Dr Rishabh Verma: The Perfect Nutritionist Upgrading Millennials’ Health via Nutrillion

Dr Rishabh Verma
Dr Rishabh Verma

People burdened with health ailments, looking for solutions to live a healthy life is a modern global reality. The vast population of people struggling with modern lifestyle diseases like weight management – obesity, weight loss and weight gain, hormonal disorders like PCOS/PCOD, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, cholesterol, celiac disease, cancer, pregnancy issues, etc., could be seen continuously worried over the fact that they must visit multiple doctors to receive multiple treatments. This is a major cause of concern for them, which thanks to the single, simple, and most effective solution offered by a single doctor Dr Rishabh Verma in the form of Nutrillion, will be uprooted at once and for all.

Nutrillion Health LLP, a groundbreaking innovation development by Dr Rishabh focuses on providing personalized nutrition, therapeutic diet plans as well as customized workout plans to help people all over the world manage and provide remedies to diseases, ailments, and health problems. Dr Rishabh shares, “We help people lose weight and help them live confidently with their bodies.”

A Noble Goal

Nutrillion integrates genetic-based nutrition using genetic profiling and genetic testing to determine information on the nutrients your body needs and needs to avoid. Nutrillion has helped people all over the world to gain their confidence back, counseled over a thousand people from around the globe, and provided real results to their health problems. He adds, “Our perfectly balanced Nutrition plans are filled with the calculated number of calories and nutrients to ensure a healthy lifestyle.”

Nutrillion is equipped with a team of professional Nutritionists, dieticians, and research scientists who prioritize your health and aim to provide solutions and nutrition strategies to improve any kind of health challenges. “Our number one goal is the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our patients and to reduce the number of fatalities from diseases that can be easily managed using the appropriate nutrient plans and strategies,” states Dr Rishabh.

A Trusted Nutritionist

Dr Rishabh, the Founder of Nutrillion is a name that you can trust. He is a passionate Nutritionist, who realized the vast benefits of nutrition in contrast to many health techniques that have failed.

Dr Dashing Verma–as called by his patients–created Nutrillion to help millions of people all over the world suffering from different diseases and medical conditions such as overweight, obesity, and underweight. And other numerous diseases and disorders. He has redesigned personalized nutrition and implemented gene-based nutrition to considerably enhance the impact of nutrients and provide the best results.

Dr Rishabh has gained honors for his passion and diligent work, earning national and international credentials; a Diploma in weight loss, he is a Personal fitness training specialist, genetic nutrition specialist, health coach, cancer nutritionist, and numerous other certificates. He received his honorary doctorate from the government of India.

On the Wisdom Path

During his journey in life, Dr Rishabh never found anyone to be an influential figure for him. His influence in life has always been his numerous experiences from early childhood to date and he has gained much knowledge and wisdom from them. The right path to follow and the decisions to make have always been made easy for him, especially after learning from all the mistakes and wrong decisions he previously made.

Dr Rishabh can be viewed as not only a successful entrepreneur but a creative and engaging man. His hobbies are sports-related. He loved to play cricket, badminton, and basketball as a child. His favourite sports games are badminton and cricket and he also loves going to the gym to work out. Dr Rishabh has a deep love for traveling and seeing the beautiful places of nature. He describes himself as a spiritual person, so loves to feed and soothe his soul with good lyrical music.

One of the most productive and essential parts of Dr Rishabh’s daily routine is the morning time. He has learned over the years that his mindset in the morning and his schedule and plans decides how his whole day would go. This is why he takes his mornings very seriously.

Spiritual Turning Points

Dr Rishabh is a big believer in spirituality and this goes way back to his traditional religions and beliefs. He is a highly devoted disciple of Lord Krishna and every day he prays and chants the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. He also frequents the temple and ISKCON regularly. From his early day, spirituality has always been a pivotal turning point in his life.

Dr Rishabh has always had a strong belief that without spirituality, you cannot succeed in life. He has developed a strong connection and bond with his religious beliefs and this has improved his life in every way; emotionally, physically, mentally and of course spiritually. Dr Rishabh has learned numerous business and life lessons from the Holy Book Bhagwad Gita and he gives all credit for his life journey and previous and current success to Lord Krishna.

As an avid learner, Dr Rishabh does not believe in wasting valuable time on redundant things. He loves to read motivational books in his spare time because he loves to process the words and wisdom of these books in his thoughts. He also loves to take a ride and listen to music that fills his soul because music is medicine to the soul and wings to the mind. Every day, Dr Rishabh starts his day by giving thanks to God for a beautiful morning and at night he prays and professes gratitude to God for all he did for him during the day.

Learning Life’s Lessons

The first job Dr Rishabh ever had was working as an Assistant manager in a Wealth Management Company. He was 24 years old when he got the job. Although since his early years, precisely 14 to 15 years old, he was highly interested in business and had been taking up business due to this interest.

Dr Rishabh is confident in his strengths which are his love for taking on challenges, his self-confidence in crucial conditions and situations, and his love for knowledge and learning. In his full years of life, he has made sure to value each person he has ever come across, never knowingly harm anyone and always respect everyone’s opinions and beliefs.

A Self-Guided Heroism

Dr Rishabh’s journey in life has not been a seamless and easy one. He has faced multiple challenges and hurdles from his career selection up to his established company, Nutrillion. The only way he faced his dilemmas head-on and succeeded was due to his strong belief that God was and is always with him, guiding him to do the right thing without harming anybody.

Some of the mistakes he made in his journey in life which have helped in his growth because he learned from them were trusting people too easily, waiting too long to make decisions, making decisions too soon, and not properly analyzing everything before acting.

A Free Willed Leader

Overall, the hardest decision he ever made in life was deciding to leave his job in 2019, to take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur and building his own company. He had no guidance and nothing to fall back on, no money, no friend, all he believed then was “I can, and I will” and in the end he did.

One of the reasons Dr Rishabh decided to quit his job was that he had no passion for it and was not in favour of the job. But he had to continue the job due to certain life situations. Another reason he quit his job to start his own company was that he didn’t want to be under any organization. He loved his freedom and establishing his company gave him the freedom to think and work according to his goals.

Creating a Disease-Free World

According to Dr Rishabh, at Nutrillion, their mission is to create a country free of diseases, and suffering that comes from health problems, “We want to guide people from all over the world towards the part of a healthy lifestyle using nutrition and debunk myths.”

Such as; many people think coconut milk is not good for stomach health but if you are lactose intolerant then coconut milk is the best option. There are so many other myths that people are not aware of, and Nutrition helps with that. “We are here to debunk the myths and tell the reality about healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to open Nutrillion’s branch in every big city to reach the vast population of India.” Numerous people do not know the benefits of nutrition and a healthy diet. He adds, “We aim to spread this awareness and provide services that can change the lives of people for the better, and help them live a happy, confident, and disease-free life.”

Dr Rishabh has never once regretted the decision to quit his job and he is really happy that he took that difficult and courageous change in his life. He believed in his purpose, and his purpose had nothing to do with working under anyone.

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