Bansal Brothers: The Ever-Shining Stars Accelerating the Legacy of Hariyana Tractors

Bansal Brothers
Kuldeepak Bansal

In the business world, under the constantly shifting market conditions, leadership borne by the mighty leaders can continue to have a positive influence that will always direct the industry towards all-inclusive, socio-economical, and sustainable growth and development.

This strong-willed, steadfast leadership can carry on the generational legacy of compassion, caring, and corporate social responsibility by providing the most significant impetus and momentum whenever the enterprise and its units require it.

This was evident when Kuldeepak Bansal joined the business of Hariyana Tractors in 2010 as the Director of Operations and made an immediate impact on the growth of the company. His strong ability to forecast market conditions helped him to capture the market. Kuldeepak’s vast knowledge and fearless attitude help the business outplay competitors in all departments. His idealistic and ambitious natures help him to meet his business goals smoothly and quickly.

A precious addition to our team,” as told by Kuldeepak, his brother Ankush Bansal joined the business as the Director in 2017. As an MBA graduate, Ankush has given shape and structure to day-to-day business operations. Ankush says, “I take care of the import and export of the business.”

While Kuldeepak informs that Ankush’s efforts help the business to get continuous feedback from the customers. Stock level control, research and development of a range of products, branch and dealer development are some of Ankush’s ways to maximize business efficiency.

An Exceptional Saga of Strength 

Before Kuldeepak or Ankush’s joining, Hariyana Tractors was already a renowned organization Pan-India. Established by Pradeep Bansal, the man behind the company’s success for decades, Hariyana Tractors initially started its business with agricultural parts to meet the need and demands of our entire country in the years 1970’s. Kuldeepak shares, “A pillar of strength professionally and punctual in his personal life, Mr Pradeep has given more than 40 years of his life to this business.”

Soon, Haryana Tractors became a known company across India for its ability to supply various products and services to more than 100 tea gardens and agricultural companies. Ankush adds, “Mr Pradeep sees the objectives and aim of the business more practically and rationally. He encourages a more organized and systematic day-to-day work of the business. His relation with the customer for years has given the company a strong base to expand its operations.” A few years later, the company also received an award as

The Best Agricultural Automobile Parts Company 

in the eastern region.

In the early 2000s, India saw major growth in infrastructural development. Many foreign companies started investing in the growth and development of the country. The government encouraged bridges, dams, steel plants, jute industries, power plants, mining, and other such industries. Looking at this major shift from agricultural to infra development, the company started importing undercarriage and ground-engaging tools.

Increasing demand for these products prompted the company to import Earthmoving parts. The company also launched its own brand in seal kits and other products, “HTC”, supplying higher quality products in many industries.

Becoming a Globally Trusted Brand

The increase in demand internationally helped the company sell globally. It has more than 100+ customers globally across the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and other major countries. Quick service and thorough knowledge about the product helps us to maintain healthy and good relations with these countries. The company builds a relationship of trust and security with our customers across the country and world about the quality and suitability of the products by providing prompt after-sale service.

The company is working hard to achieve its motto, a one-stop solution for all heavy earthmoving companies. Ankush says, “Continuous research and development of the industry helps us to meet the customers’ needs and satisfaction.” Some of the major goals which the company aims to achieve in the upcoming years are:

  • Immediate availability of the products to its customers by opening branches or dealerships.
  • Setting a new benchmark in terms of quality and variety of the product, customer feedback, and sales.
  • Exporting to other countries and keeping good relations with current ones. Targeting a customer base of more than 10000+ customers globally.

Our Value Position

It is the exemplary leadership of Kuldeepak that he says, “We enjoy the trust and confidence of thousands of customers and suppliers from around the world. It is our constant endeavour to be worthy of this faith and to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

He furthers that high moral and ethical values and good interpersonal relations make the foundations of their organization. “Our business stands on the fundamentals of supplying good quality spare parts ensuring higher reliability of a customer’s equipment, needless to say, at competitive prices and accurate deliveries. We do not consider our responsibility to end when the ordered materials have reached a customer’s equipment or been fitted on them. In fact, it starts from there,” he insists.

Further sharing their many USPs, Ankush says they include,

  • Long History-More than 48 years’ experience in the excavator and bulldozer undercarriage spare parts industry.
  • High Quality-Import and stock high-quality products for various markets.
  • Fast Delivery-Faster delivery by air or by express. (DHL, UPS or FedEx)
  • Small Order Acceptable-Small order is accepted. “We treat every order equally well,” assures Kuldeepak.
  • Wonderful Team-Professional sales team to offer fast response and good service.
  • Customization-Products are also customized according to customers’ needs.
  • Abundant Products-Full product lines for undercarriage items.
  • News Offered-Timely industry news for reference. You can check them every week.

Our Core Team

Kuldeepak and Ankush believes the business cannot work efficiently without its hard-working and trustworthy employees. He informs that all the branch offices have a manager who has been associated with the company for a long time. An annual function at the end of each financial year is organized at the head office for them to share their experience. Complete planning and objectives for each branch office are set separately. The company also rewards each year to the best employee of the year.

It is always important to keep the team motivated toward achieving the target for that year. Each member is individually guided and trained throughout the year to increase efficiency.

Our Social Responsibility

It is not only monetary profit a business stands for,” reveals Kuldeepak, who says that they give equal importance to Social Responsibility, which in business is known as Corporate Social Responsibility, “Pertaining to people and organizing behaving and conducting business ethically and with sensitivity towards social, economic, cultural and economic issues. Thus, every individual and business has a duty to act in the best interest of their environment and society,” adds Ankush.

Hariyana Tractors has always believed in giving back to society in whatever way possible. It has never shied away from its responsibility towards the environment and people around it. “Some of our day-to-day contributions are:

  • Free medical treatment to poor and helpless people.
  • Free education in rural areas with free books and stationery

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