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Leslie & Khettry

With present times, the field of law has undergone meaningful modifications and transformed for the better. The new laws bring in a sense of reality with inherent advantages to secure prompt justice. The outreach of the legal process has immensely expanded, as it has advanced with the help of technology. Today, the communities have broadened their mindsets and put forth the right agenda to fulfil its requirements as clients.
One such firm with the core philosophy of providing the best solutions in its areas of practice with respect to the client’s requirements and facts is Leslie & Khettry. The Firm bestows its services to an eminent list of clients that includes listed companies, banks, public sector, undertakings, insurance companies, governmental authorities, embassies, public and private trusts, small and medium enterprises, high net worth individuals  among others. The Firm works through its two principal offices located in Kolkata and New Delhi, and reaches pan India through associates situated across various cities to serve their clients.

The Leading Lights
The Firm was established by Late Sreenath Dass Khettry in 1944. He was a renowned solicitor of Kolkata in his time. He was the legal consultant of choice for industrialists, tea estate owners, shipping industry and merchants of the early flourishing jute markets in Kolkata. He was also a notary appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Church of England. Late A. A. Leslie, a renowned English solicitor, who was also associated with the Firm practiced in Kolkata until 1965.

Currently, Debashis Khettry is the Principal of the Firm, who is an expert in property law, taxation and trusts. He has been associated with the Firm since the young age of 18 and is an advocate-on-record of the Supreme Court of India. He has an extensive experience of over four decades in dealing with myriad issues in relation to property ranging from synthetic leases, real estate lending, property related disputes including partitions, due diligence, conveyance of contracts, builder agreements, sale, purchase, leasing, constitution, advisory, taxation, estate planning, and many more.
In the course of years, Debashis has worked with many business families and real estate developers to resolve their property related matters. Guiding him along the way is his son Debanshu Khettry, a fourth-generation lawyer. He is a gold-medallist from National University of Juridical Sciences, did his LLM with distinction from University College London and works as the principal associate at the Firm. The Firm is engaged in various other practice areas such as corporate and commercial laws, arbitration, banking and finance and many others.

Elevating with Technology
Technology in today’s world plays a vital role in any industry. As per a survey conducted by a team at the Firm, technology plays a major role in approximately 85% of the businesses that are emerging currently. Even then a wide-ranging scope for artificial intelligence still remains and predictions state that it can be a game-changer for legal processes. However, it is still at its nascent phase of adaptation in the Indian legal system. The traditional forms of technology have helped in faster and smoother communication, increased efficiency in research and better administrative support.

Managed Legal Process Outsourcing
LPO is advantageous for both the service providers (lawyers) and the service recipients (clients). It is beneficial in reducing the cost of services and at the same time allows tapping into the skill sets of specialists. This results in the use of best practices and achieving economies of scale. The Firm involves in managing the outsourcing of legal work according to the client’s requirements and circumstances of the case and is cost conscious. Managed outsourcing also helps the Firm in avoiding some of the in-built drawbacks to legal outsourcing such as lack of quality control, breach of confidentiality, communication and cultural barriers.

Keeping Pace with Existing Times
As new laws keep coming, the work scenario changes and due to the ever-increasing laws running into minute details and having indirect consequences, the field of law is becoming more complex day-by-day. In recent times, there is hardly an issue that involves only a single or specified area of law. Advocates at the Firm tend to keep up with the current laws by reading the latest legislation, reported judgments and amendments amongst others.

Principled Work Ethic
The Firm has come a long way over the years; by keeping a track of the current affairs and believes that clients are their biggest assets. To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “a client is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.” It provides the clients with prompt response and always keeps them updated on their case scenario. At the same time, it maintains highest standards of professionalism and ethics, and also ensures thorough research, analysis and diligence in handling issues. The Firm has a result driven approach with a sharp focus on issues that are significant for the client. It works with an approach of providing clear, pragmatic and actionable solutions to their complex legal challenges. The Firm’s mission is to serve the clients to the best of their ability. The only measure of success for the Firm is the client’s success.
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