Abhilash Modi: Inculcating Professionals with Communicational Excellence

Abhilash Modi | TILS-The Institute of Languages and Skills
Dr. Abhilash Modi

Regardless of various regional languages, English has been the common language of business and professionalism that is widely practiced on national and global levels. English language skills in written and spoken forms are most important in almost all the sectors of professional verticals. It helps in smooth communication, simplifies education, builds confidence, boosts self-esteem, maximizes job opportunities, enhances business potential, and promotes open prospects for multi-level collaboration.

This makes English communication skills the most essential skill for everyone aspiring to make it big in their career and lives. However, learning professional English in the right way in the minimum possible time can be challenging. There arises a strong need for professional English language experts who can train and prepare people to get equipped with the necessary skills and practice.

One English language professional, Dr. Abhilash Modi, has created a benchmark of offering the right training and guidance in equipping scores of professionals, businessmen, students, etc. He is the Founder of TILS-The Institute of Languages and Skills which he started in February 2017 with co-founder Mr. Abhishek Kankria.

In his dynamic interview with the Insights Success team, Dr. Abhilash unfolded his professional journey of starting TILS, the objective of empowering people with professional English communication, his early challenges, the growth moments, his advice to young professionals and his vision of taking TILS to the higher horizons of professional excellence.

Please tell us about the saga of TILS Education since its inception.

TILS – The Institute of Language and Skills, popularly known as TILS Education was founded in 2017 in its February month. Its founders Mr. Abhishek Kankria & I initiated the venture as an endeavor to revolutionize the complete concept of the English language & skills, additionally I also worked on the role of positive Emotions in communication. I already had an enriching experience in the field of teaching, motivation, and edupreneurship of eight years as I started my career in 2010 as a spoken English cum personality development trainer. Similarly, Mr. Kankria was also a certified oracle professional who was into making online and offline software for many small and big-level enterprises.

Preliminarily in two years, TILS did spread its wings in its offline classes only and soon TILS Education synonymized English learning and personality development. It changed the concept of many pessimists who would feel that best-spoken English classes cannot be availed in a city like Bhilwara or a state like Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, the district administration also had a tie-up with TILS to provide spoken English and personality development classes in Bhilwara at many govt. schools. A national-level newspaper also approached us for providing English speaking and personality development classes in one of its educational ventures. It all kept getting added up like the feathers in the hat of TILS and its eminent cohort members.

During these six years of a splendid and remarkable journey, we have succeeded in enrolling thousands of students in our offline and online (pre-recorded and LIVE) classes. TILS houses almost all types of students like school-going students, college students, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, MBAs, Doctors, Ph.D. holders, Govt. Officials, Politicians, Engineers, IIT And IIM Students, Lawyers, Fashion Designers, and Bankers by being in collaboration with many esteemed educational institutes and educators.

TILS is making English learning stress-free and effective for many not just in Rajasthan or India but across the globe (Hungary, Canada, America, Netherlands, Japan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and almost in all the prevailing cities of India) by merging a global-level personality development course in its offline and online spoken English course. TILS education is the only educational start-up in India that works not only just on spoken English fluency and communication of students but also helps its learners to improve their personalities by inculcating Universal Human Values (UHV) in them with a perennial and holistic approach towards life.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the business arena?

Since my childhood, I had always been a creative person, even when I was a young fellow, I was very proactive, suggestive, and participative. Putting the ideas into action was my passion cum point of satisfaction to satiate my inner readiness. When I was just 15, I started to work. Although I became an English trainer in 2010. Even before starting the educational start-up i.e. TILS, I had had the vast experience of eleven years. At the age of just 26 only, the creativity, and the innovative mindset I was having were being killed by external pressure as people in my surroundings were very reactive and were unable to help me sustain the enthusiasm which I have had since the induction of my life. The primary and root reason to begin my own venture was this only.

Additionally, I have always been inclined more towards society rather than myself or my possessions so I wanted to help the youth in a real manner which may help them not for some events but for their entire life and it was only possible when I get enough responsibility and an arena to showcase and execute my caliber. This profoundness of doing something impactful for the youth enthralled me and my founder to begin and succeed in this enduring but satisfying edupreneurial journey.

What were the initial challenges that you had to surmount to ensure TILS’ success rate reached greater heights?

There was no challenge, but rather an end number of opportunities that helped TILS to sustain its dignity and magnificence despite having a lot of ugly customers in the market arena. We faced almost no noticeable problem when we worked just in our city or state as I already had a great experience in all the domains of it but when we tried to grow mustard on the palm by taking TILS to new heights at the time of introducing the ONLINE classes in it then it was full of endurance.

The perfect blend of education and technology was needed to sustain our dignity on the national or global level which we had built in our district or state. Here, my many students who had become great in English and could improve their personalities helped TILS so much in preparing for the intense course. TILS’ co-founder Mr. Kankria who happens to be a full-stack developer put English knowledge and technology together in such a splendid manner that our online course touched lofty heights very soon and currently we are teaching students from more than twelve countries and 50 cities through our online domain.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and TILS Education the most?

It’s not just about our values or qualities, it’s a universal phenomenon. When we are certain in our thoughts, knowledgeable in our work, and successive in our behavior, so we can provide a truthful and satisfying experience to almost all our learners and clients. I truly believe, what we have we spread. Our excellence gets manifested in the excellent learners we produce. We as an educational venture keep working on not only our skills but also upskills and subskills to be a better version of ourselves every upcoming minute.

What are the USPs that highlight TILS Education’s uniqueness in the industry you are catering to?

Although, TILS houses numerous things which make TILS an inspiration to all. Our biggest and most profound uniqueness is our sustainability of excitement towards TILS and its attributes which is the rarest quality these days.

Some USPs possessed by TILS Education:

  •         TILS’ all educators (Offline or Online) are Cambridge English Certified and have rich experience to teach, motivate and enlighten students of all kinds, be they school-goers, college-goers, professionals, or housewives.
  •         TILS Education’s all English-speaking course trainers are eloquent speakers and performers, they have performed on many national and international level stages like JOSH talks and TEDx talks so their teaching includes a very practicable approach towards emotions, thoughts and language.

Four Global Innovations by TILS Education in the field of English Language and Communication

  •         Innovation 1 – TILS and its team members have created World’s first RAP song to learn English – Bhasha which helps to teach English more easily and mindfully. It was also honored by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of Govt. of India, additionally, this song is also available on all top music apps i.e. Ganna, Jio Saavn, Amazon Music, Wynk Music, Hungama, Resso and many more.
  •         Innovation 2 – TILS team has also created World’s first offline game to learn English Words – LEXO which is a spelling-making cognizance game that keeps the player quick and prolific and helps him do brain-storming while learning many things. It was also appreciated by Unique World Records and the India Book of Records.
  •         Innovation 3 – My 3 research papers have been published in one of the top journals of English Language – IJOES (International Journal of English and Studies) which is helping many and will help millions to learn English with a rather stress-free method while maintaining English Language’s universality and globalism.
  •         Innovation 4 – TILS members have recently formed an innovation named English Flower to visualize the English language and its transmission in a precise and concise manner.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world?

If you are truly creative, proactive, and have an enthusiastic mind to make the world a rather beautiful place to live then you are born for entrepreneurship, If your driving force is just some monetary gaining then you are going to lead towards a mechanical life where you are going to be shortly anxious within but if you really want to make the things or life easier for others from any of your ideas then you are born to do business or entrepreneurship. Uncertainty in thoughts, instability in work and under confidence in execution make a blend of guaranteed failure.

How do you envision TILS Education’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations?

We have already made ourselves capable enough to sustain ourselves in the world of technology and innovations. We must explore more in the field of digital marketing to promote our educational product to a bigger audience. We are also endeavoring to reach more students in numbers and quality. Through innovation in the English language and communication, we want to make it easier and more practical.s

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