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Manacle Technologies

The expeditious development of the latest technologies enabled the sluggards to step into the shoes of the tech-savvy. There’s been a horse race going on for publicizing information through mobile application and to reach out more and more customers. Therefore creating mobile applications is the new means of dragging customer attention anywhere, anytime. Manacle technologies, an emerging visionary leader in Mobile Application development founded by members Preeti Raghuvanshi and Bhoopendra Nath Pandey. Mr. Kamlesh Raghuvanshi who is the mentor of the company since foundation of the company and is on the role of MD since 2013. He has more than 10 years of experience in field of information technology. He is specialized in the areas of Telecom BSS, Development, Database Management, and Project Management.
Manacle, as a new pathfinder of Mobile Application development, along with this they are also specialized in the technologies like Microsoft, Java, WordPress, Joomla & LifeRay. Mobile application vertical have product called Msell.
Msell – A Mobile based Secondary Sales Tracking Software and Solution which boost Sales and improve the working efficiency of Field Forces. Successfully deployed on big brand of India i.e. Baidyanath, DS Group, Surya Roshini, Ambey Group, Satmola, Baltra and many more, Manacle also working with others client for mobile Application development i.e. Vodafone, Amity University, Ghana Espresso etc
Believes in building ever-lasting relationship with clients
Kamlesh has a vision to develop products which will enhance the sales of organization with the low pricing strategy. Msell is the product of Manacle which is going to be the best in class by forging long-term strategic relationship with their clients and leveraging their technological acumen and industry expertise to provide quality & cost effective solutions.
As Customer expectations change dramatically, Manacle always look for what matters most to customers – Is it cost, More flexible services or Consultant for his IT needs? On the basis of customer needs, Manacle provides proposal to customers which benefits them most. Manacle provides better customer service by being more responsive to their needs & expectations and manages them like their family members. They are always in touch with clients to mark their valuable feedback and take corrective actions to improve further in products and services in future.
Life of Manacle in the starting phase
Last 5 years proved to be very crucial for Manacle. For the first 2 years cash flow and acquiring right people was a huge challenge. Sustaining in the market without new projects was like a nightmare for Manacle. During late 2010 Manacle got their first client. After that Manacle did not look back and adding more and more domestic and International clients.
Since 2014 again the biggest challenge came up which Kamlesh’s insight felt that all startup companies might be going through in retaining skilled people in the company. Manacle tackled this challenge by adopting HR policies which are employee friendly and help them have a long term carrier vision with Manacle.
Roadmap of the company
At Manacle, they are soon going for CMMI Level –3 certification .They have target to setup registered office into Software Technologies park by the end of current financial year. Manacle has plans to setup few sales offices in different parts of county to reach more clients.
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