‘Laxmi’-India’s First Banking Robot To Make Its Debut Soon

Want to check account balance? Interest Rates? Have queries about core banking solutions? No, problem, ‘Laxmi’, India’s first banking robot will help you out.
Laxmi, India’s first banking robot is ready to make its debut soon, it is based on the platform of ‘Artificial Intelligence Interactive Technology’ which is really super fast and crisp to interact. The Robot will be introduced by Chennai’s ‘City Union Bank’ very soon.
It took around six months to develop the speech characteristics and other artificial intelligence capabilities for the robot, sources from the ‘City Union Bank’ confirmed that Laxmi would be equipped with many unique features that will let people know their account balance, interest rates on different loans, processing fee and service charge on loans, possible charges to be incurred on fixed deposit closures and other banking related queries. Laxmi has been programmed to deliver public information via speech, and other confidential information such as account details and balance inquiries will be entertained through a display screen attached to it.
If Laxmi is unable to answer any of the customer’s query then it would ask the customer to get in touch with the branch manager, as it is basically based on Artificial Intelligence, it gets better by interacting with customers in due course of time.
Sources confirmed that for now Laxmi has been programmed to interact in English, but in near future, it will also be capable of interacting in Tamil. They also confirmed that for the initial phase they have developed a single robot, and if ‘Laxmi’ proves to be hit with the customers they are ready to roll out 25 to 30 robots with their key branches by the end of this financial year.

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