Kanishk Agrawal: Revolutionizing the Principles of Futuristic Knowledge-Economy

Kanishk Agrawal | Judge Group
Kanishk Agrawal

According to the Hindu Lord Brihaspati–the ruling deity of all gods and the embodiment of intelligence–the cosmic ocean expands in the universal waves via fundamental forces of sacred wisdom: Creation, Life, Evolution, and Infinity. Reflecting this interstellar reality in the modern global industrial expansion of digital transformation, Kanishk Agrawal – the Official Member (2022) of the Forbes Technology Council and Senior Director of IT Product and Delivery of Judge Group – is revolutionizing the principal streams of the futuristic knowledge economy: Web 3.0, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Virtual Reality.

Under Kanishk’s great leadership, The Judge Group has become an industry leader in technology, with products and solutions that meet the changing needs of the modern enterprise or government. Kanishk’s forward-thinking ideas for The Judge Group have led to the company’s growth into new markets and the creation of new, innovative products and services. Founded in 1970, The Judge Group operates across various locations in the United States of America, Canada, and India.

Judge India Solutions…

…is a part of a 52-year-old legacy. Kanishk informs, “Our parent company, The Judge Group, was founded by Martin E. Judge in 1970 as a professional services company.” It continued to rapidly expand its offerings into new industries, new states, and even new countries over the next 52 years. “We proudly cater to the needs of 50+ Fortune 100 companies,” shares Kanishk.

Today, The Judge Group provides a full line-up of professional services across various verticals from 30+ office locations in the US, Canada, and India. “We offer innovative Technology, Learning, and Staffing solutions to leading brands globally,” he adds.

In September 2016, The Judge Group launched Judge India Solutions, located in Noida, a key component of its global delivery strategy. Kanishk says, “We started with a small team of 17 employees, and today, we are a strong talent community of 500+ experts. We’re also expanding to new horizons in the Indian subcontinent with two new offices – in Bangalore and Hyderabad.”

Recent Achievements and Recognitions:

  • The Judge Group India: India’s Most Trusted Brand Awards 2022 (India’s Most Trusted Consulting, Learning, and Talent Solutions Firm),
  • Won The Stevie International Business Awards for the ‘Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year,’
  • Won AsiaOne ‘Global Brand of the Year 2020-21.’

Mastering the Sacred Wisdom

Detailing about the two pioneering solutions developed by The Judge Group India Team, Kanishk says these are,

*Brihha LMS- Learning Management System

According to Kanishk, technology is the enabler in the transformation of the world. Judge India Solutions uses technology to solve the bigger challenge of making learning accessible to all, irrespective of their geographical locations or internet bandwidth. “In a world where digitalization has become the new normal, we have a dream of providing quality learning and upskilling to learners sitting in even tough terrains with lower internet bandwidth. With the same objective, we developed a revolutionary productBrihha LMS,” mentions Kanishk.

True to its name, which is inspired by Guru Brihaspati (Guru of the Gods, Master of sacred wisdom), their product Brihha is committed to transforming the education experience with an LMS that inspires a passion for learning, fosters engagement, offers experiential learning, and expedites continuous improvement with deep insights and feedbacks in teaching and learning. It provides centralization of all the amenities that learners and administrators require for knowledge retention and increased engagement.

Along with all the traditional features, Brihha LMS with an AR/VR Studio, whiteboard feature, an ability to support four lacs users simultaneously, and indigenous proctoring support – is a revolutionary LMS tool that makes experiential learning possible and accessible for all.

*VARDAANA disaster management solution to safeguard a population during a disaster

During the pandemic, the government and disaster relief agencies needed to predict, prepare and respond to disasters and unfavorable situations in real-time. Kanishk adds, “We developed Vardaan to allow agencies to collaborate across different agencies, citizens, and volunteers to manage the pandemic.” It helped with relief materials supply, warehouse management, shelters, hospital–bed availability, and teleconsultation by enabling virus traceability and contact tracing. “We also created an e-marketplace to enable essential supplies during the lockdown and unfavorable conditions,” he reveals.

A Timeless Legacy of Trust

Speaking about the initial obstacles they had to surmount to ensure their venture reached greater heights of success, Kanishk says the initial challenges were analyzing the business market and competition to understand the need and gap areas that their organization could fill using their immaculate services. Other challenges were expansion across the globe, financial management, and hiring the right team who could take their vision forward. Working at the crossroads of people and transformative technologies, their organization has delivered innovative business solutions- powered by top talent- to match the strategic goals and help their clients reach their highest potential.

Our successful legacy of 52 years is a testament to our cutting-edge solutions and the trust of our clients. It further inspires trust in our clients about our solutions and products. Our consistent growth and expansion across the globe and within India and the growth in our talent community speak volumes about our dedication and commitment to our vision. The value of customer centricity is our business imperative. As we call ourselves a people-powered organization, our people are our brand. Our clients appreciate our professionalism, integrity, and commitment to excellence. We always put our client’s best interests first, and they know they can rely on us to provide them with high-quality services. They also value our personalized approach and our ability to tailor our services to their specific needs. We always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our work.reflects Kanishk.

A Constant Mode of Innovation

Highlighting their brand, The Judge Group’s USPs, Kanishk says some of the things that make them stand out are their experience, customer service, and ability to meet a wide range of needs. Reiterating that they have been in business for over 52 years and have built up a strong reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy company, he believes that their customer service is second to none, and they are always available to help their clients with whatever they need.

He asserts, “We are in a constant mode of innovation through advanced technology, whether it is in our operations or our solutions.” Recently, they have successfully created a suite of e-learning software, Brihha – which is 100% online and enables users to efficiently create, manage, and deliver eLearning content through various forms, such as Video Conferencing, AR/VR, etc., all in one place. “We have also received a great response from the market as we provide a personalized system to resolve their specific issues,” states Kanishk.

An Eternal Sense of Self-Belief

As an experienced leader, Kanishk says that there are a few things that he would advise budding aspirants who wish to enter the business world. First and foremost, it is important to be passionate about what you do. If you’re not passionate about your work, it will be very difficult to succeed. Second, always be willing to learn and grow. The business world is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s important to stay abreast of new trends and developments. Finally, always remember that networking is key. Get out there and meet people in your field. You never know when one of those contacts could lead to a great opportunity.

Kanishk is launching his podcast “BeAgileLeader” to discuss best practices and be a leader in Innovation, Design Thinking, Business Agility, and Digital Transformation. He says, “These are just a few pieces of advice that I would give to anyone looking to enter the business world. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is to follow your dreams and never give up. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.”

Aspirational Future of Crafting Modernisms

On envisioning The Judge Group India’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Kanishk shares, “Our vision is to provide the best technology, talent, and learning solutions in the world.” As per Kanishk, innovation has curated the never-ending curve of the constant need to adopt technological advancement in operations. “Our bold aspirations and the future we are trying to craft require innovation. We see our company’s operations benefit significantly from emerging technologies and automated tools,” he furthers.

They have focused on utilizing new tools incrementally to help them utilize their full potential. They invested in technologies such as NLP, computer vision, IoT, AR, VR, quantum computing, and the Metaverse. These technologies and tools could change the business world by making it possible to do things that weren’t possible before. He believes their company is well-positioned to take advantage of these new technologies and tools to improve their operations and competitiveness. “We are constantly exploring new ways to utilize these technologies and tools to benefit our company. We are excited about these technologies’ potential and believe they will help us improve our operations significantly,” he concludes.

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