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Harshavardhan Galla

Things are how you perceive them. Life shapes the dream you want to live in reality. In the traditional sense, when reality hits, life happens to you in the way that others want to impose everything on you.

The game is about more than just perspectives. It is the way you wish to live in your most fascinating imagination’s dream in your heart’s heart. You want to feel alive as time passes by.

You want to live in the safest, cleanest, liveliest, joyous, comfortable and holistically sustainable environment possible, created by those who share your desire to live beyond time, in the nest of the present, nestled in the warmth of the future on the tree of changing seasons. That is your subconscious desire manifesting itself in your dream home, which you may believe is impossible.

It was before Harshavardhan Galla entered the Indian Real Estate space as a Managing Partner in 2017 by launching Fuerzaa, an exclusively unique real estate development brand, to offer premium-seeking selective homeowners like you what they want in their dream home––

Living in the True Sense of Things…

Harsha conveys that Fuerzaa is a Spanish word that means ‘Strength.’ The unique name was selected to differentiate itself amidst the several real estate brands emerging in India. Fuerzaa ventured into its pilot project in 2017 in Telangana and currently executes real estate & infrastructure construction projects.

With residences designed around exclusivity, positivity, plenty of ventilation, value luxury, untold comfort, and community bonding, Fuerzaa caters only to an exclusive segment of customers who want their residences to be more than just the square footage they get and who know that their communities are where their next friends are going to be made. “A house and a community speak about a person, it’s the identity of how they prefer to live. A house is what you can make better, but the icing would be to live in a small, safe, luxurious, bonded community where everyone wants to live a better life, which is not a very common sight in India,” says Harsha.

There is no immediate competitor to Harsha and his team at Fuerzaa, as they fill in a space where builders don’t want to take the risk giving more to their Residents as Fuerzaa gives their Residents access to facilities that a community of 350-500 Units provides, in a community that less than 100-120 Units. The idea is inspired by the international markets, where small communities live luxurious lifestyles and are bonded with one another. Those who have been or lived abroad would understand the joy of living in such communities, but often don’t find them here in India.

In Pursuit of Excellence

Telling more about Fuerzaa’s offerings and aspects making it stand out in the cutthroat competition, Harsha says while companies strive to cut costs to increase revenues and profits, Fuerzaa never aimed at just cutting costs, but prioritizes achieving higher value by maintaining quality and constructing with specifications that add value to the homes, for those customers who can recognize the benefits of such higher specifications. Initially, it was difficult for Fuerzaa to convey to its customers, as customers only relate the product price with the area being offered, without getting into the details about the quality or the features or characteristics of the house, which add to the cost, but is seldom recognized or perceived as valuable, unless one experiences it. “Our customers have experienced these features and now understand the value Fuerzaa adds into each of its residences as many feelings and experiences can’t be associated with a price,” he reflects.  With more than four decades of industry experience in infrastructure development and construction, Fuerzaa has imbibed a meaningful outlook toward building eco-sustainable properties across Hyderabad.

Sustainable Evolution

The first project, wherein they built a community with 75 Apartments, enjoy the facilities of a community that would normally have more than 200 Apartments. “It’s exclusivity, yet luxurious,” expresses Harsha, who is a Civil Engineer from R V College, Bangalore, and has pursued his MBA (PGPMax) from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, carrying an experience of 16 years with him, working in India, Qatar and Sri Lanka across various projects.

Sharing their vision, Harsha says it is, ‘To conceptualize & develop projects that offer the utmost value for the customer’s hard earned money and encourage customers to build strong friendships in their communities’

After his initial four years of closely monitoring and managing the construction business in Qatar, he returned to India in 2010, to face bigger challenges and executed bigger projects in the family-run infrastructure construction business who are in the industry for around 4 decades, founded by his father in 1983. He further states that their mission is, “To adapt to the changing lifestyles and to adopt the new technologies in construction, while understanding the subconscious needs of the customers to build communities where the residents are happy, content & aspiring to move ahead, thus making Fuerzaa the preferred organization for residential and commercial spaces.”

During his career, Mr Harshavardhan Galla was appreciated by many Senior Government Officials, Political Leaders, Cabinet Ministers, both in India and Sri Lanka, for his commitment towards quality and attitude towards tackling the challenges that come up in civil construction. Harsha thanks his father for inculcating in him, since his early years, the core philosophy that constructing good quality will soon be your recognition and is always rewarded in the long run, as his father commands very high respect in India for delivering quality construction projects for the Government since four decades. “Attention to Detail, Trustworthiness, Socially Responsible Approach, Crafting Premium Spaces, Innovative Attitude, Fair Value to Customer, Trusted Buildership, Quality, and Efficient use and conservation of resources, are our core values,” he shares.

Looking at the gap in the market for good value residences sought by customers who seek a better lifestyle and good value, he ventured into the real estate industry under the brand Fuerzaa in 2017 to understand the way real estate works in India. Simultaneously, he took up the MBA (PGPMax program) at the Indian School of Business to plan and build a Real Estate Company, adopting value proposition, customer understanding, and market segmentation.

Continuous Improvisation

As Harsha spends a lot of time when he intends to learn to improvise, he adopted the same method with Real Estate in his first project, which was closely monitored by him to assess the issues in the industry, in addition to the major challenges like demonetization, GST implementation, COVID Pandemic, customer mindset, ease of doing business in the ecosystem, etc. Harsha–– who was also nominated in the list of upcoming CEOs in real estate––is now set to take Fuerzaa forward as he has trained his team on what is needed in a good residence and how to tackle the regular challenges in the industry, as he has worked to understand customer’s subconscious liking/preferences in the residences they want to live and is building Fuerzaa to develop projects like those.

Based on his learnings at ISB, Harsha implemented a few surveys/exercises to understand the customers better and also aligned his team to be specific on the customer segment, their requirements, and the pricing, so the customer gets the best value at all times. Fuerzaa has tested an algorithm to analyze if the customer is the right fit for the community they are building and has adjusted its units based on what a customer desires. Fuerzaa is also developing an app to cater to the requirements of its Residents, and the same is being tested and awaits to be launched soon.

Luxurious Caring

In his advice to the young generation who aspire to venture into the real estate space, Harsha says, “Real estate is a big market and there is space for everyone, but always remember, you are not selling a house, but a very important and emotional dream, for which your customer or his / her family has really worked hard. So, build your project as if it’s your own house. I feel most happy, when I know my customer is happy and are achieving their life milestones in the houses we have built, and I am glad to witness it in our completed project.

Not to forget, the ecosystem of permissions, approvals, and dealing with Government agencies are not that easy, and managing the workers is another big task, looking at the scarcity of skilled labour in India. So if you are venturing in, understand this is a major challenge you have to overcome and understand which customer you are targeting, as customer segments range from low-cost housing to luxury housing.”

With the learnings under its belt and under the leadership of Mr Harshavardhan Galla, Fuerzaa is catering to an exclusive customer segment who desires a high-quality yet private lifestyle, “which we believe, is still not being taken care of,” says Harsha, adding, “This can also be seen in our upcoming project in Hyderabad catering to the new normal, 3BHK’s only with features/experiences way better than the market, aimed for those specific customers who want to experience life beyond the house.”

The project will open its doors to the public in January 2023 where customers could visit their experience center, and model flat, so they know what kind of living Fuerzaa is offering. Fuerzaa is also working on two vacation plot community projects, one each in Goa and Hyderabad, where customers can buy the land and build their vacation home to suit their aspirations, just the way they want it. “We also have a Luxury Villa Project in the pipeline in Hyderabad,” he concludes.

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