Leadership Strategies that Envelope the Success


LEADERSHIP – the word itself narrates the power center behind. However, in the fast changing dynamics of Business and social equilibrium, the art of leadership has moved a step ahead and if you say now days it’s no more but a science, where, the leadership practices on the real ground beyond the corporate corridors. This transition requires you, the formal boss, to shift focus from interpreting information and formulating decisions to understanding and managing emotional tensions and shifting relationships: between executive team members; between them and you; and across the team’s boundaries.
Let me take you to materialistic journey where leadership is no more being practiced at the board rooms but transition has much faster toward the field.
A good leadership strategy encompasses and offers a path to help drive success for the organization. A foremost part of this success is derived from efficiently supervising persistent change through perfecting both people and processes. Managing in an environment of change and uncertainty requires leadership strategies to constantly sustain a sense of direction, while concurrently building ownership of goals and objectives for accomplishment within the organization.
Therefore a good leader is the lifeblood of any organization. Leaders have to be a heterogeneous mix of creativity, innovation and fervent. They need to activate the organization as a whole, solve problems resourcefully and achieve astounding increase in efficiency.
I believe there are a few leadership strategies or mantras critical to success. Some of which are mentioned below:
Delegate Responsibility to the Team Leaders
Take a step forward and pass on to the team leaders. Let them exhibit their value and take advantage of their capability to help build their own individual teams. This will leave you with additional time for your significant tasks and you will be able to manage your time better.
 Prepare People and Stimulate the Work Environment
Expose your team to training programs and take professional courses simultaneously to perk up their skills. Offer your employees the prospect of taking new courses to expand abilities that will also facilitate your business growth. Arranging group activities to reinforce team force and improve the work environment is something that can have a serious impact at all the levels in any organization.
 Be “a go to person” that is Easily Accessible
To the degree that you can, settle for an open-plan office arrangement that allows every person to communicate and see when their co-workers are busy. Do not detach from your employees. Be a part of the office landscape; spend time in common areas so that your team can approach you when they need to.
 Learn to handle your E-mail’s
Put aside a dedicated time during the day to check your e-mails, don not do it relentlessly.
Make your replies crisp and to the point. Whenever possible, take benefit of face-to-face interactions to convey the message and this will help you to be seen around the office. One should use the e-mail to elucidate or authenticate what you said in person.
 Hunt for Hidden Talent and Leaders
Listen to employees across all levels. You will get to know that there are hidden talent and leaders you had overlooked and not noticed before, and they will help you put into action strategies that will move your business forward.
Discovering and identifying new leaders in your team (and polishing them) will help you construct a culture of leadership that can only work to the benefit of your projects.
 Promote Planned and Tactful Leadership
The challenge of many companies remains the same that is to think beyond short term. Leaders should emphasize more on strategic leadership, on thinking about the future growth prospect. It is imperative that one utilizes a long-term vision to guide their immediate business decisions and deal with problems flexibly.
 Foresee and Learn
A good strategic leader should always be attentive and try to foresee situations by analyzing the environment and new requirements that emerge along the way. They need to be quick in detecting the threats and opportunities that arise in their business. So take benefit of signs of change and gear yourself to keep pace with the change.
 Explore your options
Leaders seek and discover a series of options before concluding a result. Be flexible when trying to resolve issues and keep away from restricting yourself to basics of just yes and no options.
Update yourself thoroughly first to get a sufficient viewpoint and, when you make your choice, take a dynamic position. If you go wrong, be critical and reassess your choice.
About the Author
Vivek Sood is the Founder & Director of Regional Public Relations Pvt. Limited. He is a serial entrepreneur and veteran of new age PR Tactics. Having a rich experience of 18 years in the field of PR and brand building, Vivek combines a passionate commitment to client’s service and relentless pursuit. Born and brought up in hilly state of Himachal Pradesh, Vivek has started his entrepreneur journey in 2009.  His core strength area is blending traditional media with the new age PR tactics to produce quantifiable results matching the business goals of the clients. Besides PR, he strategizes brands promotional campaigns especially for the startups and SMEs. Being on the top of Regional Public Relations, Vivek is an avid traveller and if you can’t find him in the office, you can definitely find him chilling in the hilly mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

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