Siddhant Digvijay Jaitha: A Multifaceted Leadership Dynamism

Siddhant Digvijay Jaitha | Atherton Engineering Company (P) Ltd
Siddhant Digvijay Jaitha

Dynamic leaders are restless. They never rest for less nor settle for ordinary or even good. They want everything best and perfect, including their own leadership acumen. Although leaders are not born, the leadership drive gets its birth in their innately extraordinary hearts full of personal sky-high ambitions. And when you dream of the sky even the impossible is possible.

Thus, when Siddhant Digvijay Jaitha began his journey from Mumbai by completing primary, secondary, and higher secondary education, hungry to hone the entrepreneurial craft he went abroad to finish his BBA. After graduating, he flew back to Kolkata where the Atherton Engineering Company (P) Ltd.’s head office is situated.

Siddhant has always been passionate about his family business. As a child, Siddhant frequently looked at the sky and used to make paper planes, throwing them in the sky hoping they will fly. And due to his persistence, they did fly and flew high touching new skies of success and glory.

Carrying on the legacy as the fourth-generation leader and Director, Siddhant took Atherton –the largest importer of aircraft and aircraft spares in India–to new heights and novel horizons.

The King of the Sky

Once he learned the integrities of the Aviation business there was no looking back. At first, there was only Cessna the US-based company which he would import from and supply to the government and flying schools in India, but slowly Siddhant expanded Atherton’s wings and started to supply other Aircraft such as Diamond, King Air, Bombardier, Cirrus and many more. He expanded Atherton’s clientele and started giving them service 24/7 round the clock whenever any AOG situation aroused for the customers.

Today, under Siddhant’s visionary leadership, Atherton is dealing in almost all single and multi-engine propellers of all reputed brands such as Cessna, King Air, Diamond, Bombardier, etc.

According to Siddhant, the way people purchase products and services has changed due to technological advancements. People can now pay for goods with plastic or a computer chip and shop from the comfort of their own homes. However, as technology revolutionizes retail, one business, i.e. aircraft parts distribution, still lags.

Flying High

Nonetheless, Siddhant soon expanded Atherton into servicing the aircraft along with delivering spare parts successfully. Today, Atherton supplies aircraft spares at the most affordable prices to the government and flying schools pan India. Siddhnat’s enthusiasm made Atherton a favourite amongst their customers and they started trusting Siddhant’s vision. Their faith in him and Atherton increased, which is the most valuable reward for him. To know more about Atherton please visit its website –

Also, an Influencer, Writer, and Singer who enjoys taking challenges, Siddhant is a part of Forums – the Young Indians and Young Leaders Forum where he voluntarily does Social Work.

The Saga Extraordinary of ‘The Home Story’

For decades, Atherton has also been a well-known distributor of reputable kitchenware brands such as Borosil glassware and Non–Stick Cookware, Nirali Ng Kitchen sink, Kent appliances, Bharat crockery, Jubilee Pressure Cookers, and many others.

Having a keen interest in experimenting and trying new verticals, Siddhant introduced two separate categories in luxury home accessories under the brand name ‘The Home Story.’ These are luxurious home décor products at affordable prices. He believes this is a segment with tremendous potential, whether it’s gifting for every occasion or turning one’s home into a paradise with artistically crafted objects. One can order these products directly from the brand’s official website

Crunch & Munch – Eat Right with a Healthy Bite

The second category launched by Siddhant is Crunch & Munch – a healthy snack brand – with its website – Siddhant conducted a survey and found that 75 percent of customers consume daily snacks that are fried, unhealthy, and uncertified. As a result, he wanted to introduce a product that, without sacrificing flavour, would give consumers the same sensation as before by simply incorporating the healthy factor.

According to Siddhant, everyone has midnight cravings and always wants things to Munch on. “So why not Healthy Snacks which have a low-calorie count,” he asks. He has taken it upon himself to provide these nutritional snacks to everyone possible. Siddhant’s motto behind Crunch & Munch is ‘Eat right with a healthy bite,’ which also is the brand’s tagline.

Siddhant says, “The Pandemic has taught all of us that keeping one’s immunity is very important at all times.” That’s where the idea was formed. He feels that if one eats clean and healthy food, and has a disciplined lifestyle, then you are on the right track. He himself suffered from Type- 2 Diabetes, and with his sheer determination and willpower, not only did he reverse his diabetes but also became a live example to people out there that nothing is impossible if you have the grit and determination to do it. He has been covered by various media houses like Times of India, Rediff, Dainik Vishwamitra, 91.9 friends FM with Rj Jimmy, Nutritionist Dr Karan Kakkad and many more.

Live Life the Healthy Way

Also, he has written a book on his personal health journey called ‘Live Life the Healthy Way’ which is available on Amazon Kindle. So Crunch & Munch Healthy Snack Brand is very close to Siddhnat’s heart.

He further intends to establish a distribution network of Crunch & Munch across India, with these items available in high-end retail outlets. As of present, they are already available in Kolkata and Delhi.

With more than 75 A-grade stores in Kolkata and with the tremendous response, Siddhant has been expanding Crunch & Munch’s network of supplying to cities like Indore, Siliguri, Raipur, Kanpur, and others.

Siddhant wants to make Crunch & Munch brand available to diet-restricted patients too. Every month two to three new SKUs are launched by the company. His personal favourites and recommendations are:

Roasted All in One, Roasted Kothmir Chiva, Roasted Peri Peri Nachani Chips, Roasted Multigrain Mixture Quinoas – Chilli Lime, Wasabi, and Peri Peri.

The Roller Coaster Ride

‘Crunch & Munch – eat right with a healthy bite,’ brand emphasizes healthy living and healthy eating. All the products are made with high-quality ingredients and have healthy nourishment values. The focus of the management is to create a healthy awareness and replace junk snacks with healthy ones without compromising on taste. Siddhnat shares, “We also have gluten-free options.” All the snacks are made locally using a blend of Indian spices. They are available online as well. “We deliver pan India,” informs Siddhnat. There have been products launched for children too. These products are loved by all. Ever since the brand was launched, the response has been amazing.

Siddhant loves reading and writing. His latest book published is ‘Life is a Roller coaster ride,’ which talks about the day-to-day challenges a person faces and how one overcomes and moves forward.

The Beginning of the Golden Indian Era

He is very fond of outdoor sporting activities such as Basketball, Soccer and is doing various immunity-building activities such as kickboxing and weight training. He loves horses as his entire family was Polo Players, and he too visits Tollygunge Club, Kolkata, and rides. Golf is one of the sports he loves playing.

Being a family-oriented person, Siddhant loves meeting his friends and having a good laugh with them. He is a very motivated and committed person when it comes to his professional or personal life.

Siddhant believes that the next few years are going to be the golden years for the Indian Economy and “I will always do my best by contributing to the society to the best of my capabilities and capacity,” he concludes.

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