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Kshama Rao

Books are the wisdom treasure that has allowed humans to evolve into the ever-advancing species of Homo Sapiens. We not only learn our letters from them, but also new life lessons for a lifetime are instilled in us by these oceans of information, literature, language, facts, fiction, and knowledge.

Reading books makes us realize that there is more to the world than we can know, grasp, understand, comprehend, and experience with our own senses. We can see the world through different lenses and perspectives by immersing ourselves in the natural and fictional stories of authors who have worked tirelessly to see their books published and reach the intended readers.

Enriching our minds’ expanding spacetime with knowledge’s multiverse, is a new-age young book publisher, Kshama, CEO and Founder, by offering the dynamic platform of Kashmira Puravasini Publications to thousands of aspiring talented individuals in publishing their lifelong dreams, and assisting these dreaming authors in realizing their and millions of readers’ dreams. She is also providing a vibrant place for all avid readers and reading enthusiasts looking for engrossing fictional, and non-fictional books, novels, short story collections, poetry, and so on.

The Books of Life

To date, Kashmira has published hundreds of books by numerous writers, poets, and budding authors offering a great platform to recognize and support their aspirations of publishing their books.

Kshama believes that as a publisher, it is her responsibility to encourage young talent in writing and publish their books. A writer is a knowledge seeker and experience sharer who takes lots of effort does research and study the various aspects of the chosen subject. A writer writes a book with good focus and dedication as the book work requires the effort of gathering data, photographs, diagrams, illustrations, and related references that support each discussed topic in the book.

Kshama has studied MSc in Human Development, at Bangalore University. She is poised to publish great books and is supported by a perfect professional team.

Noble Inspirations

The motto of her publication is to publish the books of writers and support them in realizing their dreams. Kshama identified the need for open-hearted publishing companies which can fuel the dreams of thousands of hidden creative writers in society. Most of the publishers tend to publish the books of reputed and established authors only, under the pretext of doing business as the published books should get sold rather than lying idle blocking funds for a long period.

Kshama feels that publishers should have a humane approach toward aspiring writers. There is a huge potential hidden in the people around which should see the light of day, and that can be possible through the initiatives of the mature and responsible approach of the publishers.

Erasing Hurdles

In the initial stages, she experienced that male professionals were not considering doing business with her as they felt that females are unprofessional. But slowly after conversing with her they understood that the professional skills are not gender-based. She was adept with the knowledge and took initiative in the process. As a passionate and hard-working professional, Kshama steadily proved her professional efficiency and smartly handled several tasks effectively. She proved to be a good leader by guiding the people, taking quick decisions, and offering convincing solutions.

The Trust Factor

Kshama is a thorough professional with excellent management capabilities. People respect her for her commitment and the perfectionism of the organization. Adhering to the ethics and principles of professionalism, Kshama has built a strong and respectable reputation for the organization. Kshama says, “I choose to follow my principles. I choose to offer opportunities to budding writers who could click as tomorrow’s best-selling authors. So it is my duty and moral responsibility to unearth the hidden talent from the people around.”

Business of Empowerment

Kshama is a noble entrepreneur who always works with a humane approach. Speaking on her business uniqueness, she says, “We try to empower women and children by giving them more scope. I make sure to donate 1/4th of my earnings to needy people.”

She believes that there is a need for everyone to come forward and support the people around us who have huge talents hidden like diamonds. Kshama feels good to support young writers and see the pleasure of realizing their dreams. She undertakes various social initiatives and drives that offer opportunities as well as recognize them.

Golden Words

Kshama replies as advice to budding professionals aspiring to enter the publishing industry, “Plan well and execute. Don’t quit. It is also very important to balance your career, passions, and personal life.”

Everything begins with clarity of thought, good rational planning and focused execution. Kshama advises in developing a strong self-belief and working with commitment, dedication, and consistency. Most of the successful people today are because of their undeterred focus and consistency in efforts. She built her organization through her passion and hard work.

Tech Book-Reader Connect

Kshama believes that modern technologies will support building a network that will bring convenience, enhance efficiency, and promote growth. As every business sector has a prominent presence and involvement of technologies thereby reducing the duplication of efforts and automating repetitive tasks with speed and perfection.

This has minimized the possibility of errors and contributed to saving a lot of operational costs. Technologies have brought higher control and power to people today. This should be applied to support people to access the books they are seeking of. In short, technologies are connecting more books to more readers.

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