Kundan Spaces: Rediscovering the Wonders of Life and Splendors of Living

Vendanth Mehta
Vedanth Mehta

More than home confines life, it defines life. It is not only a multi-storied building but a multi-storied journey of a lifetime. You all want your life to be wonderful, opulent, majestic, and magnificent. That is the way you also envision your dream home.

You want your living spaces to reflect your lifestyle. You wish them to be spacious luxurious, with everyday adaptability nestled into a sumptuous ultra-comfy, premium edifice soaring high and touching the skies. And you want someone to create such designs, styles, and out-of-the box environments when it comes to your urban living habitats.

And that is what Kundan Spaces are renowned for. They are the architect of two million square feet of exceptional residential and commercial landmarks. They are the crafters of many multi-storied benchmarks of architectural grandeur. They are the transformers of over 5,000 dreams into five thousand realities. And they are the recipients of 15+ awards of excellence.

That is why, when Insights Success was on its way to find out ‘India’s Most Admired Leaders in Real Estate’, it approached Mr. Vendanth Mehta, Partner, and an enigmatic leader, in this incomparable realty group.

Mr. Mehta was talking about how they keep converting such personal dreams into living and breathing realities.

Delivering Beyond Imagination

According to Mr. Mehta, with 41 years of splendid existence, Kundan Spaces has become one of the distinguished real estate development firms in Pune, delivering vivid designs with the highest quality and supportive after-sales services. The team at Kundan Spaces persistently endeavours to make their customer’s experience as seamless as possible.

Every project is designed meticulously with a futuristic approach. The team understands that assets represent an important and integral meaning in one’s life; therefore, not only do they take designing and quality into consideration but also execute the highest level of project execution for the earliest delivery. The company’s association with renowned national and international brands ensures only the finest is delivered, resulting in product longevity and less maintenance.

Kundan Spaces provides its services with precision and passion. Not only do the team put its heart and soul into designing the project, but in strong execution as well. All its homes come with the best quality material and international brands; it never compromises when it comes to delivering its homes. And it just does not stop there; in fact, from there, the actual emotional connection begins; its online customer app makes sure that it stays connected 24/7.

Its prime services include architectural design, floor space, amenities, delivery timeline, attention to minute details, and after-sales services.

Crafting Architectural Milestones  

Mr. Mehta says that AI-based innovation will lead to tremendous growth over the next ten years. The real estate industry will not be spared. Algorithms will increasingly adapt and evolve to more complex areas. These areas include voice recognition and decision-making. AI will not only improve the efficiency of operational tasks but will also change the decision-making processes. The company is gradually moving in the direction of using AI in its services.

Mr. Mehta’s simple advice to the budding enthusiasts who wish to enter into this industry is they must know that real-estate development is a serious business. Thus, they should develop their branding, their mission, and marketing. They must be dedicated and overlook their daily 9to6 routine. If they are up for these things, then only they can move in and move upward.

The company’s present as well as future mission is to build architectural landmarks with impeccable planning and delivering unmatched quality products within the timeframe.

“We wish to connect with more customers. We also want to understand their post-COVID-19 requirements, drive solutions to meet their concerns, adopt technology and AI. We want to create at least ten architectural landmarks by 2025. That is our vision,” concludes Mr. Mehta.

The Enigmatic Leader

A charismatic and determined, Mr. Vedanth Mehta has been the driving force recently along with other management team. With several years of real estate experience, he brings on board his vision and strong management practices. As an integral part of the key management, he manages a portfolio spanning across Residential and Commercial projects. With a passion for design, he involves in every project meticulously and oversees the project lifecycle diligently to consistently reflect on the company’s vision to offer superior homes.

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