5. Kanakia International School Ranked 2nd in International Curriculum by the prestigious Times School Survey 2021 & 2020.
  6. Excellence in Technology Learning by the prestigious Mid-Day International Education Icons 2020
  7. Excellence in Faculty Training by the prestigious Mid-Day International Education Icons 2020
  8. Effective Technology Implementing Award by IEA
  9. Awarded as Times Education Icons 2020
  10. Best in International Education-Educational Excellence Award 2022 by Brain Wonders
  11. Most effective Sports Education and Skill Development Programs India K-12 Awards 2022 by Eldrok
  12. Facilitating Effective Digital Learning Programmes at India K-12 Awards 2022 by Eldrok
  13. One of the 12 schools exhibiting/presenting in the IB Festival of Hope Celebrations in India.
  14. Ranked No.1 International Baccalaureate Preschool in Mumbai by the Times Preschool Survey India.

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