Lovely Professional University: Fostering Industry Experts

Lovely Professional University

Today, the education sector is growing at a rapid pace and is giving a high demand for the efficient universities and institutes. With each passing year, the education sector is rushed with a number of universities and institutes which makes the competition tougher. One of the premium and prominent universities in the education world is the Lovely Professional University, which flourishes its students with great academic ambiance, excellent teaching-learning process, research and training, and making many more contributions to the industry and the society.
In an interview with Insights Success, Shri Ashok Mittal, Chancellor of Lovely Professional University, gave some perspective views which highlight the diverse and unique facilities provided by the university to develop the global professionals & entrepreneurs with the diverse skills like high tolerance, desire to leave a mark of excellence and many more.

  1. Share with us the brief journey of Lovely Professional University since its inception.

Lovely Professional University was founded in 2001 and gradually grew to attain the status of a university in 2005. LPU opened its gates as just a management college and in these 17 years, LPU has transformed into one of the most ‘sought-after’ educational institution of India that offers courses in more than 45 disciplines to students not only coming from the farthest corners of the nation but also from 70 different countries.

  1. Enlist the innovative programs/courses Lovely Professional University offers to its students.

LPU always come up with a plethora of out of the box methods to educate its students. Every program delivered by LPU poses the pedagogy of experiential learning; Computer Science students design mobile apps, Hotel Management students manages Uni-Hotel right in campus, Engineering students design the Go-Kart cars, Fashion students design clothing for beauty pageants and Pharmacy students run a pharmacy itself. It is currently planning to dedicate an entire school for offering a degree course in the Korean language. This unique subject is going to be taught at the university in collaboration with the South Korean government. Another commendable façade of this university is the way they are preparing their law students for the future by planning guest lectures from senior Judges. LPU has also set-up a ‘Moot-Court’ that gives students a realistic feel of a courtroom and has hence taken teaching beyond the classrooms.

  1. Who is the key personality of Lovely Professional University? Kindly brief us about his/her role in shaping the university.

Lovely Professional University is run by brilliant and enlightened minds. The institution is headed by the well acclaimed edupreneur, Shri Ashok Mittal. He is the Chancellor of this university and the person who has brought LPU to the summit of success. In his aid, he has the Vice-Chancellor of the university Dr. Ramesh Kanwar a senior scientist in the fields of water and agriculture and also accredited for a number of World Bank projects.

  1. What are the distinguished facilities Lovely Professional University provides to students in order to make them future ready for a better career?

LPU is a state of the art modern institution that is contributing heavily to shape the future of the young generation of the country. It is well equipped with up to date teaching pedagogy, smart classrooms, a coaxing environment for learning with a 9 storied central library and an additional 10 departmental libraries.

  1. With what mission is Lovely Professional University moving on the path of better education?

The motto with which LPU is progressing is “Transforming Education Transforming India”. These words are quite self-explanatory in their meaning and the deeds related to it. Our institution has taken the grave responsibility to provide the nation with a generation of well-educated and skillful professionals who shall give back to the nation in a number of ways. LPU believes that every man is instrumental in shaping the future of a nation and by training their students well and making them good humans we shall get to enjoy a better and more developed nation in the future.

  1. Enlist a few notable alumni and faculties of Lovely Professional University and also give some brief details about the same as well.

Till date, LPU has given 7 Honorary Doctorate Degrees to world famous names like Former President of India, Sh. Pranab Mukherjee, His Holiness Dalai Lama and the President of Mauritius and Afghanistan. Apart from them, there are various ex-students of the institution who are now enjoying commendable positions at the numero uno companies of the world like Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, Dell and many more.

  1. Brief us about some of the famous achievements and recognitions your Lovely Professional University has received so far.

LPU adorns a cap with a number of feathers. To start with, the Ministry of Human Resource (MHRD) through its ranking agency National Institutional Rankings Framework (NRIF) has ranked LPU Business School 38th and Pharmacy department 26th in India. LPU has also been ranked as the best private university by ASSOCHAM (Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India). The students of this university brought home a huge accolade by ranking second in the HackerEarth competition which had a number of IIT and NIT students as participants. Apart from these, LPU has managed to secure a constant and firm top position across the lengths and breadths of a number of researches and rankings conducted by various big names of the media industry like Zee News, Star News, The Times of India, Outlook, Careers360, Business Digest, Dainik Bhaskar and many more.

  1. What are the different kinds of career opportunities that Lovely Professional University offers? How is it helping students to prepare for the job?

LPU offers a mixed bag of a number of facilities that all contribute to shaping a student’s future. Having a number of accolades to its name for its successful placement drives, LPU pushes its limits even further to benefit the interest of the students. These are done through conducting placement drives where every student gets the opportunity to apply to more than 500 companies. They also take special care to place their international students in and around their hometown. Various Indian students have also been inducted by international industry moguls like Voltas International (Muscat), P&O Cruise (USA), Zamil Infra (EMEA), Hettich(APAC) and others. Apart from these the university takes a number of measures to prepare its students for facing interviews like sending them for internships, on the job trainings (OJT), conducting corporate interaction sessions, introducing live projects, sending them for industry competitions, providing centers for excellence in the form of tie-ups with state of the art industry modules and courses like Google, SAP Labs, Lupin Pharmaceuticals etc. These measures have shown positive results as students have managed to bag fabulous packages amounting to Rs.26.83 LPA in Engineering, Rs.15.5 LPA for management and 50+ companies offering Rs.5 LPA across various streams.

  1. What will be the future prospects of LPU?

LPU is an extremely ambitious and forward-thinking institution. It has set the target of being among the top 200 universities in the world by 2025. No Indian university has yet set foot on this list and LPU aspires to shine brightly among the most globally prestigious names in the education world. To achieve this, LPU is tirelessly contributing towards the field of research and development, industrialization of students through various exposures and making the university a center of excellence by bringing ultimate names of the tech world such as Apple, Google, SAP, Oracle to its campus for the students’ better understanding and learning.

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