Abhinav Sinha: Digitally Redefining Conventional Paradigms of Higher Education

Abhinav Sinha | DataTrained Education Private Limited
Mr. Abhinav Sinha

In technology, when you divide anything, it comes down to the foundational element of data. All of the advanced technologies like AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, DevOps, ML, etc., are leveraging data-driven power to further their own improvements and user experience.

Post-pandemic, all these emerging technologies are what driving forth the future of our industry, academia, healthcare, communities, societies, nations, trade, commerce, and global economies. Everything has been completely revamped by data-empowered digitalization, up to the extent that we demand, consume, socialize, meet, teach-train, and learn anything and everything digitally, from anywhere, and anytime.

However, traditionally, our learning and education–including the Higher one–have never been digital or data-based. It had been more theoretical, subject-based, and exam-centered. Although the crisis compelled everyone to shift their ways in such a short span of time, the major demographic pockets in a developing country like India remained at the other end of the digital divide.

Further, the two years of gap in education left the majority of higher education as well as job seekers in complete jeopardy, when it comes to acquiring industry-expected skills, training, and a professional career of their dreams.

Thus, the already existing vacuum has further been intensified by what the forcibly online-shifted academia is offering, and a rapidly digitalizing industry is increasingly demanding: a practically skilled, ever-upgrading, data-trained professional, who can help companies smoothly adopt the emerging tech.

This learning-training divide has already been observed by the keen eyes of an adept leader Abhinav Sinha the Co-founder and VP, of Growth, and his compatriot Janardan Tiwari, Founder, and CEO and bridged by establishing DataTrained Education Private Limited–offering national and global industry collaborated and universities/institutes recognized certification course in Data Science, Software Development, Data Engineering, E-Commerce, and Digital Marketing.

Imparting Highest Quality Ed-Tech Programs

According to Abhinav, access to quality learning in emerging technologies has always been a challenge to most of the demographics of the Indian subcontinent. DataTrained aim is to shorten this curve and make quality professional education accessible to all. It is an ed-tech company with the sole aim of imparting quality programs in emerging technologies like Data Science, Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Development, DevOps, Digital Marketing, Management, Engineering, and many more.

Abhinav says, “With our focus on both accessibility and employability of Digital Education, we are all set to redefine conventional paradigms for the higher education segment in India.”

Establishing Learners in their Dream Jobs

Since its launch, DataTrained has upskilled more than one million learners so far. It conducts more than 1000 classes in a week catering to more than 10K students universally. Further, 5000 full scholarships were awarded and given to learners with outstanding academic performance.

DataTrained caters to both professionals who want to upskill themselves and fresher who want hands-on experience with new skills and technologies.

Abhinav shares, “Our core strength is our partnership with leading Corporates that helps us in placing our Learners into their Dream Jobs. In the current scenario, we are one of the market leaders as we are providing a 100% placement guarantee with our flagship course of Data Science.” DataTrained is the market leader offering this unique 100% placement guarantee program.

DataTrained Educational Masterminds

Abhinav started his career with India Today Group and then he moved into the banking domain and joined Bank of America. After serving there for almost five years, he joined RBS and again worked there for 5+ years before stepping into the Edtech Domain.

Abhinav always had a niche for emerging technologies and once he understood the need of upskilling the youth of India in all emerging technologies like DS, AI, and Machine Learning he joined hands with Janadarn who was the mastermind behind the DataTrained Education. They both are synced with each other, and it helps them in making quick decisions regarding the business and other aspects related to business which helps DataTrained Education to grow rapidly.

According to Abhinav, there are some unique professional qualities and values his clients, colleagues, and employees admire in him the most. As a leader, he needs to act with integrity and add strength by ‘Doing the right thing. Even in difficult times, he needs to be honest with his people.

He shows empathy towards them and takes time while making decisions, “But once I’ve made up my mind I stick with my decision,” says Abhinav.

A Plethora of Job-Oriented Programs

Standing out in today’s knowledge economy, DataTrained Education offers a wide range of Job-oriented courses which can be divided into Tech and Non-Tech.

The flagship courses in the tech vertical are –

  • PG Program in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks in collaboration with IBM
  • PG Program In Full Stack Development Engineering In Collaboration With GoDaddy Academy
  • PG Program in Blockchain Development
  • PG program in Cloud Computing

While the exclusive courses in the Non-Tech Vertical are –

  • PG Program In E-Commerce and Digital Marketing In Collaboration With GoDaddy Academy
  • PG Program In Investment Banking and Capital Market in Collaboration with London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA)
  • PG Program In Human Resource Management In collaboration with London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA).

Further, the trainee can get unlimited access to the best educators, industry experts, and certifications.

Universities Collaboration– DataTrained learners have access to content from the world’s best Universities.

Industry Experts– Weekly industry webinars by industry leaders, academicians, and professionals across multiple domains.

Certifications– Skill and re-skill yourself with the globally accepted certifications from IBM, Microsoft, Google, GoDaddy, and Facebook.

Advanced Tech-Enriched Learner’s Experience

Sharing his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the Data Training and Education space and how Data Trained Education is adapting to the change, Abhinav says that in the post-COVID era demand for modern technologies like AI and ML increased as all of us are at home and we had time to spend on our upskilling.

People started to look for different courses which can provide them an extra push in their current job and role. AI was already taking over the world in the pre-COVID phase and suddenly it becomes the need of the hour.

He adds, “At DataTrained, we were aware that we are in a position to drive our business to the next level, and we did what was most needed to enhance from hiring, training, and introducing new courses at a decent pace.”

They were continuously raising up the bar of their performance. They were able to become a well-known brand in technical education in just a period of a few months. Now they are very much focused on the customer journey and learning. They are rapidly changing their course structures and content as per the market demand. “We are taking up all the new technologies so that the learner experience keeps getting enriched,” informs Abhinav.

Transforming the Learner’s Mindset

Speaking about the challenges he faces in the current industry scenario, and how he drives Data Trained Education to overcome them, Abhinav says that pre-pandemic, education means going to school/college, taking lectures, and spending time with your friends and classmates.

After the pandemic, online lectures are the new normal. But students are not familiar and it’s not easy to be active in online classes, as they were in traditional classrooms and are still prone to face-to-face training.

Whereas, the working professionals (working experts more than 30 years old) are more accepting of online culture than most of the existing scholars and young recruits. So, online learning needs a huge shift in the mindset of the students. There are always pros and cons to everything, where after accepting online lectures some students are taking a giant leap in progress.

Now, they are focused, mature, and active. Many students come in with a target. Their focus is on getting a certificate to their resume as opposed to gaining ability. They have a gesture that online space will give them obscurity and adaptability to gain a medal and certificate without investing the necessary attention. In some cases, EdTech companies chasing opportunities will confuse learners about the results they are assuring.

Abhinav mentions, “In order to enhance the customer experience, we are using a unique LMS which provides a one-stop solution to all our learners.” They don’t need to use various portals for various activities. From online classes to fee management everything is available on the same platform.

An Open-Eyed Wisdom

Abhinav’s advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the Data Science Training and Education space is precisely wise. According to him, online data science training and education space is quite competitive nowadays. “My advice to the budding entrepreneurs in this space would be to not follow the blind race,” says Abhinav, adding, “In the education space, quality content is the king, and they need to focus more on the same.”

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

Regarding their future, Abhinav says that they have already started operations in the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and Europe. “We are in talks with some of the EdTech companies in India that are in the offline space. This will help us increase our offerings in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India,” reveals Abhinav.

DataTrained’s Hall of Fame

  • DataTrained has been rated as India’s leading EdTech company in the data science space by Time of India and Analytics Jobs magazine.
  • The Economic times has ranked DataTrained no 1 in the Investment Banking and Finance training space.
  • The Zee Business has ranked DataTrained as the Best Human Resource Program.

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